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  1. There was none, just the sad smiley face, a message that a problem had occurred and restart was required, and that error code along side a QR code that just leads to a generic Microsoft webpage.. No raid, no auto launching programs from that disk.. I have just reinstalled Windows, I saw no other way Thanks for all the help!
  2. 0xc000021a I don't think it's the mobo, as the other HDD works with both headers, as long as the failing harddisk is also plugged in
  3. @DoctorNick & @Donut417, the Windows installation was done with no other drives in the system. Only the current C drive was in.
  4. Having trouble with an old HDD. I have 4 drives connected to my PC, 2 m.2s and 2 HDDs, all was fine and dandy (for years) until yesterday when I powered it on and windows did it's scan and repair thing on drive F, the oldest of the two HDDs. When booting up drive F shows up in explorer, but any attempt to interact with the drive causes explorer to either prompt that the drive cannot be accessed, or explorer restarts entirely. So far I have tried disconnecting the other HDD and using the cables from that. Computer does the exact same thing. Seemingly not a cable issue.