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  • Birthday May 19, 1988

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    Vancouver, BC
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    Audi & AMD


  • CPU
    1700 @ 3.8GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock AM4 Matx Pro
  • RAM
  • GPU
    Sapphire Fury
  • Case
    Custom cut Inwin 901
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    Silverstone SFX-L 500w
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    LG 34UM67-P
  • Cooling
    Cryorig C1
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    audio-technica M50x | focal Listen
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  1. Happy Christmas! Im wondering if in these holiday times there would be a soul sitting on a unused backplate for their AM4 stock cooler? I recently got the Cryorig AM4 upgrade kit, but to my worst fear noticed that I needed the backplate from the stock cooler. And I can't find mine anywhere. I live in Whistler so if anyone wants theirs gone around the Vancouver BC area holla at your boy! Have a great Christmas!
  2. Well if not AsRock / MSi releases a miTX board very soon Ill probably get this one...
  3. Great work bud! Would get this cpu tomorrow unless Zen was comin soon... Keep it up!
  4. Rig Name: Biggie'Smalls OS: Windows 7 CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 RAM: 4x2GB GPU: AMD 7950
  5. There is so much 'Want' going on here!
  6. Thanks for the review! How would you say it does on the Slipperyness scale?
  7. I like everything that going on here. Keep it up!
  8. Oh this might be my new fave build! Exciting stuff, keep it up!
  9. Wow! Have to say, been looking for a mech keyboard for a while now, and somehow I've never unfortunately never heard of Feenix I reàlly like the look of that keyboard! I'll probably buy it no what happens tomorrow. Good luck guys!
  10. Oh I would defenitive like to get my hands on one of those keys!!
  11. Got a little Fiio E11K for my m50x's.
  12. Yep, have to say guys, I've been trying to find a nice kind of silent 10-keyless mechanical keyboard without a cord attached to it. But it proved to be very hard. Vermillo makes one but its very hard to get. And the other one is the kind of weird funky looking thing from Rapoo (KX). Soon tho maybe. But thanks. I like minimalistic. Just like my phone: