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  1. Finished Ep 13 of Misfit of Demon King Academy, kinda expected that ending, but there were little surprises (no spoilers here). Hope there's a Season 2.
  2. No flames from me, glad to hear you like the carrier, especially after the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. I've been an AT&T customer for nearly 20 years, but if my Note 9 stops working by Feb 2022 (assuming I still have it) because it's not compatible with the network upgrade, I'll be upset. But knowing me, I haven't left by now, I'll probably never leave. So, I'll end up buying a used/refurbished smartphone that's compatible because I refuse to spend $1,000 + on a new phone. That kind of $$$$ can go towards my gaming rig upgrade...haha!
  3. Maybe they could double their prices to make up for lost revenue. Oh wait, nvm.
  4. Same here, a tech company like Garmin should've had better security in place. At least tell their employees stop clicking on links in suspicious emails or however way the ransomware took over. The wearables doesn't sound serious, but affecting their call centers would be a major issue. BTW, has that website improved its credibility? After their build-a-PC fail video, wasn't sure if their articles are worth reading or if they're still considered a laughing stock.
  5. Yeah, got that notification email a few days ago. I reported it to "abuse@att.net", but then found out that it's an actual email from AT&T. They need to explain it better, doesn't make me want to buy a phone from them. It's the opposite, I'll continue buying used smartphones from shady, suspicious people on Craigslist.
  6. I'm re-watching this, one of the few anime where the characters actually get killed during battle. I was rooting for members from both the Jaegers and Night Raid.
  7. Similar story for me. Recently, I changed the thermal paste on relatives PC (AMD APU) that I built nearly five years ago. Problem was, there wasn't any to remove. The paste disintegrated into dust on the motherboard around the CPU. I told her add e-calendar reminder on her phone, every two years bring to me to change it.
  8. Since last update, my son wasn't able to use Chat feature, either. It was working fine before and he's able to chat on other games, but for some reason, Fortnite just won't work. I haven't been able to find a fix yet.
  9. Too many to choose from for favorite anime, but first three that came to mind since I re-watch them often: Fairy Tail, Demon King Daimao, and Baka and Test. Favorite opening/ending anime song is from Fairy Tail.
  10. This past weekend, I built a gaming rig for my friend's daughter with this case (white with pink trim version). For airflow, there's no front or top for fans. But you can mount two on the side, up to three on the bottom, and one on the back. It's a decent size, but wouldn't call it roomy, more like a compact mid-size case. FYI, the I/O panel doesn't go flush with back of case, you'll see what I mean if you go with the 101. Finally, the tinted side viewing window is very dark and held in place by two push/pull type locking mechanisms, it doesn't come off like thumbscre
  11. I got that "test" notification as well. I wish Samsung would unintentionally send us an offer for a free phone upgrade.
  12. Wow, that's a long list! But I hear you and can relate. I went several years straight upgrading CPU from 3770K to 4790K to 6700K just because. Finally showed some restraint for few years until I bought 3950X. GPUs like GTX 770s in SLi, then 980s in SLi, then "calmed down" and only bought one 1080 Ti for Gaming Rig/Work PC and one 1080 for HTPC. No 2000-series, but can see myself upgrading 1080 Ti to a 3000-series just to have a new GPU to go along with the new CPU and O11 Dynamic case.
  13. Yeah, this describes me exactly! At least I know I'm not alone.
  14. Re-watching Black Bullet, at the part where Rentaro is about to battle with Tina.