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    ElDiabeto got a reaction from niofalpha in So apparently there's doping in e-sports   
    The thing about this is, is that n0thing on cloud 9 actually has ADHD and probably needs it. He has said on stream that he has it, and if you listen to some of cloud9's pov, you can tell. Semphis is probably just salty for being kicked and going to a tier 3 team.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Untouchable in Free Rebel (aka Confederate) Flag! - Made in the USA   
    Wow, i am totally not gonna buy this.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Kick in Free Rebel (aka Confederate) Flag! - Made in the USA   
    You people disgust me.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to SeriouslyMikey in BEST INSULTS!   
    Ubisoft is better than you. 
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Octavialicious in desert eagle vs s6 edge   
    Juan Deag
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    ElDiabeto reacted to TheSSVids in They should make a smart pocketwatch   
    The title says it all, if they could make a GOOD and fancy smart pocket watch, I'd so buy it.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to MadSprite in "Halo Online" Beta Coming to PC   
    Microsoft to launch free-to-play "Halo Online" in Russia. A new Halo game will be launched in Russia for a closed beta term, similar to what Activision has done with its Call of Duty Online beta that was released in China.

    Halo Online is a PC-only game which is not expected to be on the Xbox One. It will feature a free-to-play multiplayer experience (which has been a hit or miss with online shooters trying to avoid "pay-to-win") where SPARTAN-IVs train together to gain better skills and test experimental technology.

    Microsoft says that the game, based on a modified Halo 3 engine, will be capable of running on low-end PCs. Given the nature of F2P, it's not surprising that they aren't aiming to renew the Halo experience, but to introduce new fans to the Halo universe.

    At first glance, the game looks like it relies on some "pay-to-win" features where weapons are featured in loadout. However, with further examination, you can see that it only affects your starting loadout at spawn, as you can pick up other players' weapons.

    The most important factor is that multiple types of the same weapon are not actually pure upgrades; rather, they have been balanced to counter the bonuses within themselves so that you may have stronger damage output but a slower rate of fire and high recoil. The weapons are also on a rent scheme where you cannot keep the weapon past a certain amount of time, allowing you to pick up a weapon cheaply for 30 minutes to play a quick session without requiring you to invest 200 hours in the game to obtain it for use. This also combats the "pay-to-win" system that has plagued F2P games where putting in real money can reduce the tens of hours required to obtain a worthy item.

    So why is Russia being targeted for this beta? Microsoft may be trying to capture a new audience that is not used to buying full console or PC games. Releasing a paid Halo game on PC might interest current Halo fans, but also may be overlooked by others as yet another first-person shooter. With F2P being popular in Russia, it could be a good testing ground to bring new fans into the Halo universe, especially since Microsoft is investing heavily to incorporate the Halo franchise into their desktop and mobile operating systems. It would make sense to have Cortana to appeal to a new subset of fans in the hardware market as well!

    Here's a video of someone loading the maps and playing with the weapons and vehicles, bypassing the login menu that would restrict it to closed beta members.
    Special weapons and vehicles are not part of the loadout selection and exist where they are in the map they would exist in Halo 3.
    Another video is from the Halo Online's video game file that shows up as the intro video.
    It's currently in Russian but there is english subtitles that you can enable in the youtube video.
    Other Sources:

    Click here to view the article
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Prastupok in how to ask a chick to homecoming   
    LinusGiveawayTips, really...
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    ElDiabeto reacted to mxas6530 in How many posts do you think they will get for the giveaway?   
    Maybe 69 thousand?
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    ElDiabeto reacted to tropicocity in Linus in SG!   
    Had my 20 seconds of fame today, on my stopover in singapore I managed to brofist-in-the-air linus on the MRT whilst shouting his name! Should have asked for a selfie, but interrupting his family time would have been too much, if slightly less embarrassing.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to bob345 in Where would you ideally like to live in?   
    I think i would like to move to Oregon or Washington in the future.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Ady.533 in Linus, simulate this crazy project next!   
    (true story)(actually happened)
     So welllll..... some family friends of mine have kids who are *cough* tough *cough* on their electronic doo- daddery. Well, they spilled milk on their $2000 dollar toshiba laptop. I check it out, stop them from chucking it into the bin, and well, hope to *at least* salvage some ram and the blu-ray burner. well, I take it home, and I do just that. I took apart all the cards, and installed the ram into my laptop, it works. I couldn't test anything else, but well, I tried, and tried to get the thing working. So, I gave up. Then, on my now 12 gig ram laptop, I watch linus's xps 12 video, and go ,"wow". Then 2 months later,  watch it again, and go,"wait a minute," So I wait for a night when it's raining, wait for 2 hours (so that the initial acid rain has passed), then go ,"here goes nothing" and boom, the mobo has now had a 12 hour long shower. (fast forward ten minutes of blow drying) I put the remaining ram stick in, pug in the battery, and cross my fingers. BOOM, the computer which appeared as dead as a... as a... as the body parts of frankenstein's monster - electricity went to the body parts of frankenstein's monster + electricity, nd I see blue stuff, saying so boot media. well, next I plug in the hard drive and see through the broken screen ( their daughter once went on a rampage) a windows logo. I cry in disbelief, and start fixing the software issues caused thanks to the previous 2.5 years of torture. then, I have school, so I slow down the pace to a standstill, (this was a 13 year old me, so yeah) and 2 months later, it doesn't turn on. well, this time the mobo gets a 2 day long shower, and a 3 day (36 hours) worth of a sunbath. then I assemble it again, and return the pain in the arse to the *rightful* owners on the next day, which is my birthday. So, he operation took 10 months in total, but I managed to get a computer back up after MILK, NOT PURE RAIN WATER. BEAT THAT, LINUS. (actually do it plz)
    for the record, I actually asked them if it was on when the milk was spilled, and they said yeah, it was on the floor(why that actual...) and there were downloads going on, so yeah, NOT IN SLEEP MODE OR SHUT DOWN. AGAIN, BEAT THAT ,LINUS (plz, again, do this as your next crazy project).
    P.P.S. I'll upload pics tom, since right now here in aus, it's night and I'm meant to be sleeping.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to xCaleb in Can't sit next to computer without sweater.   
    If you use a pci extension cable you can position a r9 290 reference to blow it's hot air onto you.  You can also use it as a hair dryer or kitchen stove.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Prastupok in LinusTechTips in a VICE documentary?   
    I'm 99% sure that isn't the LTT kitchen... seeing as this was filmed in London, not Vancouver.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to PotatOS - Andrew in What do your parents think of your PC?   
    They scapegoat it for FUCKING EVERYTHING.  "Oh, you got a B- in ART?  It must be that computer, you spend too much time on it and not on your schoolwork!"
    a)I literally NEVER go on it except friday evenings and weekends
    b)I can't draw.
    EDIT:  BTW after that ordeal they actually ended up taking it away, the fucktards.  I took the gpu out so they wouldn't fuck up my pride and joy though.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Swndlr in What do your parents think of your PC?   
    my parents love mine, for the fact that i was able to do it all by myself (lol they think thats impressive)
    they hate it, because i never want to turn away from it
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Lima123 in Giving Away GTA : San Andreas for free!   
    Add LiamTheCake on steam to get San Andreas for free. If you want to give something back to me i'd love some CS:GO keys <3  
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    ElDiabeto reacted to terrytek in Favourite Movies?   
    The new one wasn't terrible. I liked it more, in fact, than the old one.
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    ElDiabeto reacted to Mao_Zedong in Read this book in 24 hours, or it will self-destruct   
    Have these people never heard of screenshots?
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    ElDiabeto reacted to melias24 in What is your favorite color scheme?   
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    ElDiabeto got a reaction from Fgtfv567 in You know you're a techie when. . .   
    lel. The worst is when they say that they are going to buy a macbook air to play dayz on. An underpowered machine that doesn't even have the operating system needed. 
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    ElDiabeto reacted in A Guide To Constructive Criticism   
    A Basic Guide To Constructive Criticism
    Basic Rules of Constructive Criticism:
    1. Not all rules broken require any type of criticism (Mods are great at handling things too) 
    2. All criticism should be constructive (If not, then do not say it)
    3. If it is Constructive Criticism it should be fact not opinion
    4. Always Explain what said person can do to improve
    5.Always try to add a positive with a negative (ie, "Good job finding the article, maybe you can elaborate on your opinion next time, maybe add some quotes. The community guidelines state that, that is what is supposed to be done :D")
    Some More Detail:
              Active listing is a big part of constructive criticism, make sure you understand the other person first.  You should go in this order, Listen, Think and then Reply. Always make sure you understand the complete message before replying to anyone (It can be good to restate what they said differently). Constructive Criticism, is really just another word for feedback, so think of it that way.
              Always have good intentions when giving Constructive Criticism, this is very important as without it all it is, is Criticism. Constructive Criticism is never for your own good. It is to help everybody, make sure that is what is happening.
              Emotions should not play a part. (Ie. "Your action is making me bananas" should not be said.) it is easy to let our emotions control our actions.
    This should help you start to give great Constructive Criticism. Enjoy
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    ElDiabeto got a reaction from X1XNobleX1X in Razer Desktop Giveaway :D   
    A 4970k is a better version of the 4790k. They only made 10 of them. Rumour has that Linus has one hidden under his mattress.
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    ElDiabeto got a reaction from SirSquid in Razer Desktop Giveaway :D   
    A 4970k is a better version of the 4790k. They only made 10 of them. Rumour has that Linus has one hidden under his mattress.
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    ElDiabeto got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in BLU just released a 7" Android phone...   
    Just Why?
    This is officially a Phablet, and I hate that word.