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  1. So I finally got the new motherboard. It is a MSI 970A-G43 https://ca.msi.com/Motherboard/970A-G43.html#hero-overview .Same problem as before no response? Could it be a power cable or pin that has failed? Is my CPU also toast? Is my new motherboard DOA? Please help, I am way out of my knowledge base.
  2. My system Windows 10 (recent install inside a month) FX-8320 (1 1/2 years) Gigabyte 970A Motherboard (5-6 years old) R9 280X Ripjaws X RAM (2x4GB) (2 1/2 years old) Rosewill ARC 650W PSU (1 1/2 years old) I put my computer to sleep the night before this happened. Went to turn it on in the morning and nothing. I have since tested a few things.I have tested the power supply and it powers up the fans and disk drive. I have confirmed the power button is connected to the board properly, and I have tried shorting it out on the board to get it to turn on. I a
  3. I am looking to upgrade from my R9 280x since this generation seems like a large jump. But I also need to get a new monitor, I am still rocking a 1440x900 monitor so that needs an upgrade as well.
  4. It will be hosted on a daily driver pc so it can't replace current Win 10 OS.
  5. Just wondering if there is a LTT guild for the Star Wars Game Galaxy of Heroes, if so I would like to know so I can join.
  6. I am looking for some simple software that I can buy for a reasonable price or get for free that will allow me to rip my family movie collection. It should be relatively simple so my mother can use it (skill level is reasonable no problems with iTunes and similar software). Any suggestions? If it could also be used for wireless streaming that would be great as well. Similar to Linus' Setup.
  7. My gaming PC is barely able to reach the wifi signal. I am able to stream and do everything fine except playing games. My ping during gaming only spikes every few seconds. Speedtest.net doesn't show any change. So I am considering getting a wifi range extender. What sort of extra lag can I expect to add on to regular ping?
  8. So I have moved both computers very close to the router. Everything seems to be fine. Any idea why the wi-fi range would suddenly stop working at the same range that it worked at for months? Other computers are even farther and game without problem.
  9. I have tried LAN and it works. There are other computers on the system that are able to game online but 2 that are having the same issue (One or more internet protocols are missing). One laptop and another desktop, both only a clean Win 10 installs (one a few weeks, other a few months).
  10. This problem started off with my laptop (Dell Inspiron 7720). It would regularily stay connected to the network but not have internet connection. It has since been regualrly occuring on my desktop and cell phone (Blackberry Q10). It seems to be most common on my desktop, happening at least every 10 minutes for a few minutes everytime. Less often on my laptop and cell phone. Most of the time one will lose internet connection while the others are fine. I can play games like Star Wars Battlefront and BF3 and 4 without losing internet entirely, but with regular and huge lag spikes. Ste
  11. I tried many things similar to this but not this specifically. I may have not completed every step in the guide you shared, and that is possibly my problem. I will try to do this in order and report back on my success.
  12. Just go a new Samsung 850 EVO SSD for my PC. Installed new Win 10 from Windows disk and everything is running great. At first, I had access but I went on a trip for a month and came back to it not working. My old hard drive that was running Win 10 for 2 months is now not allowing me access to the data on the drive. Every attempt I have made to give myself permission to the drive is unsuccessful. Please help with any ideas.
  13. But is there any downside after I upgrade to Win 10? Thanks for the very fast feedback.
  14. I am buying an operating system for a new rig that I built. I want a physical copy for installing it. Should I buy a Win * copy and just upgrade to Win 10 then do a fresh Win 10 install or should I just buy a Win 10 copy. Is there a down side to buying a Win 8 copy. I can buy a Win 8 copy today in a stores, opposed to waiting for a Win 10 copy in the mail.
  15. Thank you for the help. I will try you suggestions of a clean install.