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    han_han08 got a reaction from Ben17 in README: How to respond to a no POST or no power up situation   
    after I get back from my classes, I will try reading this again..it may help me solving my problem as I also did post a topic here..
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    han_han08 got a reaction from iNerdySwagg in What comes next? GTX 1080?   
    i think the 800 series made it only for maxwell in laptops
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    han_han08 reacted to AlwaysFSX in AMD: No Such Thing As 'Full Support' For DX12 Today   
    That would be naive..
    You fail to be objective because you fail to understand what was said.
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    han_han08 reacted to Nexxus in Hitman Alpha Cant run 60fps 1080p on Titan X   
    nah I played it its very much in a "real" alpha state/
    debug info is all over the screen, and its throwing up alot of errors of some lighting effect not loading properly.
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    han_han08 reacted to GoodBytes in [Mini-News] Windows 10 App Store install limit detailed.   
    Microsoft reveals that Apps purchased from the Windows 10 App Store, will have a limit on the number of devices that you can install them on.

    The apps can be installed up to 10 devices. That means 10: Windows 10 PC's, Windows 10 tablets, XBox One and Windows 10 phones that shares the same account. To be clear, in Windows 10, when you purchase an app, it is not locked in to the device, but rather to your account. So you only need to buy a game or app once, and you can play it on your Windows 10 PC, or Windows 10 Mobile Phone, or Windows 10 powered tablet, or even, if available on your XBox One.
    To manage your devices, or to unregister old systems re-installs, just go here, login with your account, and you can unregister your devices.
    If you re-install Windows on a device, it is considered as a new device being installed on. But fear not! It does NOT mean that you are limited to 10 installs in total, you can remove the old registered devices, and that will free up to have more devices to register, if you have more.
    For example, in my case, I have the following:

    As you can see, all 3 is the same system with different upgrade/re-installs (there is more in my actual list, but this is just 3 of them), you need to remove the old ones registered to free more slots for future re-installs, or additional system you want registered in. Just click on "Remove PC".
    So in my case, I want to remove all of them, beside my Surface Pro 2 (which isn't listed in the picture, and my other desktop entries except for the last one)
    So you may want to bookmark the link above for later use to manage your devices.
    Source: me and: http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-lowers-app-installs-from-81-to-10-with-windows-10
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    han_han08 reacted to Bsmith in IPhone 6S leaks (identical design-wise, most changes are inside)   
    ohh yeah because the diffrence is so huge these days!
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    han_han08 reacted to Notional in Radeon Fury X voltage locked ?   
    From Gibbo on that exact page:
    And furthermore:
    So this is probably just a case of software not up to date on a NON released card. To put things into perspective from another user:
    So really @zMeul has no evidence that Fury X is voltage locked, and his source doesn't state so either. This is just one more zMeul article trying to put AMD in a bad light.
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    han_han08 reacted to ONOTech in Radeon Fury X voltage locked ?   
    OP, what kind of source is that...? It's literally ONE guy's quote. He could have totally made this up, or perhaps it's a glitch or bug...honestly WCCF is 100X better than this source.
    This is an awful news thread because where you get your information is so blasphemous. Should be locked and deleted until you get some real evidence. One person's experience doesn't make it true for everyone
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    han_han08 reacted to Godlygamer23 in Radeon Fury X voltage locked ?   
    You are setting yourself up for failure if that's your logic. This applies to every website - LTT, ScienceAlert, IFLS, etc. Not just that forum.
    And hell, if you're writing a paper in college and your teacher has no reason to believe you're lying and you provide no sources for your information...Are they supposed to just believe you? No. You need citations or they're just claims.
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    han_han08 reacted to Dabombinable in Radeon Fury X voltage locked ?   
    A forum post with no actual evidence-just what a single person is saying (aka hearsay)-is not news and can't be actually taken seriously. Again, this is just hearsay as there is no actual evidence apart from what 1 person on a forum is saying.
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    han_han08 reacted to TheKDub in AMD Withdraw KitGuru's Fury X Sample over "negative stance towards AMD" (Updated with response from AMD)   
    Looks like AMD is borrowing quite a few shovels
    I guess their excavator CPUs (or APUs) can be put to use as well
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    han_han08 reacted to Trik'Stari in Watch the PC Gaming Show live from E3!   
    I prefer Linus and or Logan for my pc/gaming content, always. the only exception being when extreme controversy is involved, then I revert to TotalBiscuit because I find him to be the absolutely most thorough and transparent commentor. From my knowledge, he ALWAYS admits his own bias, and always includes acknowledgements of opposing viewpoints. As much as I hate to use a Fox News slogan, he is without a doubt, the most "fair and balanced" youtube personality.
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    han_han08 reacted to stconquest in Radeon R9 380 ASUS Strix Gaming 2GB benchmarks   
    TY for correcting me... I did not know that. 
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    han_han08 reacted to zMeul in Radeon R9 380 ASUS Strix Gaming 2GB benchmarks   
    only the 360 and 370 are carried over from HD7xxx era
    370 is GCN 1.0, while 360 is GCN 1.1
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    han_han08 reacted to stconquest in Radeon R9 380 ASUS Strix Gaming 2GB benchmarks   
    No, the 79XX series GPU is done, gone...
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    han_han08 reacted to LAwLz in Windows 10 --->Home<--- will not Allow the Ability to Disable/Delay any Updates for the OS   
    But wouldn't that just cause the update to be downloaded and installed right away again?
    That was pretty smart of you. Do you still have your magic crystal ball so you can check next week's lottery numbers for me?
    But then this will be an issue for you, because you can no longer do the thing you're doing.
    We shouldn't accept a change which removes the users control over their machine just because "someone will probably find a way around it". That is really, really dumb reasoning and the reason why we are in such a terrible situation to begin with.
    Holy crap dude. Respond to multiple people in a single post please. 14 out of 16 posts in a row are from you.
    Like GoodBytes explained, not even getting Pro solves the core issue. Microsoft will ram updates down your throat no matter which version you are on.
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    han_han08 reacted to GoodBytes in Windows 10 --->Home<--- will not Allow the Ability to Disable/Delay any Updates for the OS   
    Yea. Just delay. At least if we can hide updates, or only (and I think the most important thing) drivers updates, this will solve a huge headache.
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    han_han08 got a reaction from ivhyn in Galax,EVGA,asus,gigabyte,Zotac, MSI , Manli, palit GTX980Ti variant   
    edit: tazers
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    han_han08 reacted to TheSLSAMG in NVIDIA GeForce 980Ti officially launching at Computex on June 2nd   
    Considering this is actually credible for once, ah fuck.
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    han_han08 reacted to SteveGrabowski0 in AMD "It's Coming..." teaser   
    It's Coming.... the R9 200 series returns with model numbers incremented by 100.
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    han_han08 reacted to dom1310df in .   
    There's always someone...
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    han_han08 got a reaction from rhyseyness in Sharp aquos Xx and Crystal 2 - bezel-less design phone and phablet   
    no, not that kind of rotation..the old aquos I saw shows you have to rotate the phone top to bottom, not front to back to take a selfie since the front camera is somewhere below (not in the usual top part of the phone)
    haven't checked if the camera is still located there
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    han_han08 reacted to qwertywarrior in AMD Addresses Witcher 3 And Project Cars (Catalyst 15.5 Driver Fix)   
    Tress FX has been open sourced ,nvidia can optimize for it
    i wish if nvidia did the same for gameworks 
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    han_han08 reacted to Opcode in AMD announces Computex 2015 press conference   
    Your own speculation and opinion is not fact. Claiming you know this and that doesn't make it any more true. The need to express yourself in such a way is ludicrous. It doesn't justify your own opinion and is nothing more than an unconventional way of going "I know more than you so trust me". When it comes down to flaunting what little skill set you have in order to get people to buy into your propaganda I think it's time to start coming to a realization of how foolish you actually sound. There's people here who do and will always know more than you regardless to what you think you know. Even I would put myself into that demographic immediately. This post of yours would single handedly probably make the best signature on this entire forum. Not just because the fanboy is strong but because the superego is completely burning out my retinas.