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    Engineering Student


  • CPU
    Intel Core i3 4170
  • Motherboard
    MSI H97-G43M
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3 1600MHz Kingston Hyper X Genesis
  • GPU
    Asus Radeon R9270X
  • Case
    Bitfenix Neos Window
  • Storage
    Corsair 60GB SSD
  • PSU
    Silverstone 500W 80+ Bronze
  • Display(s)
    Benq GW2760HS
  • Cooling
    Stock CPU Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2014
  • Mouse
    Logitech B100
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  1. So a Local Windows User Account, with no email address, is a new person?
  2. Hi, I want to get Microsoft Office. I can't decide between Office 365 Home or Office 365 Personal. I have a laptop with 2 windows user accounts: a 'Personal' account, for which I created a new email account, and a 'Proffesional' account which is a local account. I do this just to separate all my stuff. The cheaper Office 365 personal is only for "One Person" but what is one person? Are different user accounts considered different people?
  3. I open my laptop, at home, and I find, it's not connected to my router or extender, it is connected to 'Telstra Air' or 'Fon Wifi'. Telstra is a telecommunications company in Australia. Both of those SSIDs are a public Wifi service. Here's a simplistic language description: -I have never ever told my laptop to connect to those SSIDs -I don't want to be connected to those SSIDs (not sure how paranoid I should be about security) -My laptop (apparently only while closed) spontaneously connects to those SSIDs (not sure - maybe I'm misunderstanding) -I want to te
  4. My old LG Optimus G is just about done for after 3 years of service. I need a new phone with exactly these requirements: -Unlocked -Micro SIM -Android M -Screen size 5inch to 5.2 inch -3GB RAM or more -Relatively durable (I think I will use a case, but I definitely don't want a fragile phone ), water resistance favourable -Not terrible battery life -Some form of fast charging would be desirable -Decent call quality is very important Let me know of any phones that come close to meeting these criteria Thank
  5. So I got The Force Awakens on iTunes on my laptop. --I know iTunes is bad --I wanted HD instead of SD, otherwise I would have bought an actual DVD --I don't know if the Google Play store lets me buy a movie and download it locally bla bla bla so I chose iTunes I tried to play it in HD, but it said this: "To play this movie in HD, you must have a PC with a built-in display or have it connected to a display that supports HDCP." It plays in Standard Definition just fine. My laptop is a Dell XPS13 9333 -Core i7 4650U with Intel HD5000 I a
  6. But if I bind those buttons to particular keys, its only relevant to one particular game
  7. why is it like that why is that a thing what is this ....... 2004?
  8. Recently got a Logitech Hyperion Fury G402 mouse. I won't use any DPI modification, I just want to use the extra buttons as bindable buttons. In the Logitech software, I set them to be multifunction butons. In games (Battlefront, Insurgency), I cannot get these buttons to actually register when doing keybindings. I have also tried 'unassigned' in the software - obviously no success Its probably something silly but really this is super annoying. What am I doing wrong? Why hath lord Gabe.N forsaken me?
  9. My laptop is a Dell XPS 13, with core i7 4650U, and Intel HD5000, WIndows 10 It has a minidisplayport, and I have a minidisplayport to VGA adapter. In the past, I have connected to a 19" Benq monitor with zero issues. I have connected to many monitors with zero issues. Just this year, 2016, often while showing an image on an external monitor, that image will just go black. The laptop won't notice, it will still be outputting 2 desktops, I usually have to pull out the minidisplayport plug (so I can get the window down to the laptop), or disable/re-ena
  10. I installed a previous graphics driver (in safe mode) and the graphical problems have disappeared (Thanks BlueChinchillaEatingDorito) yay I might try memtest 86 anyway......
  11. With the graphics problem, I can fix it by disabling and then re-enabling the HD 5000 graphics. I have to do this practically every time I open the laptop from sleep. It is so annoying. I have the latest graphics driver installed. It won't let me rollback, but I might have an older driver stored somewhere. I might try installing that. I don't quite understand why I have to do it in safe mode - I don't understand what that will do...... I am not going to re-install Win10 - too much hassle.
  12. Ever since the latest major windows update I have been having some annoying problems. These problems only pertain to my laptop, but not my gaming desktop. Dell XPS 13 9333 Core i7 4650U Intel HD 5000 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 1st: When I open the laptop from close, the lockscreen image won't go away right when I tell it to, it will lag for a second and then go away in a janky way. The spacebar no longer does this (it used to), so I can either click or swipe the touch screen upwards. This always takes multiple attempts. I never had to deal with this before in Windows 8 or 8.1
  13. Disclaimer: I am a bit of a computer noob (System Specs Below) I just have the OS and utilities installed on the SSD. I have games installed on the hard drive. I am intending to update my BIOS (as advised by tech support). I know that is risky, so I thought it might be a good idea to create an Image backup of my SSD. --I don't know if that would help if the BIOS update failed --I don't know if that could be called a 'System Image' if I am backing up the SSD but not HDD --I don't know if this is even possible or makes sense Can someone tell me what I can do to 'backup'
  14. A couple of years ago, I bought a laptop to use for University. I study engineering, so I wanted it to run Solidworks, but also be light. I think I hit the balance perfectly; I got a Dell XPS 13 9333 with Core i7 4650U, HD5000 graphics 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD. It runs Solidworks quite well, it even plays Portal & Half Life 2 decently. Only 1.374 kg (good)........ But it was expensive.... (AUD$1950)(bit of a rip off I think) Now my sister is interested in getting a laptop for University, she might be doing video editing, and I have no idea what specs she might need. We don't want to