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  1. What gives? Some specify DVI type, even DP type. But not HDMI? Now I've got an EIZO monitor 120Hz, but it ONLY works through DP ?? what the fk. HDMI support only 60Hz, nomatter what GPU it's connected to.
  2. But what's the manufacturer's incentive (AMD / NVIDIA) to produce up for the demand? Aren't they in a perfect position atm.? They sell more than they have any other yeah (ANYTHING they produce gets taken like hotcakes at FAR higher prices). Basically like monopoly. So what's to press them to increase supply even more, other than their own greed? Competition between the two?
  3. So they bought Graphics cards at MSRP or around there. They've been selling it at really high price, with the only risk of having to lose money, if stock became available and prices fell, so nobody would buy from them anymore, while they have a huge stockpile. Now, since the new tarifs increasing GPU prices and covid still going on, their prices (or at least higher than MSRP prices) will become the new normal? - So they have a win-win situation?
  4. Did you actually get the card running on 430 drivers playing games?? How?
  5. Hi all, Did anyone ever figure a way to use newer Nvidia drivers than 417.22? I'd really help out on newer games.
  6. Netflix etc. How do they make sure you NEVER lag during streaming, even though they can't predict like 40m people suddently watch the same series?
  7. My motherboard only supports crossfire. Would the SLI on the GPU work on this since it's a single-PCI slot card?
  8. Did you get more frames by disabling nvlink/ sli? Sometimes bad sli can reduce fps. Your cpu is definitely bottlenecking for games like csgo, however 120 is very low. You should be able to get more.
  9. How do programs actually measure/calucate this? you know 0-100% usage. How does it know? like number of active transistors?
  10. So there isn't a specific date, like 2 weeks after official announcement or on the release date where items hit the shelves ? Like some standard
  11. You should be fine with 480 and 6pin to 8 pin adapter.
  12. Tried reseating? Could be a bad interface between gpu and pci on mobo ?
  13. When you run a benchmark and monitor cpu/gpu usage and frequencies, are they asthey should be ? Is the gpuat 100%load under game? At what fps?
  14. Worked for me many times. But that's my experience with it It melts solder joints and reconnects them. They get brittle and crack over time due to heating/cooling. 180c 12 mins in oven on pure pcba. Them out and let it cool. Note : don't use an oven you cool food in as there may come toxic fumes from the card which then MAY transfer to your food.
  15. I had this problem with a used gigabyte cars I bought. I baked it. It disappeared xD. Card works fine in 2D mode, so in safe mode in windows. As soon as you install the drivers and go 3D mode, it does cause it's not working. Still using the very same card now 5 years later.
  16. How does the gpu control fan speed then? Sure as heck looks like 4.
  17. I think this is what I was looking for. https://www.ebay.com/itm/pc-Cooler-Cooling-Fan-4p-Female-to-GPU-Video-Card-Mini-4pin-Male-power-cable/142871288530?hash=item2143cadad2:g:MHQAAOSw4SxbTbPF Any reason pwm/fan speed control wouldn't work with this? As I see it, 4 pins does include signal and PWM, instead of the GPU, I can control it though my mobo chassis fan header.
  18. Hi, So long story short, GPU: P106-100 mining card, its bios only limits fans to go down to 50% which is pretty darn noisy still, especially while you're watching movies for a living room HTPC. So my idea is to override the gpu's own bios fan control but to prevent a lot of zipties and headache with 2 new fans and an ugly gpu, just to simply plug out the gpu fan header and add it to the mobo. Here comes the problem of course, the gpu fan header is really small and won't fit on the mobo, so is there a converter? (includes PWM, 3-4pin). Would love not to solder
  19. Anyone know or can confirm that the 417.22 driver version trick also works with P104-100 (1070) mining cards?
  20. Hi Guys, I'm currently using a P106-100 Mining card through my intel HD 630. It's all working really well, however I'm not mining with the card and would like the fan speed to be quieter. The speed is set to minimum 50% on MSI afterburner and you can hear it, it's pretty noisy, when you're not doing anything. How can I reduce this? On an old forum I found a program (NiBiTor version 6.06) you could use to mod the bios, but it's only supported for 5xx series and back. https://forums.evga.com/Modify-fan-settings-in-BIOS-m2380091.aspx
  21. Hi, the thread you locked was supposed to be different than the one pinned. 
    The pinned one allows comments, meaning people quote the setups which gives you copies and copies of the same setups. 
    After a few pages you gotta scroll 2-3 pages to see something new.

    The idea behind my post was to keep it simple, like a browsing page, and as I stated, less comments, more standardized posts/pictures of the PC's themselves.
    More like an inspiration of how people have built their PC's and what could be done, parts they've found.

    1. Spotty


      I'm honestly not seeing much distinction between the two. They both seem to be a thread for sharing pictures of your systems.



      The idea behind my post was to keep it simple, like a browsing page, and as I stated, less comments, more standardized posts/pictures of the PC's themselves.
      More like an inspiration of how people have built their PC's and what could be done, parts they've found.

      As this is a discussion forum, people are always going to respond to posts that interest them. Can't really stop that from happening nor would I want to.


      Regardless I've passed it along to the rest of the moderation team for a second opinion.