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  1. A friend recently gifted me an old computer so I'd have somthing to do during quarantine. However it's stuck in the windows startup repair Loop. Ideally I want to be able to reset the copy of windows that's already installed (he lost the windows key a long time ago), but I can't select this option because his C drive doesn't have the required free 6gb and there's no way to delete anything off it since windows won't open. Is there anything I can do? The regular CMD fixes don't work. Is there any software I can use off a USB drive? Could I perhaps boot Linu
  2. I still use my kindle when out and about, but typically only on holidays or at home. I prefer the lack of backlight and the battery is a big draw too.
  3. "Yeah, we didnt have enough space for a 3.5mm jack, so instead we used the entire side of the phone for a stick of plastic."
  4. Hi My names Steve Irwin and today we're extractin' some wiiild copper deposits.
  5. There's a monoprice pair of headphones that are really bass heavy, but you literally will not find headphones that will make your head shake Magnets aren't that strong and headphone speakers aren't heavy enough. If you really want that, go ahead and buy an electric motor, tape an arm to it to make it unstable, and then tape it to your head. Your head will definitely be shaking, and your neck will also be breaking. TL:DR guy who knows nothing wants to get tinnitus. @Max_Settings what was your monoprice bassheadphones again? EDIT: they're the monoprice ret
  6. The logitech speakers are good, but there are better out there. Personally, I recommend the Micca PB42x (if I'm remembering correctly.) They're widely regarded as the best sub $150 speakers out there.
  7. you should really put links to all your reviews in your sig. Or a pastebin link for all of them.
  8. I wouldn't really trust amazon reviews on audio gear. Most people don't buy enough pairs of headphones to have something to reference against. Do you want closed or open back? At your pricepoint theres a ton of possibilties.
  9. Really? The treble on the 990's never bothered me. Maybe I just got used to it.
  10. as max_settings sid, 7.1 is phony. Its just a marketing gimmick, and won't really change anything. Basically any game already has directional sound, and how well you can hear those directions are based on the quality of the headphones, not "7.1"
  11. This isn't SJWs, this is the anti SJWs. Like christ people play the game, not the politics.
  12. My god who actually cares... Its an arcade shooter. Historical accuracy is already out the window. Having a female PC doesnt matter.
  13. the onboard audio will be more than enough, dont worry about an external DAC/amp
  14. dude... its the south, surely you have airconditioning? If not, you can also buy small AC units that just sit under your window and exhaust out the window, thats your best bet.
  15. why the hell would you buy a soundcard if you have USB headphones... Did you do absolutely any research?
  16. Very unlikely. What motherboard do you have? It also needs a mic connection.
  17. This was the most surprising people. Who actually buys this snake oil...