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    Sorkurie got a reaction from dalekphalm in Slight Emergency, I Appreciate any Help.   
    Okay thanks guys! I’ll try those tips. Also, oops. I did forget to post the ram. It’s 32Gb DDR4 Corsair 2666 hertz 
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    Sorkurie reacted to A Guy Eating Cereal in PC Build for 2016   
    @Sorkurie Compared to FX 6350 you may see max 20fps increase in games! The 63xx series is equivalent to an i3 so the performance will be increased a lot  
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    Sorkurie got a reaction from Guest in College Degree? Career?   
    I've been attending community college for.. Maybe 3 years now? I'm currently majoring in computer science. I'm starting to feel discouraged. Here's my problem. I love computers. I love technology. Electronics. I built my own computer. I love building things and taking them apart. Hands on. Legos. Computers are so fascinating. I want to learn everything I can about technology in general. I want to be a jack of all trades. I assumed computer science was more broad for a computer degree. But.. The math. I'm bad at math, and I hate it on top of it. I'm so bad at math, that I tested into Math 61 which is like.. 5th grade math?? So my first year in college I took Math 61 which was easy for me. Really a waste of time. I still need another 5 or 6 more math classes. I'm worried I won't be able to pass.. I love computers, but this math is killing me. Any thoughts?? Any other degrees that involves electronics and less math?
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    Sorkurie got a reaction from SapphireSmith9 in UltraWide Festival 2015   
    Here is my application Linus