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    TrickedProGaming got a reaction from Exzsys in [Solved] RivaTuner Statistic Server - Weird lines on the left side   
    Thanks! That fixed it.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to ShadowCaptain in Cheap budget camera with professional level features   
    It was good enough for Philip Bloom

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    TrickedProGaming got a reaction from donsleeq in 1440 60Hz IPS OR 1080p 144Hz TN 3D   
    I have a 1440p IPS 60Hz monitor and for these games you play would I recommend getting the 1080p 144Hz monitor. But if you have the budget and performance for 1440p IPS 144Hz then get that.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to JoaoPRSousa in FAQ: AMD Radeon Fury/R9 390X (Fiji XT)   
    Answer of the day:
    "We don't know yet"
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to DarkBlade2117 in EVGA 980 Ti OC vs Gigabyte 980 Ti   
    http://www.evga.com/Products/Product.aspx?pn=06G-P4-4993-KRThis would be better. They have a watercooled one but it's like $800..
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Glenwing in 1080p vs. 2k   
    2K is 1080p
    A 27" 2560x1440 monitor has similar pixel density to a 22" 1920x1080 monitor (slightly better though), you'll just have a lot more space, which is worth it in my opinion.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to LinusTech in Does EVGA think it's 2013?   
    Those are some sick deals....
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to TwistedDictator in DirectX 12 Gives A Boost of 330% To Old Hardware   
    Reddit Source (main source just grabs what is needed)

    Damn if this is true the 300% is big, really big lol. The performance jump is too big and I really cant wait. But I always think how developers will adopt with DX12 and will they be able to use it correctly. It should be easier, but I wonder how that new OpenGL api is going to do.
    Edit : This is draw calls, not fps.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to mrswagbhinav in Am I stupid for doing this?   
    If you don't plan on running any heavy games you can:
    A.) Send the 970 to me and I'll give you my GT 740
    B.) Start Folding 24/7
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to cheeze_tartz in Am I stupid for doing this?   
    That build for Minecraft. Kill me.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Altecice in OnePlus One CM12 - Sim Card issues   
    Id suggest visiting a more specialized forum that can deal with your issue: http://forum.xda-developers.com/oneplus-one
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Aniallation in OnePlus One CM12 - Sim Card issues   
    None of us here will be able to tell you what that means lol
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to BiG StroOnZ in Intel i7-6700K Skylake CPU Benchmarks Appear   
    Source: http://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/cpu-intel_core_i7_6700k-518
    Pretty decent increases considering the 6700k is clocked at 4.2GHz and the 4790k is clocked at 4.4GHz. So, Multi-threaded Cinebench scores are up ~15% clock for clock and single threaded ones ~8%. So all in all seems pretty good. About 15% increase in IPC over Haswell. I know some people are going to complain that it is not that much of an improvement, but seems like a pretty decent improvement overall. 15% increase in IPC is pretty nice. Other workloads might show better improvements. I think I am pretty pleased with these results, of course it's on the low end of my IPC predictions for Skylake but it's still a pretty decent improvement for someone who is on Sandy Bridge or Pre-SB at this point. Also we have yet to see overclocking potential, and if they decided to use solder this generation for low temps instead of that terrible TIM between the die and the heat spreader. So more to be revealed shortly.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Tacitus in 3440x1440- how the hell am I meant to run this?!   
    970 sli, 290 crossfire, 290x crossfire would all be good and better value options.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Suika in R9 280, R9 280x, R9 285, GTX 960. Which one should I get?   
    Of the bunch, the R9 280X is the most powerful, with the GTX 960 right behind it and a lot more energy efficient.
    If the price difference is next to none, I would pick up the R9 280X.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Tagiau in Help with my first Build   
    Why not just get a 2x8gb kit of ram? 
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Tithonius in Cheapest CPU for Dual R9 295x2 GPUs   
    and yeah, ill be running just the GPUs for folding. its not really worth it to spend a ton of money on a CPU then try to fold on it as they dont do as good as GPUs
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Yeater in GTX 980 or wait for the R9 380x   
    aquatuning.ch for everything except ek stuff which you can get from ekwb.com they will send it pretty cheap to switzerland and pchc.ch has the ek stuff aswell but its not cheap
    the prices of the stuff on ekwb.com will go down as soon as you select your country

    this block would cost 8 euros in shipping
    on pchc.ch this block would cost you 84 fr with shipping
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Yeater in GTX 980 or wait for the R9 380x   
    just pm me if you need any help my computer is already watercooled 
    im in the planing of uprading it:http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/356828-azure-knight-watercooled-enthoo-evolv-build-log-phase-planing/
    but i need to wait for those 300 series cards
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to pspfreak in Post Your Uptime Here.   
    One time my server managed 30days+ of uptime. then the power went out
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to LinusTech in Is Linus homophobic?   
    "Full homo" is a colloquial term used to imply that a relationship is sexual rather than platonic.
    The "homo" part means that the relationship is between two members of the same sex, so while adaptations could exist that are appropriate for use with a member of the opposite sex, I didn't need to use them because Slick is male, and I am male.
    It's about like any other joking around that friends (of same sex, opposite sex or anywhere else on the spectrum) might do. I've said similar crap to girls too, and no one cares about that. As long as everyone involved is comfortable with kidding around in such a manner, then it's all between consenting adults, and everyone else can just move right along.
    If anyone was offended, then two things:
    1. I'm sorry your feelings were hurt.
    2. Lighten up.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Lil Chillbil in Is Linus homophobic?   
    This thread is bullshit 
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to ADZ_123_!"£ in will a single gtx 970 drive a surrounded setup?   
    It can power triple monitors but not really game on them. Also you would probably be hitting the 3.5gb+0.5gb vram issue.
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Aytex in Needing An Engine For a Project...........   
    go to a bugatti store- break in using a rock take the w16 engine. go to hawaii to stay low for a while. go back to your house. get ductape tape. tape the wheels to the liters
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    TrickedProGaming reacted to Assassin in SMAA vs FXAA vs TXAA vs SMAA   
    Made this thread way back. Hope it helps. its explains all the types. 
    hey're all different types of Anti-Aliasing. 
    FXAA - Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing
    TXAA - Temporal Anti-Aliasing
    SSAA - Super-Sampling Anti-Aliasing
    MSAA - Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing
    CSAA - Coverage Sample Anti-Aliasing
    QCSAA - Don't know what it stands for
    MSAA is basic, isn't specially optimised or anything, but it gets the job done. 
    CSAA is basically MSAA but better, without doing a number on your GPU, it Nvidia only and preferred over MSAA.
    QCSAA is better than these two, but does hit your GPU a little harder.
    TXAA is along the same lines as PhysX, in that it is Nvidia exclusive and only works on games that support it, again a lot better than MSAA and CSAA but will hit your GPU hard.
    MLAA is better than MSAA, as it also effects colour reproduction and blends corners and edges better.
    The rest, I'm not so sure.
    EDIT: FXAA is the worst of them all. It is outdated.