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  1. And i got perma banned in Twitch chat for linking it... EDIT: Video is the WAN Show that is on right now
  2. The Tab A Plus has 2GB ram and a 6Ah Battery, but still the SnapDragon410 Currently i am looking at the Dell Venue 10 Pro and i know that the Surface 3 Is way better and i would like to have it but it costs so much Seems to be a good alternative. I will compare it to the Dell Venue.
  3. Should i consider the Galaxy Tab A Plus(Plus is the version with S-Pen) even if it has a resolution of 768 x 1024? Isn't that too low? But it is not as expensive as the Galaxy Note 10.1
  4. Ryoukun got me on the windows tablet train atm. If there is no windows tablet I will get an android one, which of the Samsung tablets would you recommend then? So the new stylus is already released and it did indeed fixed the issue? Also which version suffers from this issue / got fixed.
  5. Anyone? If i can get it i will buy a Lenovo Tab 10 from Ebay
  6. The Surface series are too expensive and overkill for that need. Are there any other Tablets like the Toshiba one? I also updated my original post. ("EDIT2: Writing notes: Writing them with the Pen/Stylus/whatever they call it") EDIT: Just looked it up, The encore 2 Write edition is only available in America Already thanks for your effort!
  7. Hello guys, I'm searching for a tablet to use in class. What it should have is a pen and a good battery life. Not too small and not too big. Also are there any good apps where I can write my notes on (+1 for file format that can be viewed at my windows desktop) ~10 inch As cheap as possible like always EDIT: living in Germany. And covers should be available for that specific tablet EDIT2: Writing notes: Writing them with the Pen/Stylus/whatever they call it EDIT3: LTE would be good but not necessary ~Bur0k
  8. The Price for the DeathAdder starts at 65€+ here in Germany
  9. Hello everyone, my G400 died and so the adventure started. At first the G402 was recommended by a friend of mine. Bought it and after 3-4 days my ring finger started to hurt. After further research i found the Mionix Naos (Didn't bought it yet). Is the Mionix a good mouse for "gaming"? Which Version should i buy? Are there any other Mice that i should look at? Would be nice if the Price also stayed under 50€. ~Bur0k
  10. I still need to replace my stock cooling unit with a better performing but also silent one. That would be sweet for my ears
  11. I know these Options; so do you want to say that they are all well built etc?
  12. Hello guys, i am now trying to say goodbye to my rubberdome keyboards with the low price tags The things i want/need: -Backlight (if possible blue; no disco mode or smth needed) -Brown switch -good quality on the casing and keycaps -numpad -german layout -low price (who could have thought of this??) I am mostly programming and gaming(second priority) I looked around and found one i like visually: Ducky Zero Shine Are there better options? Thanks in advance!