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  1. cus it is not that simple u need to read it al to get ur self an opinion what u think is best. there is no fact what is the best, it is just an opinion
  2. http://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/Frame-Rating-High-End-GPUs-Benchmarked-4K-Resolutions
  3. here we have one of my favorite. if u dont know what it is there is a hint in the photo
  4. so i had just got my first computer i did go buy cs 1.6 and i was looking around in my room to get ides for a username and i did see a power supply box and it did say silentpower on it :) and since that i have had the username silentpower
  5. 7/10 not the music i usually listen to but i like it
  6. yea i had that too and did go for black tube have plans to sleave it cus i dont like that it is shiny. but now i have heard that PrimoChill PrimoFlex dose not go green when u use mayhems pastel
  7. nice build. but i like clear tubing more so it will be more blue :)
  8. yea its red/black themed build. mods can u fix my title of the tread. it is wired form the forum transfer
  9. i have this same problem is ther maybe a regi hack that can do it