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    Intel i5-6600K
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    Asus Maximus VIII Ranger
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB - 2133MHz
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    ASUS GTX970 Strix - 4GB
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    Corsair Carbide 300R + 2x Noctua NF-A14 PWM + 1x Noctua NF-S12A PWM
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    3x SSD (total 1.250 Gb)
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    Corsair RM750
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    Dell Ultrasharp u2412m
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    Noctua NH-D14
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
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    Corsair Strafe
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    Supreme FX Audio 2015
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    Win7 Professional 64-bit

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  1. Summary A new way has been found to copy a key-fob of the Tesla Model X, take full control and drive away with it within minutes Quotes Sources Article on Wired: https://www.wired.com/story/tesla-model-x-hack-bluetooth/ Video on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clrNuBb3myE
  2. Not officially available in Belgium, can drive south to France in order to buy one, but then the invoice becomes a discussion point
  3. So, I'm in need for a new phone and I've roughly 400 euro's to spend. For that money I can get -in Belgium*- a Note9 (Exynos) or a A71(Snapdragon 730). Why one of those two? Because I really would like to keep the headphone jack for my QC25 when I travel abroad (out of covid times, 20% of my time). But I'm really torn on which one to get: the Note 9 is feature packed, but will 'soon' run out of Android (security) updates the A71 has just gotten extended support for Samsung, but is the lesser phone performance wise Or should I just accept that the headphone jack is dead and
  4. Sources: Announcement - https://www.vrt.be/vrtnws/en/2020/04/02/tour-of-flanders-becomes-virtual-race/ Winner - https://www.bbc.com/sport/cycling/52175417 Summary:
  5. Hi All, I recently have been giving more attention to editing down my *.raw photos and started printing the best of them out on paper using my Canon photo printer (TS8150). I use DxO Photolab 2 for managing my collection and the editing in raw, but I'm still searching for a good solution to do the printing part. Make sure the scaling and alignment is right for the paper size etc... Off-course you can print from Photolab2, but their settings are really limited. It's seems the software is more geared to edit, do an export to JPEG and then use something else to finish it
  6. In all the reviews from freeNass I've read that they suggest a thumb drive above an (full-sized) SSD, but this might be a good alternative. I believe it also depends on how big the freeNas image becomes when you start building a Plex server on it: Where does it save Media the metadata like posters etc? if it's stored on the OS "drive". A regular thumb driver maybe won't be enough ...
  7. Hi Guys, I've been thinking about buying a NAS to run my plex server for some time now. However, a decent model that is able to trans-code 1080p on the fly is still quite expensive (e.g. Synology DS415+ --> €520 without the disks). On the other hand I have quite some PC parts laying around, so that got my thinking in just building one myself and using Freenass. There is no real budget limit, but I'm trying to get as much bang for the buck as possible. Parts already owned: Case: Silverstone Precision PS10b Power supply: Cooler Master G450M RAM: 16GB DDR3 1333MHz Storage: Wester
  8. Are you asking advice on the projector or speakers? Personally I would never use the speaker from my projector. The small tweeter they put inside can never give a decent audio quality imho... Looking at this projector of this brightness level in general, you should make sure that you have no daylight entering or the lights turned on when you're looking to a movie. 800Alm (on the box) is way to limited to watch something with some form of ambient light in the room (eg. curtains open). I you're unable to make the room all dark, I would search for a projector in the region of 1500-2000 Alm
  9. @Whiskers. Thank you! I searched the bios for a WoL setting, but could not find that wording. Searching for PCI-E did the trick :-)
  10. Hi, This weekend I build my new rig with an Asus Maximus VIII Ranger and a 6600K, but I cannot get my Wake-on-LAN to work :-( The NIC is an Intel Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V and the OS is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit: I cannot find any settings to be turned on or off in the UEFI bios I disabled the "Turn on fast start up" in the power settings (S4 vs S5 state) I installed the latest driver for the intel NIC (20.3, it's newer then the one on asus.com/support) Wake on magic packet is turned on in the NIC properties (Advanced tab) but nothing helped... So any ideas? Did I miss something ob
  11. Hi All, With the skylake release the forum will probably be flooded with these kind of requests, but I couldn't find this specific one (yet): I'm going to upgrade my rig with a i5 6600K, but haven't made a choice on the motherboard. I'm looking for either the: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Asus Maximus VIII Ranger I know the Pro Gaming has probably more bang-for-the-buck, but budget is not really an issue and I'm wondering if the uplift of around 30-40 euro might be worth it. Thanks for the advice!
  12. I would like to win this mouse because the razer software sucks monkey-balls and I want to try something completely different.
  13. Small update: They went over $200.000 with 3500 backers Let's help them to get to $600k! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/descendentstudios/descent-underground/posts Edit: Does anyone know how we can get this featured in the next WAN show?