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  1. Custom PCB and all that power phase jazz is good to have but it all comes down to silicon lottery in the end.


    I got a reference EVGA and it overclocks to 1520~ MHz on Air(you can see mine in valley benchmark thread). I'm not even using a modded Bios yet, I'm thinking about watercooling this bad boy too, pretty sure I can go higher clock speeds with watercooling. If I were you I would just get a reference 980Ti.

  2. Well, according to Bittech you will get between 80-120 FPS depending on your location in Skyrim. So if you use an ENB with heavy SSAO and DOF, I'm pretty sure that will drop to 60 instantly and maybe even lower, without any mods. Just an ENB. Although keep in mind that they were using 8X usual AA, you might just use 4X/2X SMAA and gain some FPS that way.

  3. Better get the Titan X, it's always much better and trouble free to have one single powerful GPU instead of 2 lesser ones.

    Plus it has 12GB VRAM. 4GB is just not enough for 4K, assuming that's what you were going for with SLI. 12 is kinda overkill but 4 is just not good enough for 4K.

    Also when you think about future, adding 3rd 980 won't really give you any noticeable performance boost and you will have more trouble with SLI and still the same low amount of VRAM, but 2 years from now, adding a second Titan X into your setup would be more than you need for 4K. That's why they decided to go with 8GB VRAM on consoles, because they are planning to use it in the next years. Even now some games with max settings on 4K uses close to/more than 6GB.

  4. Depends on the seller, no one can safely say that it's safe or not. You might get scammed and be sad [ =( ] or be happy [ =) ] that you saved 200USD on a perfectly working GPU.


    Think of it this way; What will you do with your 280 when you buy a new GPU? Not gonna throw it into trash I suppose, most likely sell it, and there is a lot of people like you.

  5. The only reason you would not want to get 780Ti would be lower VRAM I suppose.


    If you get lucky with 780Ti too(just like you did with your godlike 770s), I'm pretty sure you can reach the top spot in single and dual GPU chart(seen Kingpin reaching 1500Mhz without a sweat). I heard that a good 980 Classified can reach 1750Core but compared to 780Ti, that would cost you a lot more.

  6. G1 comes with backplate, FTW charges extra if you wish to have backplate.


    FTW has higher boost and base clock.


    G1 is longer and it might not fit every case.


    FTW has dual 6 pin connectors while G1 requires 6+8 pin connectors resulting in a better OC potential.


    Both cards are blue-themed but G1's led can be changed with Red or Green if you wish to do so.


    One might say that G1 has better I/O.