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  1. I've done all of the above - Running in full screen, gsync enabled in the options as fullscreen vsync is also disabled within nv control panel.
  2. I'm certain, you can toggle the osd within the nvidia control panel and it reads 'gsync on' ingame
  3. So i'm getting a bit of screen tearing with Gsync on during battlefield. It's especially noticeable during the swooping in and out of deployment as well as some in game stuff.Any idea what could be the cause? Or can anyone else confirm they're getting some tearing too?I'm using an Asus PG348Q with a GTX 1080. My understanding was that gsync eliminated screen tearing. Period. I'm on the latest Nvidia drivers and have verified that Gsync is indeed on.My only thoughts are that it could be game dependent, or there's a slim chance I may have a faulty gsync module.
  4. I've been hunting for a decent chair for weeks and have yet to come up with the ideal chair. Basically what i'm after is a chair that I can recline in, preferably on a 150 degree angle or thereabouts so I can lie back and get comfy for long gaming stints on the witcher 3. Also one that offers proper ergonomics for sitting upright. I'm not a big fan of the DX racer looks, and prefer a much more understated design. Are there any chairs out there that you'd recommend me looking at? Thanks a bunch.
  5. haha yeah I know. I'm a huge fan of Keys and Jack. Well the whole NCIX team really. Would be awesome to bump into any of the LMG or NCIX crew while i'm there.
  6. I would have absolutely loved to check out microcenter but they don't have any stores around the Seattle or San Fran region, the closest one I think is in L.A
  7. NCIX added to the list! Can't believe I hadn't thought of that already. Guess I haven't been watching enough Hardware Canucks videos....
  8. **Mods please either delete or move to general discussion - thread accidentally ended up in graphics cards** Hey guys! I'm travelling to the States (San Francisco and Seattle) and Canada (Vancouver) for the first time next week and i'm super keen to grab some cheap tech and check out some cool tech stores. Mainly interested in gaming, electronic, pc hardware and camera places. Do you guys have any suggestions for awesome tech shops or chains to check out while i'm in those areas? Very unfamiliar with places to check out so any suggestions would be much appr
  9. I did a review on my youtube channel. I found the Asus was better than the Acer in terms of the build quality, panel (only just), and osd (by A LOT). The sample I got to review was perfectly fine, as was the Acer. I've contacted a few local retailers and of the ones that replied, one said that they've had no problems. It was from a sales rep though so not sure how honest he was being. If you can get the Asus for the same price I'd go for the Asus in a heartbeat. The acer stand also results in a bit of wobble when typing on a desk which is frustrating.
  10. Agreed, I think this is what i'll end up with at the start. Panasonic GH4 with 25mm f/1.4 Leica lense or Panasonic GH3 with 25mm f/f1.4 or sigma 12-35mm (i think) Manfrotto 502 Tripod- yet to be decided. I won't get a slider just yet, that will be something i'll invest in a little while down the road.
  11. Ahk cool, thanks so much for your help guys I really appreciate it. I'll post up some images when I get everything together
  12. Thanks! That's one of the big things i'm concerned about by comrpromising 400 dollars to go with the MFT camera. I've done some research and most people seem to say that getting nice bokeh or shallow depth of field is up to the lens so if I get something like a 50mm I'll be fine. Is that true in your opinion? Also cool, can you mentioned what your channel name is?
  13. So after doing some research and reevaluating my budget I think i'm going to go with the Panasonic G7. It's about $1200 NZD and comes with 3 lenses, i'm getting the lense models tomorrow. I could potentially move up to the GH4 but i'm not sure whether the extra 300/400 dollars would be worth it. That should give me some room for a tripod/lights and a slider as well. Does that sounds like a good idea to the folks here?
  14. All of that was super helpful thank you and you're right I think I should reevaluate my budget allocation. I'll come up with a few different options with a couple of different cameras and see what I can fit in in terms of a body/lenses/tripod/lights etc. 4K isn't hugely important to me, I'd be happy shooting with a good 1080p camera for another year so, perhaps a GH4 may be a bit overkill. I should have the horsepower to edit 4k content though so that wouldn't be something i'd need to worry about.
  15. Thanks, I'll look more into these as well. Currently this is the pricing for things: Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 body for $1000 Panasonic GH4 body for $1594 Canon Eos 70D body for $1100 Lumix LX-100 for $950. The sonys' are very much out of my price range unfortunately. 1500 would be my limit for a body and i'd have an extra 300-500 to spend on lenses. I had a read through Alwin's guide and a camcorder as well would be an option so i'll start looking into those also. Thanks!