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  1. Mate ......I have a 8350 is OC by default at me at 4.150 ghz and i have some issues at cooling it. at stock i can play CoD BO3 at 70 Celsius degrees with the stock cooler. but a friend have the same model clocked at 4.5Ghz and he can cool it down at 45-50 Celsius degrees in the same game with a noctua air cooler. i don't remember the bodel but was something with 2 fans it is pretty big )) so 9350 shoud be harder to cool down
  2. ARIA headphonelooks amazing :rolleyes:
  3. I anticipate this question......I want to make this only for 1 year . after I'm planning to conver it to console....... The reason i want to macke a descktop is one simple and strange : in my class all laptops are going to deth...... Is a power issue. Only descktops can survive there and i don't know the reason. Even I buy a laptop I still want to build a console in future. So this can be a guild for a project from future And there we have some displays ready to use if you take there your pc
  4. Hello every one! I'm a student which want to build a small pc ( something like a console or like a cube case). I need it for programming at school because the pc from there are old( like intel dualcore 2Ghz with some 2GB 1000Mhz RAM and some graphics integrated). What i want to build is something on mini-ITX motherboard with maximum 2HDD+1SSD ,only one GPU(i want to try the APU) with max size 10.5" and SFX or SFX-L PSU. For CPU cooling i wish to take soemthing like H80i to be low profile and powerfull(sort of) and a fan for motherboard cooling. If i need i will acept to put a 80mm fan f