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    YouTuber, Graphic/Web Design


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    Athlon x4 760K (OC 4.3GHz)
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    MSI A78M-E35
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    1 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz
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    EVGA GTX 750Ti SC (Also OC)
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    Thermaltake Core v21 MATX
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    Kingston SSD Now V300 120GB, Seagate Barracuda 1TB + 16TB NAS w/Raid
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    Corsair CX430M
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    Aoc 21.5inch 1080p 60hz IPS x 3
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    COUGAR 200M (Orange RGB)
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    Logitech G430 7.1 headset, Audio Technica ATH-M50X, Logitech 5.1 Surround Speakers, Scarlett HP60, Scarlett CM25, Rokit KRK 5 G3
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    Windows 10/Steam OS (Dual Boot) + i7 MacBookPro Retina 15'' 2013/14

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  1. the only copy of that data is on those 2 drives.....
  2. In disk management I have them set to 'mirror' - it will automatically pick that up and keep the data that's on them?
  3. Oh ffs. Here's the next issue. I have a RAID 1 array with 2 x 4TB hard drives set up in Windows - how do I get around that?
  4. Basically I had my PC (FX 8350, R9 380X) with windows installed on a hard drive. I then upgraded to an i7 6800K and R9 Fury adding an SSD. So I did a fresh Windows install., formatted the drives etc etc but Windows Boot Manager has stayed on the HDD, not moved to the SSD, which hasn't been a problem until now - because I want to remove it. I want to remove it and put it in a new HTPC I've just built but as soon as I remove it I get boot errors (from the motherboard presumably) that there is no boot device installed. When I plug it back in it all works fine, but I need to remove it.
  5. The DDR5 is an interesting one given i don't believe it even exists lol The i5 needs DDR3, you might have some memory issues, literally....
  6. OK, great! It was once my C: drive before I moved Windows over to my SSD but that was a full system format anyways
  7. Oh great thanks, just to double check, I'm a bit nervous lol Remove any data off the disk, format it in Windows, power off, remove the drive? Thanks
  8. The i5 definitely has more longevity in it, and will perform better with that GPU in most cases. If you can afford the i5 that's where I would go. I know VR may not be a priority but the i3 probably won't suffice, whereas the i5 should fare better.
  9. Today I had 2 4TB hard drives arrive for a RAID 1 array in which I'll store my archived video projects (both youtube and client work). I currently have a 480GB boot SSD and 250GB hard drive, both of which are staying. The WD Blue 1TB is, however, being removed from this system and moved to my new HTPC. In windows if I format the disk am I then able to turn off the PC and simply unplug the drive, I feel like windows will serve error messages if I try and do this. Plus I'll have already moved any files from this over to my new 2 x 4TB RAID 1 array so I don't want any issues to arise in disk mana
  10. That's the thing, the Blade can't be charged via USB, and those who managed have had to use very specific methods - I have a specific use case and want little hassle. I came back to this thread to reply to those suggesting other options. I already own a MBP Pro 15" (which '#PCMasterrace' slaughter me for all the time, but I also have a Fury and 6800K so.... ), I just want something smaller that I can use for editing, that's literally it and the Macbook looks to be what I'm going to grab. FCP X isn't my favourite editing program, but it works and does all that I need to do, so I suppose that's
  11. I know what you're thinking, you're spending like $1200 on a laptop and are considering buying a 12" MacBook with one USB C port - WTF?! Here's the thing, I want a portable laptop I can edit videos on, 1080p and 4K whilst on the move (source: I wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything major, is there another laptop, that I can CHARGE with USB type C, for roughly the same price, and roughly the same size and form factor that is capable of editing. The issue I've found so far with trying to find a compelling alternative is that if I go the 'non macbook' rout
  12. The reasons the MAcbook's are so good is because of Final Cut, it is so well optimised for the specs of the laptop that for the price, in the form factor the Macbook may actually be the best and cheapest way to go - IF you're editing in Final Cut, if not there probably isn't much point. Honestly look at the XPS 15 or New Blade Stealth (linus did a video on it yesterday), it has a 6700HQ in so will be decent, the problem is these are going to be out your budget, but as many of us know, editing isn't a cheap business. If you can sacrifice the 'premiere pro' bit in your question a ret
  13. I just want to capture video over HDMi , for use in a live stream