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  1. Well, quoting you: Ryzen go brrrrr The choice between 3000 and 5000 now is more economical/fear of prices going way too high out of my reach for a prolonged period of time (if 5000 is a clear better choice, i might wait even at the risk of my current system going kaboom)
  2. As i mentioned below, im actually doing some planning still, and so im considering the 3700x/3900x as well, it will all come down to the reviews that will come out + my budget available, would you say that those two are bad choices as well? (i.e should i consider them still?)
  3. Most certainly, im right now just messing with spreadsheets and seeing how my budget looks like. But definitely waiting for the reviews.
  4. Situation: I live in Brazil, and right now we have the most depreciated currency in 2020. The usd cost rose about 30% since august. So i had been planning since 2019 to build a new rig to replace my 8 year old(i5 3570k) current one thats starting to show signs of its age. With the pandemic/USD rise in brazil, everything thats imported is getting more expensive. Im going with AMD this time and im hoping to buy a motherboard+RAM during blackfriday. I was hoping to get Ryzen5000 (probably 5600x or an eventual 5700x) but with the price increase + USD im expecting a much hi
  5. Hello all! Thanks for all the replies and concerns, id like to address/clarify them: Im from Brazil, so the market/pricing here is quite variable, im an electrical engineer who works as a developer, so im using the PC for gaming/leisure/data science/ soft. development. Budget: I dont have a set budget, i was hoping to replace Case, mobo, cpu, RAM first GPU: Not intending to replace at this moment, i think both sides have a bit to mature still. Green with RTX(although the 1660 seems so good) and Red with whatever they are trying to do, that i have
  6. Hello everyone! After almost 8 years, I'm building myself a new PC, currently I have I5 3570k, lightly OC (still a great cpu) Asus P8z77v deluxe 2*4gb 1666mhz dual channel ram So, after researching I've decided to (as most people) go with ryzen this time, probably the 3700x But when it came to motherboards I got pretty... Lost There are so many chipsets, 470,470x, 570,etc. I know they are compatible with each other, but I still, so many brands, so many variations that It really made a mess on my head. Would anyone suggest
  7. I tried the option without losing data and apparently, the HDD is as a logical type and the software cant convert it to basic, any other suggestions? cheers
  8. Hey, I just made an upgrade to the system, and added a SSD to it, and when i plugged my two old HDDs(one 500gb as previous boot, other 2tb as mass storage), all the softwares and bios detect and run both just fine, but windows itself doesnt show the 2tb as a disk drive, and on disc management i have a volume that has no storage information of it(pic). Im tempted to click "import external drive" But i think id better ask for some help before Thanks
  9. Mushious- I was doing a boot override(to use the CD drive) from the Motherboard bios, so it never got out of the SSD
  10. tmlhalo - Yes, i cleaned all the space(including system) and generated a new partition(s, including a new fresh system one)
  11. Hello, I just did a few upgrades to my PC(new graphics and first SSD) however i am having a few problems...installing windows lol I have a P8Z77-V deluxe from asus, the SSD is connected on the 6GB/s SSD cashing port, and i am able to boot the CD drive, install windows normally, and when it reboots, the windows logo appears, the little circle spinning, it goes away and...nothing, the screen stays black(not off,it is lit, working, but nothing on it) . I was able to install windows before, but i installed by accident a 32 bit version, so i formatted the SSD(not sure if i wasnt supp
  12. Hey, I just got a few things to upgrade on my PC, and although not all are from this section of the forums, i hope to get some help with them Upgrades: 1- Thermal Paste on CPU 2- Graphics card 3- Upgrading from HDD to SSD Well, i've never concerned myself about details before, it was more of a plug in and out, but i've saw that the location does matter(will be explained further onwards) and other things, so, For upgrade 1, does spreading the thermal compound matters? I mean, its necessary or should i just apply a dot or line and put the cooler(hyper 212 evo, not sure if
  13. That 750 PSU is my favorite part, to replace my 3 Year old 500w PSU, love it!
  14. Hey cap, cheers for the great info, just so i don't fall into a trap, do you have any examples of those "heavy writing" programs? cheers