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  1. @Salt Shaker O I didn't know he made a 1 Hour vid talking about Gigabyte's BIOS. Gonna check this out...I've seen MSI BIOS, roughly...haven't actually check out Gigabyte's one.
  2. But Buildzoid made a great point, what's up with the X570 / AMD boards...you got X feature on this board but then you lose out on Y feature... It's the same for one another...I mean sure the Hero seems to be like the best of overall, but still it's a fact that it only have 2X M.2 slots... It's like he said, for the X570 / B550 boards. You have to think long and hard, tell yourself, EXACTLY SPECIFICALLY what features you want with your board, the things you need to use...then buy that specific board...even if you dislike it lol.... Now I don't build system with every each new generatio
  3. All of X570 boards are completely out of stock lol. Ton of Z490 boards. https://shopee.com.my/shop/143507751/search?facet=16561&order=desc&page=0&sortBy=price https://www.lazada.com.my/shop-motherboards/?asus-networking&from=wangpu&page=1&sort=pricedesc&style=wf Yes to most of your questions. I find the Hero board is the best rounded because it have most SATA and USB Ports. At the moment I'm already using up to 6 USB ports on the rear. Not including eternal drives or other things I may plug in. Also I have an Arcade Fightstick ( which isn't p
  4. How would you rate their BIOS ? Have they improve it ? Is their RGB software still buggy as hell ? I will have to check, I'm not from the US / EU. There's no " official " ASUS here... But we don't have a popular online shop for most other products including PC hardware etc. I think they do have a store there, but last I check it's all out of stock as well...I mean they are the suppliers, it's only natural that if the retailers doesn't have store, so does them. Honestly believe me when I tell you this, it sucks living in country outside of EU / US region. Literally....the on
  5. Hmm can't think of any other reasons myself then...this is why I still tend to let the retail shop flashing the BIOS for me. If anything goes wrong like they brick the board, they will have to responsible lol. I've already gathered all my parts for my next build online, but sadly I'm stuck now because I still need a Mobo and CPU and all the retail stores are out of stock.... Since most X570 won't work out of box with 5000 CPU there's no choice I will have to wait and let the shop Flash it for me to avoid headache like this lol.
  6. I was gunning for ASUS, amazingly even the overpriced piece of plastic, Hero VIII and Dark Hero is completely out of stock in my country... Maybe other brands are that shit so everyone just spend extra to get the Hero board lol ? Honestly the Hero board is perfect for me. But since it's completely out of stock everywhere and some of the shops told me that the local ASUS supplier may not even be bringing in anymore Don't ask why, the ASUS here is the most fucked up supplier. Not to mention our Hero boards here costs about 500 - 600$ USD, 500 for Normal Hero while 600 for Dark Hero, as if
  7. So I should get a PS5 instead then ? Or maybe Xbox, or is the Switch better ?
  8. As title said. Which would be a better board ? Not just features etc but also the BIOS. They all have great VRM, but Gigabyte seems to have better value. At the moment I'm leaning more towards the Unify since it's all Black no RGB, it really fits my Black build with hint of White LED from RAM, GPU. I did consider ACE, since it's actually only slightly more expensive than the Unify. But in reality they are actually both same board. Just with more flare for the ACE. Though those Gold trim may not fit well in my Black build. But one thing that really put me off about the MSI
  9. Sorry for asking a rather obvious question. Just wanna confirm this at least. Did he plug in the USB to the correct USB Port ?? You can't just plug it in into any port you like on the rear. It must be the specific port for the BIOS flashback. From the pics what I can see is, it's on the Top furthest Left ( while facing the board up right like when you had it installed into a casing not while it's on top of a box before installing into a casing ) Honestly ASUS did a better job highlighting this, there's red square box marking which port is for BIOS Flashback it's super obvious....
  10. Care package secured, now left is Mobo and CPU...which both completely out of stock everywhere ! I'm amazed that such an overpriced board like the Crosshair VIII is completely out of stock, even the Dark Hero ! Especially in my country...all sudden everyone's a PC Enthusiast now here...wtf....to give you context. The Dark Hero here costs a whopping 619$ USD while Gigabyte Aorus Master is only 396$ USD and MSI Unify / Ace is only around 322$ USD - 419$ USD. Maybe I will have to go with Aorus Master or something else.....the shop retailer told me the local ASUS may not bring in anymor
  11. I think you're one of the unlucky ones. There's no guarantee, I did hear rumor circulating. It seems like 5800X maybe plague with some sort of Temp issues. But maybe because due to lack of stock around the world and not many people buying the 5800X as well, so many there aren't enough cases that will attract popular media covering it. ( let's face it the price for 5800X is rather bad, I was aiming for 5800X but instead now I'm going to pay more just to get 5900X ) o
  12. No worries I got two. I had one tube of Kryonaut and NT-H2, I think the NT-H2 is better. I was using Kryonaut before, but after 1 Year ++ the paste became really hardened. As if it dries up or something. So I switched to NT-H2. the temps are same as Kryonaut. Hopefully it would still be more " liquid " as well after some time. But it has only been 3 Months now, Temps are still fine. So far so good. And the NT-H2 paste feels easier to work with too when I was applying it on my CPU.
  13. I think I would just go with Rev2.0...I don't think there is much differences. Beside the pricing !
  14. I just notice, it seems like the new bracket is optional and it's just an extra bracket to make mounting easier. If I were not to use the new bracket, I'm still able to mount it like the Rev2.0 no ?
  15. Actually the more I look at it, I think even with Rev3.0 it would still be fine. I mean if the new bracket doesn't work, I could just skip it. I think the it's just an extra bracket for easier mounting. Instead of having to hold the original mounting with your hand, you use this new bracket to lock it into place, then you mount on to the new bracket.