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  1. I've already turn MCE off, yet this CPU run rather hot. I don't want to go into too many details. I'm using a Maximus XIII Hero board, is there any other features I can turn off to help me CPU run cooler ? Even with MCE off It still consume more than 125W even in games. If I were to run Cinebench it keep it at 4.9 Ghz when near end it will drop, so I guess MCE is turn off indeed. But It was consuming much as 1.35 - 1.36V.... Is there some way to like Undervolt or even further limit the amount of power consumption ?? I never really OC before, I'm not even sure how to U
  2. My specs Maximus XIII Hero ( currently latest BIOS ) 10900K 32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1X W.D Black 2TB 1X Crucial MX500 2TB 2X Crucial MX500 1TB 1X Corsair MP510 960GB So just built the PC last week, now it's on the 8th day. So I've been trying to find the cause of this weird issue. Whenever I'm on Desktop, booted into Windows. If I were to Restart my PC, when it booting up during POST. I will get hit by A2 error code. So I nailed it down it was my W.D Black 2TB causing the issue, if I don't have it plug it. I can restart my PC no issue at all. The
  3. Talking to myself at this point.... So I nailed down the issue...It's my W.D 2TB drive causing the issue... I unplug all my SATA drives, except for my M.2 boot drive...it issue never happen. So I started plugging my SATA back in one by one, the first one I tried was the W.D 2TB Black and tested, I was instantly hit with A2 error code on Restart... So I disconnect my W.D 2TB Black and connect my other drive, Crucial MX500 1TB. Did the test, no issue...Restarted my PC like a champ. I thought maybe it's a SATA port issue and cable ? Basically I use the SATA cable and port that I'
  4. New findings, as I was uninstalling Armory Crate yesterday. When it done it requires a restart. So I did, by clicking on the restart button shown by the uninstaller itself. To my surprise, it restarted like normal. No issue no drama. So I thought I try restarting the PC again manually myself but no luck. Was hit by the A2 error code again while booting. I thought I just leave it and wait, but no dice, 30 mins passed and nothing happen. I've set my FlexKey to reset PC and instant boot into BIOS. Tried clicking that nothing happens, can't get into
  5. Well I found someone with somewhat similar issue. But I barely understood what he did and what's the cause. Not to mention I think he is using Linux ? https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?114302-Problems-on-warm-boot-with-Maximux-XI-Code
  6. I tried searching the forums. Their issues are mainly on cold boot only. Not warm boot. It is only happening to me on warm. But the first few days, there wasn't such an issue. Or least when I'm updating Windows it will have to restart itself, I wasn't hit with this issue. But the very first time when I did a warm boot with this new system that's when it started. The issues other people are facing have weird solutions which I've tried. Some are even affected by the monitor / display cable.. I was wondering is there any so
  7. Hmm Hard Drive. I do have one installed. I would try searching the forums and maybe removing it as well to see if it's the issue. But that be weird if it is, because the drive that kept going missing randomly is one of my SSD not my HDD.
  8. Sorry for confusion because I'm getting desperate myself lol. It's only happening during Restart. On Cold Boot / Warm Boot ( basically PC completely shut down doesn't matter if it was running before or first time of the day ), it never happens. Ok here are some examples. PC already booted up and now I'm on the Desktop. Start > Shut Down. Turn PC on again, boot up jus t fine no issue. Start > Restart, PC restarts. When booting, I will get A2 code and just stuck, I can't even get into BIOS. I must turn off the PC completely, then power it on again. It will boot u
  9. Ok some new findings...so I was trying to recreate the problem. It can get confusing so le me write it down in steps instead. I suspect is one of my 1TB MX500 drive causing the issue. 1) So I'm on the Desktop, I click Restart trying to re-create the issue. 2) PC booting up, hit with A2 error again. Shut down PC entirely. 3) Restart PC, boot up fine. Reach Desktop. No issue. But I notice one of my 1TB MX500 drive is completely missing again. ( it's labeled as G: so let's call it G: ) 4) So I click on Start > Shut Down. ( SHUT DOWN NOT RESTART ) 5) Turn on PC again, boot u
  10. My Specs : Maximus XIII Hero 10900K 32GB Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz MP510 M.2 ( Boot Drive ) 2X 1TB Crucial MX500 1X 2TB Crucial MX500 1X W.D Black RTX 2080 Super Ok just built my new system the other day. Everything is working fine. But I've been facing this weird issue....whenever I Restart my PC ( on Desktop, click on Start > Restart ), when it rebooting, during the POST, I will always get hit by a A2 Q-Code on Mobo. Then it will just freeze there, I can't even enter BIOS. If I press the Reset button on my casing. All it does is reboot and the same thing h
  11. I haven't, but it will be for my 2.1 speakers. I thought the front is only for headphones ?
  12. I've already check it, there isn't any. I mean like for my previous Crosshair Hero VI it does. It have both Realtek and Sonic Studio, both completely different installs. But now it only have Realtek wtf....I mean seriously, I paid 650$ this board.....please tell me I can have an EQ.... Here are some screen shot. One of them is the older Crosshair VI Hero board download page. Description did mention about Sonic Studio. I check Crosshair VIII Dark Hero doesn't have it either.... Maximus XIII Hero Crosshair VI HERO
  13. As title said. I've only just notice why the EQ setting isn't working ! Some reason, this board's Realtek software, the EQ is only for Digital Audio or SPIDF I guess ?? But I'm not using that, I'm using the 3.5mm jack to power my Logitech Z623 speakers. Seems like this board doesn't even have the Sonic Studio software ( if not mistaken, I try checking the Download page for this board, nothin. It only have the Realtek Audio Driver ) I wanna confirm, so I can't adjust my EQ if I'm using 3.5mm output ??? I cannot stand flat EQ, it sounds like shit....why did ASUS do this ?? I
  14. Tks for the reply, Really appreciate it.
  15. Oh OK but Tks for the replies. I will try contacting Shrimp see if he could help.