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    intel Pentium G3258
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    MSI Z87I Gaming AC
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    8GB g.skill aegis
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    Gigabyte 760 windforce x3 2GB
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    Bitfenix prodigy (white)
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    WD blue 1tb
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    EVGA 600B
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    HP S2031 + Dell SE198
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    Hyper 212 evo
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    CM Storm quickfire TKL Cherry Mx blue
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    Finalmouse (thanks LMG)
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    Windows 10

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  1. If the games you play have great sli support then yeah get it but if not you should get an used 290 since a 290 is in the same used price bracket.
  2. What's your budget? Is power power efficiency a concern? How much hard drive space do you think you'll need? How many Us does it need to be?
  3. I need at least 3TBs but more is better. I actually never thought of using a node for storage I might do that. The server is going to be used for a database and the rest of the nodes are going to host game servers that me and my friend are developing. I only have 12Us and I need to fit 4Us of other stuff like my router, switch, and other things. I wanted 4Us so I wouldn't be limited to 4 nodes.
  4. Im looking to upgrade my homelab and im looking for some used server. What is the best 4U node based server (like a Dell PowerEdge C6220 but 4U) and what would be the best iscsi server. Im looking to spend no more than $600 for the node based server and $400 for the iscsi server.
  5. A lot of things, in my servers i use it to keep each one of my game server isolated from each other encase one gets compromised. I know some users also off load all their networking stuff to VMs (like routers and firewalls).
  6. ITX boards with dual PCIE slots are called mini dtx. edit also PCIE Splitter actually don't split the signal so your motherboard has to support it and only a small amount of server motherboards support it.
  7. Does it need to be quite and is power a problem? if you are fine with a power hungry load dell poweredge 2950 iii you can get one off cragslist for around $150 all the time.
  8. Its a modem router combo and i already tried putting it in bridge mode to use my own router but it refused to go into it.
  9. I have an actiontec mi424wr rev i router that my ISP is forcing me to use because they installed a MoCa connection to my router so i can get TV too. When i try port forwarding on it only kinda works, all the port forwarding checker websites say my ports aren't open but on my TF2 and unturned server people can join for a shorty while then they get kicked off due to a networking error. I've tried updating the router's firmware, change the ports im trying to forward, factory resetting my router, changing the router's firewall to "minimum security", changing the server's static ip, and i also t
  10. im using a q700 and a asus pk5e-wifi and i was able to get 3.5ghz. i recomend using this lga775/771 overclocking guide: you can't increase tha BLK on non extreme core2s, how you overclock them is by raising the bus speed.
  11. Is the battery inflated? I would not charge it until you are 100% the battery is not inflated because it might burst into flames and get acid everywhere,
  12. You could do what i do. i use a program called speedfan which lets me set a fan curve at a full 0-100% range and you can set different fans to ramp up when other components heat up like your graphics card, motherboard, or even your hard drives.
  13. Is the games set to full screen or windowed borderless? also i have triple monitors and some games just don't lock the mouse to the game.