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    Coquitlam British Columbia Cabada
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    PC, gaming, computer networking
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    I am a grade 12 student currently in highschool studying computer networking and programming. I hope to take a career in IT as it does very much interest me.
    Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.
    Thomas Jefferson
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  1. I just picked up bf1 and am looking to start out with some squads, preferably night sessions psn: dredre4397 Voice isn't required but preferred
  2. I'd get a 6700k at that rate if your going dual 1080
  3. Founders was just a placeholder card. I like MSI and EVGA designs so I'll see what they put out
  4. Im building a new pc and would like to get the cost of the machine down to 3k instead of 3.4. If not as close to as possible. I am going to stick with a 1440p monitor because I didn't find a good 4k one for the same price point. Any advice is appreciated. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/ZLnV3F
  5. I I am seeing read and write speeds in the 85 megabyte range however the activity monitor page still never shows write speeds of the equivalent amount as that program shows. no idea why
  6. I have been having issues with my iMac in terms of fusion drive performance within the machine. its the 2013 edition with the I5 and 16gb of ddr3 ram aswell as a 1tb fusion drive. When I opened up activity manager and looked at disk permanence it showed read and write speeds of 1gb and then one second later dropped down to the low kilobytes. I don't quite know what is going on. I mostly run music and do excel documents to do totals for the day as well as word. My cpu tends to run 90% idle and yet even with the el captain update, it still runs very slow. For such a recent machine i don't know
  7. So I have the slight problem. I have a 2012 27" iMac that runs osx yosemite (the newest version). I have an old mac book from 2008 (the good ol days) and have loaded the HDD onto ab external hard Drive. The mac book runs leopard. My cpu runs 98% idle and my hard rive is lucky if it sees read and write speeds of 1mb/s (normally 300kps up and down). I have 16gb of ddr3 and that is working fine. When I plug in the hard Drive the console reports constant crashing and failures on the external hard drive. I unplugged the external hardDrive that has my time machine backups from my 2008 mac book howev
  8. Have a desktop, but for when I'm gaming on my shield, and we are on teamspeak I don't want to be sitting at my desk. So this seemed like a solid option
  9. I've found the mobile app a little finicky in my experience.
  10. Was looking for a cheap little work\teamspeak computer and stumbled upon the HP streambook. Do we know of its possible to download and run teamspeak off it? Strictly as a client not as a host for the server or anything like thar.
  11. I am looking to build a cheap htpc. I already have a 2tb hdd and don't plan on adding anymore. I'm throwing in a r7260x but really just cause I have it lying around not because I really need it. Main use will be watching and downloading music and movies. Looking for a case,motherboard,preferably double direct 3 memory @8gb, and aa cpu. Gonna throw in a 212 air cooler to cool it. Help is much appreciated.
  12. I have thermal paste getting shipped aswell. However there is one program that I find on task manager that when I shut down cpu usage goes to80% and pc shuts down, but the cpu temps stay the same all the time 109f, I tried de clocking it it didn't help. I don't have the name of the program but it seems it happens anytime you open anything, leading me to believe it's not a virus
  13. So I'm trying to help my cousin fix his pc. It runs windows xp and when you log in it is really slow and cpu usage hovers between 5-0%, I went into bios and the cpu was running at 109f! It has the stock cooler for the dual core cpu it has in if which I will be replacing but im wondering what else may be a problem. It runs a r7260x and two 2 gb ddr2 ram sticks. It has a 1tb HDD and a 250gb HDD. If you try to load a downloaded video the computer restarts. Is it possible that this is a virus or a hardware issue? Cpu is an Intel core 2 duo e6750 that is running at stock clock of 2.66ghz. Help woul