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    pawan1993 reacted to RH00D in Microsoft responds to Windows 10 privacy concerns   
    I don't know man, like, our whole lives could be a lie. Everything is a lie. We're actually living in The Matrix right now.
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    pawan1993 reacted to Nineshadow in Microsoft responds to Windows 10 privacy concerns   
    Finally, someone from Microsofts clarifies things a little.
    The reaction from people is getting ridiculous.
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    pawan1993 reacted to GoodBytes in Microsoft responds to Windows 10 privacy concerns   
    You ARE in control. You have the options.
    And what you are talking about is called telemetry data. Something that is embedded in Windows since XP days. It was NEVER a problem, never been a problem for all your devices as well, just now with Windows 10. Sorry, but I am not buying you are saying.
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    pawan1993 reacted to LinusTech in deceptive reviews and shoddy advertisement practices being cracked down on in youtube re Machinima/xbox 1   
    A lot of assumptions being made here.
    We don't take money to do reviews. We never have.
    We take money to do advertisements, which are never labeled as reviews.
    NVIDIA provided the graphics cards (and Cooler Master sent cases and coolers, ASUS sent motherboards, Intel sent CPUs, Kingston sent SSDs and RAM, Swiftech sent water cooling gear) for our editing workstations for product placement in the whole room water cooling series of videos we produced featuring this hardware extensively.
    In the grand scheme of things, $6000 of graphics cards (don't imagine that's their BOM cost on them either) is a great deal for 1-2M impressions on a series of videos about using them.. but those videos were NOT a review. They were about a clearly sponsored (we said it was more than once) outrageous project.
    As for sending "keeper" vs "loaner" units of hardware, yeah for many products we just don't do loaners anymore, but more than anything else this is to do with me not feeling like it's worth my time to play email tag for shipping labels and spend an hour driving to FedEX and filling out stupid international bill of landing and commercial invoice nonsense over like a $100 item that costs more to send back than to just not bother with anyway.
    That and quite frankly even a negative review (for some reason) often generates a lot of sales for the manufacturer.. so as far as I'm concerned they can eat the cost of the item and I'll do whatever I want with it when we're done reviewing it - whether that's continuing to use it personally (Pebble Steel and iPhone 6 come to mind) - or re-visiting it only when we need to re-do our comparative numbers (here's a lesson on why this is necessary and we can't just re-use old numbers)
    And on the subject of the Pebble and iPhone 6 - these are both items that were NOT provided by the manufacturer. One was purchased for my own use and the other was provided by a separate sponsor who makes skins for phones (dBrand), but I didn't necessarily mention this at the time because who cares? It doesn't colour my impressions of the device.
    Here's an item I wasn't allowed to keep and won one of the two editor's choice awards I've ever given out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1uj6wQTu58
    Here's an item was allowed to keep that I ripped apart saying it was worse across the board than the two similar products from other manufacturers that I compared it against: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O1aCNrjV64
    Here's an item I was allowed to keep that I basically ripped apart on camera and sent it back anyway because it had so little value to me I didn't even want to give it to a friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3AgcltUM9s
    And I could do this all day..
    You may notice that most of the items we review we are fairly positive about. There is a reason for this, and it has nothing to do with being paid to review it.
    I don't generally bother to review stuff that I already know is stupid junk.
    The bottom line is this. You can either trust me or not trust me. Ultimately that's your deal. My job is to do what I do, and the people who recognize it for what it is - my opinion being given to you - will follow, and the others can go find someone who maybe they think "hasn't sold out" but might just "happen to agree with them" to listen to. Enjoy.
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    pawan1993 reacted to LinusTech in [updated] The Tech Report won't receive a R9 Fury Nano for review   
    I'll reach out to Scott and see if he wants to borrow ours.
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    pawan1993 reacted to Humbug in Assassin's Creed Syndicate recommended system requirements will target 1080p 30 FPS on PC   
    Have no problem with this. It's just a recommended spec not a framerate cap.
    Let's see whether they can actually make a stutter free game though
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    pawan1993 reacted to dalekphalm in [DEBUNKED] Windows 10 updates can disable pirated games and unauthorized hardware   
    Yes, it was only last year. And a lot has changed since then Please see the two links I posted. Steam sales are now fully supported, worldwide, within 14 days of purchase or less than 2 hours of gameplay.
    You now have no reason not to buy a game you might like, then refund it if it fails to deliver.
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    pawan1993 reacted to dalekphalm in [DEBUNKED] Windows 10 updates can disable pirated games and unauthorized hardware   
    Your first two sources are from 2014. Your last source is from 2011!!!
    See this:
    And this:
    Your information is quite out of date.
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    pawan1993 got a reaction from Deletive in Is this graphics card not a good match with this cpu as a gaming rig/work station at 1440p or 4k red?   
    Higher price =/= better CPU. They're both effectively the same chip with the major differences being that the 5930k can be overclocked and the Xeon supports ECC memory (which doesn't matter unless you've got a server). I'd take the 5930k even if it were more expensive than the Xeon. With the consumer grade CPU's the Xeon's lack iGPU's and are not overclockable but they are a fair bit cheaper hence it can make sense in that range but with these two CPU's choosing the Xeon makes no sense whatsoever.
    Edit: Good to see that you've decided on the 5930k
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    pawan1993 reacted to sharfaraz_ifaz in Microsoft releases a new windows 10 build with 300 bug fixes and a new wallpaper   
    Dude, if you are copying a cite word-to-word, you have to put it in a quotation box. Just copy and pasting stuff is unacceptable, even if you put sources. It is the same concept behind plagiarism. If you didn't write it, you QUOTE it.
    Also, it seems like you even tried to copy the picture. Really? Read this damn thing before making yourself look like a bigger fool than you already have: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/11724-read-before-posting-in-this-section/
    (I am not trying to be an ass. You have been a repeat offender.)
    Also, being new doesn't get you unlimited excuses.
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    pawan1993 reacted to Slinkey in Beats using metal weights in headphones to make it feel premium.   
    Must be a radioactive metal, cause it gives cancer to ears.
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    pawan1993 got a reaction from UnknownEngineer in Analysts predict PC game sales are gonna top console game sales in 2016?   
    Btw just to point out that PwC are huge! One of the world's biggest consulting companies (2nd behind Deloitte) and they are regarded very well in the industry. Their industry research is not to be taken lightly.
    My take on this is just that PC gaming is moving far too quickly for consoles to catch up. But with cloud gaming becoming a thing and subscription based gaming being a part of the future, you just can't write consoles off. They're much more cost effective and are just better for casual gamers who don't want to break the bank for a few hours a week at most.
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    pawan1993 reacted to TheKDub in AMD Withdraw KitGuru's Fury X Sample over "negative stance towards AMD" (Updated with response from AMD)   
    Looks like AMD is borrowing quite a few shovels
    I guess their excavator CPUs (or APUs) can be put to use as well
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    pawan1993 reacted to niofalpha in Nvidia may have access and control of your pc   
    How does this in anyways show Nvidia controls your PC? Me skimming over the first 3 pages shows it's a bug...
    Click Bait title is click bait.
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    pawan1993 reacted to manikyath in Nvidia may have access and control of your pc   
    the amount of foil in your post is horrendous...
    nvidia isnt "controlling your pc"
    they simply had a derp in their latest driver & gfe package where sometimes the settings lock up. (i'm guessing rights on the config file)
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    pawan1993 reacted to Bogica in Nvidia may have access and control of your pc   
    Oh come on, it could be an error with the latest drivers or beta drivers, seriously, jumping to this kind of conclusion is kinda extreme!
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    pawan1993 got a reaction from zacRupnow in Witcher 3 Video Policy   
    Same here. Was upset with the downgrade but the effort put into the game is phenomenal. Anyone saying otherwise just hasn't played the game. I'd rather take the game being huge as it is now and still looking good than have something looking like the 2013 trailers but significantly smaller in scope.
    As for the post, I feel as though this should be the norm and shouldn't be a positive from developers but it is. IMO it shouldn't be a marketing point and should be what every developer stands for which unfortunately just doesn't happen.
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    pawan1993 reacted to TwistedDictator in Intel, AMD Form New Cross-License, Graphics Included   
    Atleast get a qoute from the source, it it really that hard? Dont worry, Ill do it....

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    pawan1993 reacted to Rohith_Kumar_Sp in Nvidia re-blocked Overclocking silently in the latest drivers for the 900M series graphics card   
    inb4 "Nvidia lied" comments.

    suddenly if laptop that had nvidia mobile graphics broke, people would have blamed nvidia for the same thing they were trying to prevent from happening, if you are seriously ditching nvidia because they disabled a overclocking feature on a LAPTOP for all the reasons, then you are not doing it right. 
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    pawan1993 reacted to Victorious Secret in Witcher 3 Won’t Exist Without Consoles   
    Well in the case of the Veyron project, VW lost roughly double to triple what the MSRP on the car is. The entire project was a loss leader in every sense, probably chewed out a good billion or so in R/D. They did it for LOLs, nothing more. Even Lexus with the LFA, they lost hundreds of millions on that entire program. They didn't do it for profit, they did it because it was a statement. 
    Sadly, game developers don't have that kind of money. They can't afford to lose any either. Publishers sure as hell aren't gonna let that kind of thing happen either. The realities of life is that these companies all exist to make money, irregardless of what passion bullshit they sell you. Passion doesn't pay their bills, a product does. That product needs to make a lot of money. 
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    pawan1993 reacted to Briggsy in Witcher 3 Won’t Exist Without Consoles   
    Anyone who has actually been playing witcher 3 on PC can attest to the amount of effort they put into this game, both graphically and content-wise. Those still on about the graphics downgrade are grasping at straws and might want to go play it first.
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    pawan1993 reacted to WyattZX in Microsoft planning "attractive Windows 10 upgrade offers" to grab pirates   
    "Users upgrading to Windows 10 from non-genuine previous iterations of Windows™ operating systems will have the option to de-select Candy Crush Saga™ installation during setup."
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    pawan1993 got a reaction from JESUSARIUS REX in OMG witcher 3 water, hair without hairworks   
    IMO the storyline for TW1 was better than TW2's. The combat in the first one is atrocious but if you can get past that then you have an incredibly mature game with such beautifully dark themes that is amazing to play through. TW2 has overall better gameplay and the graphics are amazing but the storyline just isn't as great as the first. One thing you might notice in TW2 is that it's a bit harder to understand the characters if you haven't played the first. In the first one, the characters are fleshed out so well.
    Having said that, the second is still a great game but if you like following the plot and want to understand more about Geralt then don't miss the first. The only thing that would put you off is the terrible combat system. Acts IV and V have some of the best scripts I've seen in modern video games.
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    pawan1993 reacted to GoodBytes in Windows update to nag for Windows 10 upgrade   
    You are right. Might best to wait. I think MSDOS is a safe bet to upgrade to. The probability it has a surprised is near 0.
    What Microsoft wants the most are:
    -> Market share.
    -> App Store usage
    -> High sale volume on the app store
    -> Apps that showcase Universal Apps.
    Market share will make developers interest in making apps for Windows 10. Any universal app made will run on Windows 10 phones and tablets. This will increase consumer interest in buying Microsoft platform over Android and iOS.
    App Store usage is boosted with "suggested app" (you can disable that in PC settings. Confirmed at MS Ignite event) and lock-screen notification at times (can be disabled, but I believe you loose the weekly images of the lock screen, but then again... someone has to pay for the royalty fees for the images that Microsoft gets, and on Cortana (like Windows 8). The crowed at the event this was showed applauded Microsoft, as developers are very interested in this. This will help boost App store usage, bringing interest from developers.
    Universal Apps are more powerful than Windows 8 Modern Apps. Microsoft is focusing on more solid apps showing what they can do, to bring interest from developers. I won't be surprised if Candy Crush is Android ported code to highly this technology from Microsoft.
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    pawan1993 reacted to Sharp_3yE in Windows 10 will include junkware - the cost of free   
    You are probably the most over reacting person on LTT that I've seen on here. Candy Crush Saga is a universal app that you will be able to right click and press uninstall.
    This is more like a small poster being put in your room with scotch tap. It can be pulled down from the wall if you want and thrown away.