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    ivhyn got a reaction from nuenne2002 in German Talk   
    Ein deutscher Thread auf LTT, hat Seltenheitswert
  2. Agree
    ivhyn got a reaction from DrMikeNZ in WCCF tech got it wrong and they don't want to admit it   
    Mixing up NVlink with a card's memory bandwidth while working for a hardware news site... although WTF tech is more a joke than a news site. 

  3. Informative
    ivhyn got a reaction from SkepticKrab in Your No Man's Sky Experrience   
    Game still dips, even with stronger GPUs than you listed.
    It's just an ass game overall right now. Gameplay is shallow and performance is garbage. Why would anyone pay 60 bucks for that.
  4. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to RuLeZ in Phone radiation cause cancer?   
    I call it BS, the spectrum that the phone emits its way below the ionization level. Its even way less energetic than visible light, and I dont see people saying that visible light cause cancer. People are just getting crazy these days, vaccination causes autism, the crystals gives you energy... Its like the middle ages are back.

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    ivhyn got a reaction from razor767 in No Man's Sky is coming   
    Been hyped for this game ever since the reveal 3 years ago.
    But I'll wait for reviews before paying 60€ for it. It has a lot of content but there might be the possibility that it still gets repetitive due to the way the game creates things.
  6. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to ZetZet in Dell releases perfect monitor? (New 30" Ultrasharp)   
    I thought we knew about this one for a while.
  7. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to QueenDemetria in First Tesla driver caught sleeping with autopilot on   
    No guys, even sleeping in a Tesla while its driving is not okay(even if it only was stop and go traffic). These cars are glitchy, I don't want a sleeping asshole running into the back of my car because they weren't in control.
  8. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to Naeaes in The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Edgy Edition   
    Black+gold just works.
  9. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to suicidalfranco in Halo 5 Forge Coming to Windows 10   
    why do people even care? Halo as been shit ever since 4
  10. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to ivan134 in Halo 5 Forge Coming to Windows 10   
    Just release the whole fucking game. I've never seen a bigger bunch of idiots that don't like free money.
  11. Agree
    ivhyn got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in Halo 5 Forge Coming to Windows 10   
    Why can't they release the whole fucking thing already.
  12. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to Ze_Mako in Halo 5 Forge Coming to Windows 10   
    Frank O'Connor said this regard porting the whole game over:
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    ivhyn got a reaction from JoeyDM in Halo 5 Forge Coming to Windows 10   
    Why can't they release the whole fucking thing already.
  14. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to CeremonialSnips in Halo 5 Forge Coming to Windows 10   
    This is not that exciting... wake me when they actually have a match making system designed for PC.... and they return Halo to its roots and not this sprint/ability BS.
  15. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to Centurius in So.... it is confirmed that these gonna be the new GTX1080/1070 from Zotac   
    This would be awesome for a Tron-themed build.
  16. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to Energycore in life is strange 2   
    Ew. The original game had great closure and a sequel doesn't make sense imo.
    Unless this new one stars someone else getting timelord powers.
  17. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to Starelementpoke in Battlefield Devs Slam Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer for Its “Precious 2010 Graphics”   
    Now I really want the Battlefield trailer to be absolute shit just to see it all blow up in their face.
  18. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to nobelharvards in Windows 10 ruined live CS:GO stream   
    That is a somewhat inconsiderate perspective.
    You have to remember Windows is not Linux. People of all technical skill levels use it, from none, to IT professionals.
    Some people do not follow technology news. They install Windows 10, and just start using it. They assume Microsoft have done their research and will make the default settings the most optimal for the most mainstream audience. (Hint: NOT the people who go through every single setting, because they will do that and check every setting regardless of whether Microsoft have set it for them or not).
    They do not spend any time going through every nook and cranny in the settings menu configuring everything to their liking.
    Microsoft have been developing their OS for quite awhile. They are not new to software design. It seems they have deliberately not followed basic design principles when it came to interfaces. As an example, the torrent style updating system (Update from more than one place) is hidden behind 4 clicks I believe?
  19. Agree
    ivhyn got a reaction from i_build_nanosuits in NVIDIA Will Unveil Pascal GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Graphics Cards at a Special Livestream Event May 6 – Cooler Shrouds Confirmed   
    Waiting for real world benchmarks before upgrading.
    But damn, that 1080 is looking strong.
  20. Like
    ivhyn reacted to Senzelian in time to say goodbye to CS: GO moving to battlefield 1   
    How do you know that Battlefield 1 will be a good game, if you haven't even played it? 
  21. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to Senzelian in time to say goodbye to CS: GO moving to battlefield 1   
    No, because BF1 doesn't even exist yet. All I'm saying is that you should start to think.
    You're not thinking. You're part of a post-industrial society.
  22. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to manikyath in CS:GO - 16:9 vs 16:10 vs 4:3   
    i use whatever matches the display i'm playing it on, because thats the thing sensible people do.
  23. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to manikyath in CS:GO - 16:9 vs 16:10 vs 4:3   
    i feel like the 4:3 thing may be mroe of a placebo than anything, but whatever makes you play better i guess.
  24. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to 79wjd in Shocking News: A dead body was found in Apple conference room.   
    You should probably see a therapist if a line of products you don't agree with makes you suicidal. 
  25. Agree
    ivhyn reacted to pinksnowbirdie in Android beats Apple in ditching the headphone port on smartphones   
    I don't want to lose the headphone jack, it's nice. I like it. Don't dare take it away from me.