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    mosti got a reaction from kirashi in Incorrect Cablemod order?   
    Has anyone ever received an incorrect order from cablemod and can let me know what process is usually undertaken?
    I'm quite annoyed rn as I've spent a whopping $300 on my custom cables (not even including international express postage and other things I got on the side. Total order was close to $400...) and after the 3 week wait they finally arrived. 
    Firstly, I ordered all cables to be in the pro variant however these are the standard thickness cables (I've other cablemod cables to compare to). None of these cables came with the aluminum combs I had ordered and I also opted to have extras on the 24pin atx. 
    Furthermore, I paid extra to have my 3x 8pin pcie cables bridged aswell as my 2x 8pin cpu cables to he bridged... none of the cables are bridged they are all single cables. 
    I'm quite annoyed as I've been waiting on these cables to finish this workstation build which has now left me out of work as I've dismantled my old system. Some of you may be thinking, just put it back together....
    I run a full custom watercooling loop on acrylic hard tubes with a 480 and 360mm radiators etc etc... If I use the psu cables I'm not going to drain my loops and dismantle 3/4 of this crazy custom build just to run the new cables... 
    I guess what I'm trying to say is...how do I get my money back? If cablemod is willing to supply me with credit for a new order...fine I'll take it but I'd also like a discount as I can't possibly wait further weeks to finish this system... Discount for having to drain my 5litres of ek cryofuel and spending 2days to dismantle and re route the entire cable system again if they send me a new set. (It really is a crazy custom build).
    Because it apparently wasn't obvious enough, I'm after a full refund as I have a batch of cables I will now not use. I could have purchased a bunch of cables from the store at a small fraction of the cost if I was after just generic sleeved cables.
    Thoughts on what I can expect?
    Thanks guys