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  1. Hello everyone, I am here looking for advice on which 3D printer to buy. I am a dad with a toddler and another on the way and I live in an apartment so the printer needs to be quiet so to not wake the children when they sleep. Also looking for enclosed printer so the toddler would not poke fingers in it. Interested in printing in PLA for a majority of the time. Budget about 500$, but any suggestions is welcome. I am not new to 3D printing. I had a diy printer some years ago , than I had a work issued 3d printer (massportal) it was precise with good print quality and quiet. so w
  2. Well i have had issues with GeForce experience recently on my other pc where it would minimize my game while playing ( I was playing Apex Legends with a friend), so I just dont want to take any chances now.
  3. RTX experience is what replaced Quadro experience. since there are no new quadro card, now they are called RTX 3000, RTX4000, RTX5000 etc. So this is used to keep drivers up to date and manage proffesional gpus
  4. I will try that and will post if anything changes Update: Just did the DDU and there is no more dropped frames in YouTube and even CAD performs a bit better. Probably not going to install the RTX experience manager any more
  5. Hi, I have a problem, that is hard to explain, but here it goes. I have a work computer with ryzen 7-3700x and quadro p2200 gpu. since work from home i am using my monitor (4K) and one from work (1080p) for dual monitor setup (i need that a lot). I have noticed that CAD programs on my 4k display are performing quite bad even accounted for extra performance needed for 4k resolution image (the gpu memory gets full very fast). So sometimes I disconnect the 4k monitor to work just on 1080p if I need to do something bigger, and reconnect it when only working on documents. I have t
  6. This sounds interesting. will give this a better look, thanks for the suggestion.
  7. not easy to get this version. I'm in europe in a small country. I have seen on ebay, but shipping is half the price of the keyboard and its a bit much for me. bnut good sugestions, i diidnt even know that keyboards had ANSI and ISO versions, thanks, for that
  8. Hello, I am looking for a good membrane keyboard on low to mid budget, no need for mechanical. I have tried a few but none were the one. The keyboard should have: -dedicated calculator button (I am an engineer so I use it a lot), -number pad, -print screen button, can not be a function key, -Caps lock and num lock indication light is a must ( I have Logitech K235 now and never knew that some keyboards don't have that), -no short left shift (very annoying) -Enter key must be full size or horizontal long, no thin vertical (also very annoying)
  9. Location is Europe, Lithuania I have looked at this model but it costs 1050 EUR (1310 USD) so it is a bit over my budget
  10. Hello, I am looking for the best cheap color accurate 17.3 inch laptop. battery life is not important and shoul have no less then i5 or equivalent processor. display should be matt non touch and IPS. Can be with integrated graphics. I have been looking for about half a year for computer like this with no success. there are laptops that match this discription, but they are way to expensive or have a touch screen. budget is up to 700EUR (870 USD) but the cheaper the better, only need good big screen (separate monitor is not an option) Any help would be appreciated. thank you
  11. I'll install windows 7 when i have some time, for now, since the wifi seems to be working great, I will instruct to use it. Thanks for the help, I will post news when fresh install is complete
  12. Can this not be some Vista bullcrap and maybe instaling windows7 ultimate solve the problem? I am hesitating to reinstall, because of all the work Although that would explain why wifi is working
  13. Hello, So i was asked to repair a network connection problem on a laptop (it's an old HP pavilion dualcore running windows vista SP2 home premium). The problem is that any time i connect an ethernet cable it tries to identify and fails resulting in unidentified network. Wifi works. Internet provider confirmed that the connection to household is good. I can't check the router, it is unreachable. Anyway, I took it to my home and the same problem, no connection through ethernet. I have tried: cmd commands like flushdns, deleted route, reseted ipv4, ipv6 and so on. checked services, and al
  14. The EDG750 PSU. Though i think it is a bit too much unless you are using SLI or crossfire, i like that is it is modular and has a very sexy design. Black and red, it's like an old Golf GTI
  15. those are some beasty cards. I wonder whats next in gpu naming for nvidia since this is the 900 series. Maybe, one day we'll see a GTX 3000 MEGA SUPER FAST or something