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  • CPU
    AMD 6800k
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    4*2 G.Skill 1600MHz
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Windforce 280x
  • Case
    Phanteks Enthoo Pro
  • Storage
    128 A-Data SSD, 1TB Toshiba HDD
  • PSU
    FSP Hexa Plus 550W
  • Display(s)
    Dell U2414H
  • Cooling
    Air Cooling
  • Mouse
    Razer Ouroboros
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Home Premium
  1. Hi guys, so I built my PC around 6 months ago and I am having problems. My PC has a 6800k, ASUS F2V-Pro board, 8Gb of G.skill Memroy, Windforce R9 280, FSP 550 PSW, A data 128 SSD and a 2TB WD Blue hard drive. - Never overclocked anything and left everything at stock. Recently my PC has been waking up from its sleep so I searched it up and restarted my PC. It started doing bootloops so I unplugged it from the wall and plugged it back in. Then a blue screen came up saying page_fault_in_nonpaged_area windows 7. I searched it up and apparently it had something to do with my ram. So I changed m
  2. The fan is only 3 pin but the mother board supports 4. However, I can control on the fly my other fans perfectly and they are not 4 pin connectors.
  3. I dont understand... does it need to be a 4 pin connector? Because I can control my other fans and they are not 4 pin connectors. If you are talking about the motherboard then yes there are 4 pins but I only use 3 of them
  4. No it is not a 4 pin connector, yes it is connected to a motherboard header and it does work for my other fans. Sorry but that was the wrong screenshot. It works like that but not in smart mode which is what I dont understand. I can control it but it doesn't work in smart mode. I have no idea how to post a screenshot here so I can't really show you. But pelase help
  5. Im not wsure as this is the first computer I have built. I am using an enthoo pro and bought a bitfenix spectre pro led fan and placed it on the back and used the old rear fan on put it up top. The rear fan does not spin and it is not a 4-pin connector. Not sure if it is PWM or not. The fan basically spins at whatever the lowest speed I set it too and because I really want it to turn off when my PC is idling, it is always off.
  6. Hey guys. So I just installed AI Suite 2 to control my fans and al of sudden, about an hour after I setup my customized fan curves. My rear fan just stops working. I can control it using AI suite by setting it at a default RPM but if I set it to smart mode which is what I use, it just doesn't work. Check the image I have attached to understand it more. Please help I don't know what is wrong with it. Thanks in advance
  7. I'm not having a push pull config, I'm just going to have a pull.
  8. Thanks. Sorry this will be the first time I'm installing a radiator for my PC, but will the fans fit on top of the case? Or does it have to be right under the radiator next to the motherboard? I'm going for positive air pressure so I would be going for an intake. Thanks
  9. The title states it all really. I have being doing some research and have decided to get the Corsair H110 water cooler in my PC as the Enthoo Pro supports dual 140mm rads on the top of the case. My question is, will it fit with the fans on? Or is it too thick for this case and I would have to get a single 140mm water cooler. Just asking around to make my decisions clearer before I go out and throw my money to people. Thanks
  10. Do I get the Bitfenix LED Pro's or the regular as I have heard that the pro's are not as good. As well as which is the quietest? I really want my PC to be as quiet as possible which is also why I'm going for an h100i for my cpu so that i can reach higher clock spreeds
  11. I'm going for a black and blue theme and the Corsair AF LED fans in blue really catches my eye. However, I might go for a green theme which corsair does not have and only bitfenix's spectre led's have so its a tough decision.
  12. Title really states it all. I am trying to find good quality LED fans for my Phanteks entree pro and I have heard that these two are really good. However, I am really struggling to decide. Which is better? If you have any other suggestions for LED fans which are better than these, please tell me. Thanks
  13. For the keyboard, I would go for the ducky shine 3 in your case, I have felt it before and it is amazing. I would suggest cherry MX Browns as they are the best mix between typing and gaming and they are quiet for mechanical keyboards. For the mouse, I would honestly suggest the Deathadder 2013 because it feels amazing, it has an optical sensor meaning that it's amazing for Gaming. It has great software to go along with it. For your headset, it there is a wide range for you to chose from. And it also depends on what kind of sound quality you're looking for. Super loud bass or amazing mids and h
  14. So out all of all the fans that were recommended, can you guys please select one which is the quietest but still has amazing performance?