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  1. I have in fact a 4 pole splitter
  2. Hello everybody, I wanted to ask if I can connect mic and headphones separately to my laptop. It has aux input that is somehow either mic or headphones and one more SPDIF input, I have bought a cable that splits aux into two but it did not gave me any results, what should I do? Maybe I could do something soft wise? I am out of ideas honestly
  3. Thank you very much. We might overclock CPU one day, my friend is buying this for gaming, basically he wants 1080p on atleast 60fps on recent titles, we`ll probably buy one 8gb stick too.and I forgot to put in ssd
  4. Thank you, is there anything worthy looking with 4 memory slots?
  5. And if he would stick with K version which one of these motherboards would be the best solution? considering maybe upgrading cooler one day
  6. If we would choose not overclocable CPU and this board, would it be ok? and This PSU
  7. What PSU would you suggest? And what exact board you are talking about? Sorry, I haven`t build a PC in a while so the little things just does not come to mind, I don`t even know what is out now to be honest
  8. What would you suggest instead of these two? Is the tier bad becouse of it`s 80+ rating? And you are saying that unlocked cpu is bad with this board because of overclock limitations?
  9. Hello everybody, Like I said my friend plans to build PC and these are the parts he chose Case NZXT S340 Motherboard Gigabyte ga-b150m-ds3h Processor i5-6600k 6mb/3.5ghz Cpu cooler cooler master hyper 212 evo Ram kingston 2x4 2400 mhz ddr4 fury hyperx GPU Gygab
  10. I heard the rma is sometimes really pointless, also I`m in a middle of a session (My country version of finals, so the laptop is kinda important to me now, maybe I`ll wait a few weeks)
  11. Hello everybody! So I have bought a Lenovo Y50-70 and as if today I am not really satisfied by it. Don`t get me wrong, the laptop is really good, but I have bought a version of it with crappy screen, other than that it is really nice. After 5 months of usage it decided to (I think) break down on me. Audio jack is weird, sometimes it does not register headset or earphones, sound in windows sometimes is silent and just blasts full sound after some time, and for some reason it started lagging as hell, and turning it on takes ages. Despite all these flaws it decided to make some reall
  12. The laptop is good, but, damn, that screen it hurts my eyes, one of the biggest tech let downs yet, should`ve added €100 and bought a good screen one
  13. Hello everybody! I have a Lenovo Y50-70 (960M, crappy quality 1080p, i5 CPU one) and I want to start streaming CS:GO, will my laptop handle it? I play CS:GO on 1280*960 and I locked 120FPS it handles it really well, not sure how will it be when I would start streaming
  14. What price would you suggest? Maybe I can negotiate a bit with a seller.