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  1. Not sure about this but since it's an older game it might not be optimized for multi-core, making your CPU the bottleneck as something like a 6700k would be much better for single-thread performance Also there's a saying "can it run crysis" for a reason.... in the screenshot you posted, it looks like the amount of grass being rendered is a little overboard..... that's probably a major contributor to the issue
  2. In the past, I've done some streams on twitch where I was playing a game and running my 3D printer on my webcam at the same time. Unfortunately, my 3D printer lives downstairs now (not where my gaming computer is) so I was wondering if it would be at all possible to have a stream from my gaming computer that would incorporate a webcam feed from a different computer connected over wifi. (a wired connection between the two computers would not be possible; they are too far away and I don't have ethernet ports in the right places)
  3. They've done X, they've done Z, and I sincerely hope they don't do Y (that sounds really dumb). I think they should move on to greek letters; either Titan Alpha or Titan Omega would be cool.
  4. That's not a problem, it's pretty normal for cases to have some static buildup when you first unbox them.
  5. Put your ear up to each fan and you should be able to tell if one specific fan is causing the problem.
  6. I'm aiming to become a programmer/aerospace engineer for SpaceX or some similar company and eventually go to space lol
  7. A 120mm rad is already overkill and allows for some pretty high overclocks; you definitely don't need to replace an AIO cooler. I think the reason why GPUs may sometimes be given more rad space in a custom loop is that the blocks are generally not hybrid, so all of the heat instead of just some of it goes into the cooling loop.
  8. Ok first that's impossible to read, and second, you don't need to plug anything into the header just because it's on the motherboard...
  9. We launched again today, we hit a much better altitude of 4400 feet (~1200 above last flight). I'm not sure if anyone took video this time but I'll post it if someone uploads it.
  10. HYPE! I didn't even know this was happening; go is traditionally one of the most difficult games for AI so this is pretty cool.
  11. Wait, I just realized you can't see member titles on posts. Also they should bring back the 'find content' button, that was super useful.
  12. It would be fine, the biggest issue would probably be vibrations from the fan, so just put it on a chunk of foam or something.
  13. Here's a slomo video of the full scale launch (we're the '404 name not found'): It was overweight and so it didn't go as high as we hoped; we're working on shaving as much weight off as possible.
  14. You should have an aftermarket cooler on a 4790k, and I don't think that DVD drive has any purpose unless you commonly use DVDs for some reason.
  15. Caselabs makes pretty damn good cases, but a lot of them look empty without watercooling, so maybe also look at Parvum.