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  1. The shut down last night happened while playing an MMO and had a high player count on the screen, more than 100 players. Today it shut down on the same game with no high player count or any other apparent reason.
  2. Yes. I'm also running the PC at the moment. It spiked to 56C from 46C for no reason.
  3. I didn't get a chance to see before it shut down. I'd estimate it at 65-75 C.
  4. It was very humid here yesterday and my PC overheated and shut down due to a high load on the CPU. I booted it back up today after cleaning it up and making sure there was little dust left. The PC ran for around 30 minutes but shutdown then. The processor is an FX-8150 and the graphics card is a HD 7950. Any thing I can do, or did I burn the CPU?
  5. I have the one on the right, my connection is DSL. However, the connection has been working fine for the past few months using this router. Also the DSL version looks like it would connect directly to the phone line. This is not the case, the modem is connected to the phone line and the router is connected to the modem via ethernet.
  6. I have a TP Link TL-WR841N and I'm having issues with it. If I am connected directly to my modem, I get my full speed. However, if I connect the router to the modem and then my PC to the router I can not load any web page. I have tried numerous resets and I've disabled the firewall, but I'm still having this issue. Please help!
  7. It isn't this, even when my PC is the only device connected it is still a lot slower than it if connected directly to the modem.
  8. For the past few days my internet connection has been slower than normal. Today, I tried plugging my computer directly into the modem and it went back to regular speeds. I'm trying to figure out what is causing this issue. The router is a TP-Link Model No. WR841N The PC was connected to the router via cable, the router is connected to the modem the same way.
  9. It appeared as if the computer was booting properly, but the video card would not output. I now have it working, maybe.
  10. I recently built a PC and now I'm having issues with video output. This happened a week ago, but previously the PSU LED would only blink. Now it remains on and fans spin at full speeds. Yesterday simply reseating the video card (Gigabyte 7950) worked. Full system specs: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1GmqP
  11. I have my FX-8320 running at 16 C right now, AMD stock cooler. (Chrome and HWMonitor open, -2 C outside and no heaters at the camp. My 7950 is at 22 C.) Show off your lowest temperatures!
  12. Gotta have room for all the camos.
  13. Nort

    Fan arrangement?

    You're saying I should use this instead of what I have? Not sure I understand.
  14. Nort

    Fan arrangement?

    Link to case and fans are in OP. This is the motherboard: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131873
  15. Nort

    Fan arrangement?

    I recently put my PC together and only put two case fans in it. The motherboard supports 3. I have one that pulls air in from the front onto the HDD and GPU that spins at around 1200 RPM. I have another pulling in from the top that spinning at 3500 RPM, it sounds like a jet engine and I'm not sure if it should even be going that fast. I'm thinking of putting another fan at the top (Same model as the one going @ 3500 RPM) and replacing the 1200 RPM (Barely pulls any air in) in the front with the same model as the 3500 RPM fan. Looking in the BIOS it seems as though the fans are regulated ba