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  1. Last "major" purchase. Think I'm just gonna upgrade my hot air station soon to something from a more reputable brand. Thinking of ST-862D. Also a part picker with dedicated pump.
  2. I'm trying to get Intel decoding for Steams in-home streaming, I'm just having issues trying to get it setup. When streaming my desktop to my T530, I can see it's using the CPU for decoding rather than using the HD 4000 on the client even though I specified to use it in Steam settings. I'm not super familiar with Linux, and Elementary OS is basically just a simplified distro with limited repositories and pre-installed software. I think this might also solve my other issue of video playback being laggy on certain browsers as well. Well, I'm pretty sure I have Intel decodin
  3. If you can't find a solution to the issue, you can try delidding and replacing the TIM with Gelid or CLU/CLP. That or if you still have warranty, replace it.
  4. I get lots of headroom in lots of newer titles because of my resolution. Just playing 1080p on the HDTV, I can already see it getting capped because of the res. Playing 1360 just allows me to truly max games with a good refresh rate. I wouldn't like running low resolution on a native 1080p display either, it'd look terrible.
  5. Because it's a good resolution. No huge performance hit and it'll last me quite a long time. Should be able to upgrade if I get a GTX 1070.
  6. I usually play 1360x768 but this HDTV looks really nice but at a good distance. Kind of a shame, really. Guess you can't have everything for couch gaming.
  7. Neither have I. At least, not since the PS2 days and that was mostly played on a small CRT.
  8. That would appear to be the easiest solution. Yet doesn't resolve my actual question of how people can be so use to it when gaming on console. I game on a monitor but I also would like to not be at my desk when doing so.
  9. I've got a 3D 1080p HDTV I got hooked up to my gaming rig and noticed how hard it is to see players off in a distance in games like Battlefield or MGS5. Having to move very close to the TV to even see where I'm being shot at is rough. Even a casual game like MGS, I still can't seem to enjoy it on a big screen at all since my vision is so impaired in comparison of having a monitor with more dense pixels to see what the hell is happening. Is there a solution or do people just deal with it? Can't seem to understand why console players enjoy bigger screens.
  10. Okay, from stroke of luck and a lot of help, I managed to get vfio to claim my GPU when returning dmesg | grep vfio in terminal.
  11. I'm running Antergos and trying to setup GPU passthrough with various guides. The issue I believe is VFIO not loading on boot but I'm not entirely sure. Running dmesg | grep vfio gives off [ 0.000000] Command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-linux root=UUID=46775c61-628c-47f3-b2f3-a39298a4364a rw i915.enable_hd_vgaarb=1 rd.modules-load=vfio-pci intel_iommu=on pcie_acs_override=downstream pci-stub.ids=10de:13c2,10de:0fbb [ 0.000000] Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-linux root=UUID=46775c61-628c-47f3-b2f3-a39298a4364a rw i915.enable_hd_vgaarb=1 rd.modules-load=vfio-pci intel_iom
  12. If you spend more than $100 on a CPU cooler, why the hell would you not bother delidding? Pretty shameful video imo. I remember requesting a video about delidding because I was skeptical about it myself. Luckily I just decided to do it on my new 4790k and really helped a lot. If I watched this without delidding, I probably wouldn't have bothered (that is, if I don't visit Overclock.net often). Now I can enjoy the noiseless H100i, without the fan RPM jumping all over the place and the nice cool temps. I admit, I didn't delid for the overclock headroom but I can certainly get 4.8GHz now if
  13. I haven't played with LLC's much. Can you briefly explain VRIN to me and why I should set 1.9v? It'd be helpful lol.
  14. Ello, I've overclocked my 4790k, delidded it, messed with it a few times here and there and just left it for a year at the overclock I had before. However, my temps rarely ever scratch 60c in max load so I was wondering what I can do to tweak as much MHz as I can while being a bit voltage limited. I haven't really drove too far into overclocking myself, just simple voltage and multiplier crap. So, my current OC is 4.7GHz @ 1.23v and I heard you can toy with BLCK strap to get a bit higher. I'm willing to increase my voltage a bit more for the hell of it but I haven'
  15. It'd be nice to see where they'd take it but I don't see it being very entertaining if it's suppose to be accurate to WW1 events. It'd probably have some RO vibes going on if it's going to be at least somewhat realistic, which would be pure heaven imo. Most first person games don't give you the sense of dread like RO did, having to get intimate with cover and scared of mortars absolutely wrecking your position.
  16. Am I just high or am I just not understanding OP right?
  17. I don't trust anyone in FPS games. BF4 with players using map hacks or whatever, anyone can be cheating and you won't even know it. There are so many players reaching 100+ kills with little to no death count, no one bats and eye. Everything about it is just sketchy in general.
  18. I actually had to turn down the volume on my computer because it was so loud o-o.
  19. I ain't pro but I kinda prefer doing 1024x768 because my CRT can easily push 140Hz at that resolution (quality isn't an issue at low resolutions either on a CRT :P) I also like to uncap FPS because it feels loads smoother. Grapefruit.
  20. I can't say anything about multiplayer but the campaign was pretty short. I rarely ever touch the game myself now, guess I just don't like GTA games anymore. The driving in this is pretty simplistic in comparison to IV, one of the major faults I can think of about this one. I just liked the unpredictable driving of IV because it made things a lot more interesting.
  21. Can you just use an M.2 SSD instead of a regular SSD? I know there are a few ITX boards with one on the rear or something.
  22. It'd be very impressive to build a system inside a slim. Maybe external GPU support as well :D.
  23. I'd still take Tomb Raider over Uncharted, personally. Wasn't very impressed with Uncharted when I gotten my PS3.
  24. Kar98 and the MG42. Also, in BFV, the M1918. It was pretty sweet.
  25. There was a game on the PS2 as well. I remember playing it along time ago.