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  1. Great contest! I currently have a Logitech K400r for my HTPC but my main gaming rig has a BenQ keyboard from back to 2005 and an A4Tech X-710BK "Gaming mouse". Sorry 'bout the keyboard, I can't find the model anywhere but it's done me well. Don't know if necessary but my monitor is a Samsung S24D590 PL PLS panel and I have a Genius 150w sound sistem. Better be safe than sorry, 'eh?
  2. This projector is pretty bad ass. I would probably make more friends with it :rofl:
  3. I would get my brother a 6TB hard-drive for his computer because he struggles with a 500Gb HDD and he always complains about not having enough space for his movies and tv-shows. http://www.amazon.com/Green-6TB-Desktop-Hard-Drive/dp/B00LO3KMK0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1449132297&sr=8-4&keywords=Western+Digital+6TB
  4. The 4k video capture is great in my opinion!
  5. I will scan my PC with malwarebytes and windows defender.I will come later bearing news. I double-scanned with malwarebytes because nothing was found. Windows defender it's now doing its job. LE: Windows defender also didn't find anything. (Full Scan)
  6. IE has done more than enough for me. To be honest, I recently switched to chrome because I've heard Microsoft will get rid of IE and I wanted to get used to chrome. I've used it since 2005. Can someone tell me how do I save my passwords and other chrome related stuff when I re-install my windows? on IE it's always saved in my Microsoft account..... I've posted 2 prints for a peek at a fresh start.It's barely using 3 gigs as suspected. @Chavez300 my OC seems to be fine, according to cpu-z. Also when I OC'd I tested it with memtest which also detected it correctly...
  7. Isn't there an explanation for this? Should I restart every time? The way I see it,i still have a lot of "headroom" so it's not bothering or something but it was weird.
  8. I wouldn't normally worry but it's actually way above what it should show.By the looks of it,there's no processes that look "shady" and they all sum up to about 3 gigs of RAM...Does anybody know what this is? I have 16GB of Kingston HyperX Fury 1866mhz RAM overclocked at 2133mhz on stock voltage (since they came). P.S. You can see my full config,as well as my other PC here: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/305361-my-little-monstersfinished-my-main-rig/
  9. My vessel username: 1991luk https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf
  10. Thank you! It arrived! Check it out! I'm transfering my movies and what-nots on it so I can put it in the HTPC! I'm very pleased,I think I made a good choice by not sticking with the purple.The price was the same but that one had about 2-3K of power on hours. P.S. I also registered it and I have it under warranty 'til late february 2018!!
  11. @nicon it's still in progress.Of course I would like to keep it with a C14 fanless but it's going to cost money.Right now my attention goes to the HDD's and the future GPU. BTW I ditched the WD Purple drive for a brand new AV-GP drive.It only has 19 power on hours and seems very very fine ( 60%off retail price ).I'm waiting for it.I'll be back with toughts on it.
  12. I knoooow.I calculated the dimensions in there and i reckon a NH-C14 will fit and will look beast.
  13. So...Guys! I have a problem! I sold my WD30EZRX and my WD5000BPKT off of the HTPC.I contacted a few guys that I saw were selling WD Green 4TB drives but none of them have them anymore.I waited for another Western Digital Green 4TB to appear on the market but it seems like it's going to take a while. Found a WD Purple 4TB that is used for around 140 CAD.I believe it's 240 CAD new.If it has a reasonable amount of power on hours count I am thinking of buying it since it has 1M hours MTBF but don't really know.Should it be okay? I mean,it's only going to keep movies and tv shows on it...
  14. Hey guys! I'm selling my HTPC HDD's,I think... I'll get a 4TB Green drive for mass storage but i need a 2.5" drive for games and other stuff.Looking forward to more than 500gigs. Next month I'll install a videocard too.Maybe a gtx 950/950 Ti. Hopefully,it will come with no more than 40-50w tdp.Not excited about changing the psu too...
  15. Thank you very much! That's what I liked about that case in the first place.Wire-managing is very hard but really pleasing in the end.I had a few struggles but I managed to get through! I'm not a skinny guy but I'm not fat either.I weigh 220lbs (100kg) and I'm 6 feet 2 (1.90m) and instead of regular fingers I have these sausages that sometimes make even wire-managing in the big system hard! All Noctua fans (except for the two NF-A14 FLX's on the top of the main rig) are mounted with those rubber thingys.If you have a second look at the HTPC you'll appreciate even more ).I remember that bei