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  1. Thanks bud very helpful. Ill give my ISP a call. I know its uses PPPOE to connect. Yah i'm not expecting it to turn into fiber,but it has to be better than the pos dinky toy they gave me. Yah the antenna i have isn't exactly top of the line. Been thinking about putting some tin foil or something on it to see if it helps but picturing myself with a ladder on my roof wrappin it like a cookie think i would scare off my only neighbor.
  2. Yah tell me aboot it, i thought i saw someone else yesterday but it was just a moose. Ya i have an ISP why is that some complex compatibility issues?
  3. Hello i live in a bush in Canada, the only internet i can get is a fixed LOS connection. Not surprising it blows. I want to get a different modem to see if it helps but unsure what to get. I know it uses some kind of radio. Any advice?
  4. The PC 350SE are very nice i've had mine for awhile and love them. I got them for about $150 not to bad.
  5. So i figured out its the overclock on my video card that is causing the instability on skype startup for whatever reason. Even though the overclock is mild and stable. Anyone else had this problem?
  6. I have an odd problem, whenever i open skype it seems as my display just crashes. My screen will flicker and I will just see a bunch of random lines and colours and have to restart my PC. My PC is still running fine in the background but i can't see anything obviously and can't do anything. I guess its crashing my display drivers? I really don't know this is wierd. Have only experienced it with skype. Have tried fully uninstalling skype but that never works. Any ideas welcome!
  7. First MP game to every crack 1000 hours for me. I've been waiting for standalone since it was supposed to release this time last year. I don't think it will come out of the box amazing, but i just want to play the alpha Another year or so from now i think it will be up there with the AAA titles.
  8. Cool, but what happens when you listening to music munching on a baconator?
  9. St louis? Kazakhstan will win gold in olympic hockey this year too.
  10. If you aren't on a third party ISP in Canada by now you should be. I'm on Vmedia 25/2 unlimited bandwidth plan for $40 a month and its been steady for about 2 weeks now since i moved. But yah Canada's Internet is still an ongoing joke.
  11. I have this mouse currently on sale at ncix for $30CAD. http://ncix.com/products/?sku=72954&vpn=ROC-11-600&manufacture=ROCCAT&promoid=1190 Its a great mouse tracking is excellent software is excellent. Would highly recommend unless you have larger sized hands because the mouse is on the small side.
  12. Yes i know blah blah trading still isn't officially allowed in this forum, but if we can't even trade with trading cards like alot of us did in frikin kindergarten then there is no hope. Off the top off my head rules: ONLY trading cards. No games, coupons, or in game items. For now, ONLY 1-1 (as in 1 card for another card) to prevent loan sharking. Please look at you're cards value before trading by checking steam community market. Some cards such as foils are worth considerably more. If your card is worth a couple more cents then the one you're trading for, then it is up to you if you
  13. I tried to play this in beta but my launcher always froze and i gave up. Maybe ill give it another go.