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  1. Honestly dont care, I hate double standards and hypocrisy and like to farm it even if it makes me look bad. Plenty of other places are loving that I just did this.
  2. Yay, twitter in a nutshell: Gee I wonder who reported me for harassment for saying the same thing about her as she said about total biscuit. Though sure my post my worded a lot more strongly, but thats because in my case she's still alive, and in her case she's ranting about a man that already died from cancer.
  3. On a similar issue, I'd like to point out how theres an Indie tablet game I absolutely love and thats also coming to steam soon. Soon as I started playing it, I joined in the subreddit for it with my usual 'Wow, this game is incredible, why doesnt it have more fans yet?'. I was the most vocal and enthusiastic poster about said game, and its being developed by just one person like a lot of indie games. The developer immediately began replying to my comments with kindness, and actually started asking me for gameplay advice. Lots, in fact maybe everything I've suggested to
  4. The only thing that needs saying about her is that the kindest thing that she could say about a man dying from Cancer is that she was glad it happened: If she was in the UK, she would be considered unemployable by everyone, and likely jailed for hate speech for that alone. I dont see how anyone can have the slightest sympathy for someone as toxic as this, she clearly deserved being fired, and anyone that would hire her for any kind of job after this is just as bad as her.
  5. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/intel-pentium-g4560-3.50ghz-kaby-lake-socket-lga1151-processor-retail-cp-62o-in.html I just grabbed one to upgrade my min spec build that had a G4400, sharing if anyone wants to do anything similar.
  6. ... Without a fan: Also there were an additional 20 loops already done prior to these, and the CPU and Ram tests were done separately. (My ram is boosted to just 1.35, and my H170 mobo allows limited ram OCing up to the XMP frequency only, but then voltage and timings controll as normal). The only fan inside is the PSU fan, and unfortunately it doesnt have a fanless mode on low power use, but its silent anyway. My 200mm case fan is also silent and keeps my max temp at 48c on this CPU, and I'll be plugging it back in anyway, just tried stressing
  7. Bhav

    I'm Single Now

    I wonder how and why this isn't status update material.
  8. Fo shame. Show me your nipples.
  9. Getting frozen food from the store to your freezer is an even bigger challenge than counting nutrients and making sure you have enough of everything, when all you have to instead is pop vitamin pills and eat anything you like. Also tinned vegetarian foods are often filled with additional syrup / juice / sugars / preservatives / salt. I wouldnt ever call food that comes in a can healthy. A can of peaches with HFCS as its top ingredient isnt healthy. Then some fruits like mangos, pineapples, watermelons are simply a challenge for a lot of people to get back home from the
  10. All that happens with any medication that you need to take with food is that taking it without food means you might poop it out before its been fully absorbed.
  11. And I wouldn't want to be in a room full of anyone unless I was on drugs to make other people more bearable.
  12. But youre still only partially correct about your partial part. 9/10 anti druggos aren't reading any such material and are just jumping to conclusions based on the latest alcoholic to feature in the daily mail.
  13. Likewise people who dont take addictive substances of any kind arent exactly a reliable source of information on addictive substances as they have zero experience of them, and they are mostly brainwashed into the anti drug hysteria by the media.
  14. I have zero experiences of ever meeting any such person, and 99.9% of people I've met drink alcohol. I also don't agree with the basic idea that 'alcohol is an addictive substance'. For it to get addictive, you need to already be abusing it for years. It has zero properties that make it immediately addicting or dependency inducing at the recommended weekly limits.
  15. The vast majority of people who start drinking alcohol are able to drink it responsibly throughout the rest of their lives. If everyone that ever took a sip of beer ended up being addicted and being drunk all the time, the whole of every society would collapse.
  16. We weren't addressing 'mostly wine', but rather 'just wine'. Yes beer does have health benefits, in small quantities. Healthy eating takes far more effort than most people are willing to put into it to, the point however was that dismissing the idea that small amounts of alcohol are simply and always still bad for you. Also if youre not going to trust anything without sources, in that case then wheres your legitimate source on why you simply shouldn't start drinking if you already dont, and what are the (valid) reasons not to?
  17. Not really: https://www.eatthis.com/benefits-of-alcohol/ Also I will never agree with or understand anti drug rhetorics, when they lead to medicinal cannabis being seized at airports, and doctors being over ridden even if they needed to prescribe it and it worked: https://news.sky.com/story/amp/charlotte-caldwells-medicinal-cannabis-oil-for-son-is-confiscated-at-heathrow-11401552
  18. The age here is also highly controversial. You can legally drink alcohol from the age of 16 in the UK and most European countries if accompanied with a meal and bought by an adult, and with no restriction from 18. Yet the USA where you can't legally drink until 21 still has far lower average IQ scores compared to Europe. Most people I knew from school / uni started drinking very early in their teens from around age 12 or so, often with parental permission with no negative impact on their mental development, and they still went all the way up to post graduate education and work. In
  19. First of all, starch is broken down into only glucose. Table sugar (sucrose) is broken down into glucose and fructose. The body is unable to metabolize fructose, which is converted into glycogen and stored as fat, and is only then converted into glucose if your blood glucose level is low. Even worse is high fructose corn syrup = nothing but instant fat gain.
  20. We don't need sugar in quantity either, we have starch for that.
  21. Tbh sugar is far more harmful than weed.
  22. Redskin peanuts, mumsie buys and salts them by the bagful. I prefer them and everything else unsalted too, I could munch through a bag of raw red nuts in no time, but darn too much saturated fat in them.
  23. Stupid fucking 3 mobile: (click / zoom to read the bottom 'actual' price). Note that the '*Additional charge' is the '£0 one-off charge*' in the order invoice, not a 'current monthly cost of £32'. Already called them and sent them the images to their proofs email address, they told me the £32 was the normal price on this tariff but believed I would have been offered it for £19 because my previous tariff was £16 for ayce mins and texts for £16, and it also always had an option to add on ayce for £5 bringing it to £21 pm. Gotta shop thr