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Everything posted by Geekazoid

  1. Hey buddy! I just thought that I would help you out in the 'Like' department as a departing gift from me :). You now have an even 200 likes. :)

    1. n0ah1897


      Haha, thanks!

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    2. Geekazoid


      Yeah, sssshhhh! ;)

    3. AlexStriz


      Ohhh snap. Already back on LTT and you haven't even been gone for a day :P

      I have a question though: during your 7 month break, will you stop by occasionally? Or is it a complete radio silence leave?

    4. Geekazoid


      Hmm, yeah, I may annoy some of you with some SUs occasionally and post some annoying threads, can't dissapoint anybody, can I? :P

  2. Only 5 hours left till my 7 month break. Time goes fast!!!

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    2. themaniac


      About 5 minutes left before you disappear

    3. Tech_Dreamer


      *Loads Glock* " Yeah that right , Dissapear.. "

    4. sandvich64
  3. Only 440 posts till 20K mate. You're not far behind WoodenMarker.

  4. So, I finally did my 11,000th post, but here's the interesting part, it was posted on a #11 post. Have a look: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/341479-what-gaming-monitor/?p=4657273

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    2. Geekazoid


      Not yet mate. I've recently changed that to a 7 month break of which I'll be starting after today.

    3. Clyne


      yeah yeah.......same thing u always got there......always making plans to do this and then changing it to something

      have fun in Detroit or go to Windsor during your break i guess

    4. Geekazoid


      I know I've frequently changed my plans with breaks, but I've usually had a valid reason. And thanks, will do...with my sister, her husband and her kids (my nephews).

  5. This might be a tad out of your price range, but the BenQ BL3201PT is a good and nice 4K IPS monitor.
  6. So, I take it that its all sorted now?
  7. That looks like VLC is limiting the colour to the TV safe 16 - 235. Have a look in the video settings to see if this is the case, you should be able to switch it to the 0 - 255 setting in the VLC video settings somewhere. @Mixchew
  8. I'm not sure that that would work. JK
  9. Bad memory, will forget, therefore I can't remember, sorry. :blush:
  10. Just for pure aesthetic reasons?
  11. Get rid of that snail heater. Tis way too slow and it doubles as a heater. :lol: JK
  12. Are you a dust collector from way back? JK :lol: Or maybe a dust hoarder.
  13. Decent job mate, although that dust is quite bad. LOL
  14. Well, can you kindly show me any benchmarks between the two CPUs to back this up? I'm not arguing, just would like to see how true that is.
  15. Okay, I'm sorry to go ever so slightly off topic, but Mushkin almost sounds like munchkin, just saying. LOL
  16. I'm curious as to what inspired your username. If you know who Lucifer is and his many other names, I am quite curious.

  17. If I'm to be perfectly honest, I had thought about going down the X99 route, however, after looking at some benchmarks, from the likes of AnandTech, and other places, it came pretty clear to me that the i7 4790K was the better choice. Because, whilst the 5820K may have more cores, the i7 4790K stills seem to perform considerably better. Also the 700MHz core clock speed difference, between the 5820K and the 4790K, is what I think helps the i7 4790K come out on top. So, if it was my choice I would stick with the Z97 platform and save some money whilst you're at it of which you can then use to sp
  18. Are you sure that you couldn't suffice with an i7 4790K?