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    blaze756 reacted to Master Disaster in Google threatens to pull out of Australia over new "link tax" laws   
    Australia is currently trying to pass a new law and become the first country to force tech giants into paying royalties for news articles their services link to.
    However Google are claiming the laws are unworkable and if passed would force them into partially withdrawing from the region, effectively blocking Aussies from accessing Google search.
    In a dangerous bit of foreshadowing, a Senator then said that Australia are pioneering new legislation that will be eventually adopted worldwide. Effectively the end of a free internet.
    Source - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-55760673
    When will these fools learn? If they start trying to protect their own interests by forcing internet companies into paying others for content then said companies will just withdraw from the market entirely, Google and co make MORE than enough money from other things to survive no matter what.
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    blaze756 reacted to GOTSpectrum in LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19   
    LTT Folding Team's Emergency Response to Covid-19
    Starts March, 27th (00:00 GMT)
    Ends April, 9th (23:59 BST)
    Sign up for the event here:
    Sign ups will close March 26th, 23:30 (GMT)!
    Thank you to all who have joined and are folding.
    If you have missed the deadline to register for the event you can still fold for the LTT team (# 223518) and help fight Covid-19!
    If you are unsure on how to fill in the form ask on the thread below. If you make a mistake filling out the form please use the thread linked below.
    Folding@home team LTT id#: 223518
    (This event is only for folding for team LTT you will not qualify if you are folding independent or for another team, sorry.)
    This event will NOT be eligible for F@H event badges.
    Please read the whole of this post before asking any questions and use the links provided at the end for help and support!
    If anyone is willing to help with data handling please PM me ASAP!
    Please follow this thread to keep up to date!
    Minimum Participation Requirements For Prizes
    10 Days with activity* & 500,000 Points
    (*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)
    This is our highest yet but should be possible for most people seeing as most modern GPUs and CPUs can hit this. These must be met DURING the event. Points produced before the start date do not count!
    (possibly more to come)
    Community donated prizes:
    17x random Steam keys - Donated by @GOTSpectrum
    31x random Steam Keys - Donated by @desert1701
    20x random Steam keys - Donated by @Jaom
    10x random Steam Keys - donated by @HrutkayMods
    10x Steam keys for 'Broken Lines' - Donated by the games publisher Super.com
    10x Steam keys for 'Biped' - Donated by the games publisher META Publishing
    23x random Steam Keys - Donated by @ShirleyNeko
    1x uplay key - Donated by @ShirleyNeko
    23x random Steam Keys - Donated by @Jackz
    70x random Steam keys - donated by @Cbwgoose
    7x random Steam keys - Donated by @jakkuh_t
    13x random Steam keys - Donated by @DocDv
    x3 random Steam Keys - Donated by @MovvarK
    25x random Steam keys - Community pool of keys
    Draw - All Ranks
    50USD Steam Gift Card - Donated by @Jawa_Juice
    Draw - Ranks 1-49
    3x 25USD Steam Gift Cards - Donated by @it4hoomanz
    Draw Ranks 50-99, 100-149, 150-199
    1x Humble Bundle Month - Donated by @Rbleattler
    Draw Ranks 200-399
    2x 50USD Steam gift Card - Donated by @Zberg
    Draw Ranks - 1-499, 500-1000
    50USD Steam key - Donated by @Zberg
    *The rank is predetermined but remaining undisclosed to stop people from trying to target a certain rank. 
    With the advent of COVID-19 WUs we have decided to launch an emergency response of our own. It's time to gear up our clocks and push again. For once more, united we stand, core to core, shoulder to shoulder. Not simply for glory,  but to take the fight to COVID-19. We will not sit by with idle GPUs. We will not go gently into that good night. We will take up arms for all of mankind. This is the oath we will all take to ourselves by signing up here.
    We will be folding for 14 days, the recommended isolation period for those with suspected COVID-19.
    MINI GIVEAWAY! (checked if okay with @leadeater)
    I have created a Gleam.io giveaway to entice people to share the Folding Event on twitter!
    5x random Steam Keys - Donated by @GOTSpectrum
    This giveaway is not endorsed or affiliated with LMG in anyway and it 100% run by me.
    Please feel free to enter!!!!
    Folding@home is a network of volunteer computers distributed around the world that aims to perform biomedical research with the single intent of helping to further understand and develop cures for a range of diseases such as; Alzheimer's, cancer, and Parkinson's. The exact research that is done is simulating the 'folding' of proteins in the body, this is important because the function of a protein id directly related to its physical shape. And this, when the protein is created in the body it needs to reshuffle its shape to get into the correct structure to perform its task. Many illnesses can be linked to faulty proteins in the body such as many cancers and neurological issues, along with a wide number of other general health concerns. This network if compared with the TOP500 list of supercomputers would fall into 2nd, Folding@home is one of the world's fastest computing systems, with a speed of approximately 98.7petaFLOPS. It would be 50% faster than the fastest x86 computer currently listed on the top500. 
    But this is not why we are here, we are here to join the legion of other folders from around the globe who have taken up the fight against COVID-19.
    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common across the world.  These viruses can cause mild symptoms ranging from a fever and cough to more serious conditions such as severe pneumonia, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. 
    In December 2019, a new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19) was first identified in Wuhan City, China.  This virus has now spread to other countries.  The UK Chief Medical Officers have declared the risk to the public to be moderate. But the risk to individuals remains low.
    PASSKEYS! (they're really important)
    Don't forget to get yourself a passkey from the link below to ensure that you hit the points requirement, the passkey is a feature that was added a while ago to the Folding Client that helps to authenticate each user on the network, an added bonus of this is the fact that it allows you to qualify for QRB(Quick Return Bonus) Points, QRBs are extra points you earn for submitting work units more quickly, such as if you have faster hardware or let the client fold full time, rather than on idle. QRB credit is awarded after 10 WUs have been submitted. You can get your passkey from the link below.
    This is just a PSA for the new guys here, the folding team is a small close knit community, so here's a few things I'd like you all to keep in mind. It doesn't hurt to say thank you, if someone has genuinely helped you out don't forget to drop a reaction on their posts, help others where ever you can and finally we are a team first and always. 
    Check your stats out here! Bare in mind it can take some time for your first WUs to appear so leave it a day or two.
    Please follow the guides below to help with set-up and troubleshooting. These are mostly older guides but are still quite useful for most things, we are working on an improved guide and are hoping to have it ready for prime time withing the next month but in meantime these will have to do. Big Thanks to @Metallus97 for giving me a hand with the FAQ for the event and taking some of the load from me. 
    Read the Event blog to keep up to date With any announcements!!! 
  3. Informative
    blaze756 reacted to OmgitsNatalie in Suggestions for our iMac Pro repair   
    What's up, my G. My buddy buddy. Mah dude. What it do?
    Jokes aside. It seems like the reps at Apple and ACS (Apple Customer Service), aren't giving you a more thorough explanation as to why they're allowing allowing it for repair. And at the Apple Store, it's not because they're not certified. It's mainly because they see (most likely) that they saw signs of burns from what I saw. Not only that, but I'm sure it was also because of the broken adhesives. Which you may or may not have reinstalled (judging by the tape on the chassis). Which basically tells them that you opened it. An AASP is generally allowed to accept the repair, but take the risk of getting caught as they (we) are not allowed to make such exceptions. In some cases, depending on the environment, it may be easier for some to get away with it. 
    As for the certification availability, you are correct. Apple does release products before certifications are even available. According to the way the system works, if Apple's system does not see a certification applied to the technician's account, we are not able to create a repair, and thus cannot order parts. In this case, you are limited to going to the Apple Store for such situations. I also want to mention, that this is generally for quality control on Apple's behalf. However, I can see how many many customers and techs would be upset with such issues. 
    an Apple iMac certified technician working for an AASP, Apple Authorized Service Provider
  4. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to slav.p in Suggestions for our iMac Pro repair   
    I'm an ACMT working for CityMac in Bellingham, WA (right across the border from you). 
    We are an AASP, can get the parts you're looking for and would be glad to repair the iMac for you. 
    I personally have the required certification to repair the iMac Pro.
    Let us know!
    Slav P CityMac Bellingham
    Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
    Apple Premier Partner | Verizon Authorized Reseller
  5. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to anotherriddle in Any tech channels who aren't woefully misinformed about everything?   
    I have to agree. I don't know much about apple but this happens with other topics too. One approach I really liked (despite the low production quality) was the new MacBook Pro Review of Louis Rossmann. Having a lifestream with feedback and questions what people want to know is a really good approach for what I want from a review.
    I can look specs and ports up on a website. What I can't do without buying it, is comparing the speakers to different products or real world performance. The problem with Louis is, he rants too much about things and better production quality would also be nice. I would like if reviewers would not talk so much about things that I can decide on my own (like if two Type C ports are enough for me) but on other things that are not that obvious. The comparison excel files from Linus are great though.
  6. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to captain_to_fire in Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit Exploration   
    LMG should hire a person who is well acquainted with both Mac and PC. They better NOT hire that jerk Louis Rossmann or anyone like him.
  7. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to colejohnson66 in Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit Exploration   
    I'm sorry, but no. This video is bad. The reason is pretty simple and obvious if you actually do research instead of jumping on the Apple Hate Bandwagon.
    Apple used Skylake processors which support two kinds of memory: LPDDR3 and DDR4. LPDDR3 uses less power per gig than DDR4, so obviously Apple would go with that. Unfortunatly, the controller for LPDDR3 only supports up to 16 GB of RAM. When Apple claims it's limited for battery life, they're not lying; putting even 20 GB of RAM would force them to use DDR4.
    Now, I'm not defending Apple here. If you're going to market it as a "Pro" laptop, 16 GB of RAM is just wrong. Sure, the majority of people don't need more than 16 GB, but that doesn't mean EVERYONE can get by with 16 GB. Apple's obsession with thiness has clearly gotten in the way of making a "Pro" laptop.
    Hate Apple all you want, but don't hate if you don't even know the reason behind their decisions. And before you say "Apple is greedy" or some other stupid thing, think about how stupid that makes you sound: "I hate Apple because they sell expensive stuff". So? It's not your money. If someone wants to buy a laptop with 2015 specs for $2500, why do you care? Ever seen how much a Rolex costs?
  8. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to RedRound2 in Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit Exploration   
    Wow, this was just a horrible video. Even the Apple-hate disease affects unadulterated channels like LTT
    First of all, they use LPDDR3 RAM, NOT DDR4 SODIMM RAM as their only option from intel was to go with skylake quad cores. This itself pretty much invalidates all your comparisons
    Second, if they ever wanted to put anything above 16GB, they would've had to go with SODIMM DDR4 which would be much more power hungry (& space consuming, hence battery) than for a laptop this thin and light with a good battery life
    Third, the outcome of the video was pretty obvious when I saw @Slick on the thumbnail. He's pretty ignorant when it comes to Apple and doesn't seem to know anything about their products rather always hopping in the iHate Apple bandwagon. Example, and since when can LPDDR equipped laptops can have upgradable memory. It's not like they soldered a SODIMM RAM just for the sake of it
    And Jon, you too seem ignorant if you actually think Apple intentionally didn't make a 32GB Option. Other than the power/space barriers, I will give an easier analogy for haters to digest on, If 32GB was indeed possible Apple could've easily tiered it in a higher end with extra premium and reap more profit, but fact check they didn't
    PS They may have removed traditional ports, but professionals including LMG I believe uses 10Gb/s network and thunderbolt to move files around, meaning professionals investing in higher end equipment just for better performance/convenience. Talk about not catering to professionals when hypocrites don't realize Apple just released a device with much superior ports compared to anything else in the market, that too with a good number of them especially considering that the port can be daisy-chained
    And, rather than Type-C only being relevant to professionals it is also relevant to consumers and just because of this move you guys can thank Apple 2 years later down the road for ubiquitous Type-C adoption
  9. Like
    blaze756 reacted to patrick3027 in Gizmodo criticises Louis Rossmann's review of the Macbook Pro, Rossmann hits back   
    This was what Gizmodo thought about Louis Rossmann's criticism:
    They end their article by saying "If you want to bitch about the new MacBook Pro, bitch about the lack of Kaby Lake or the lack of rose gold options. But an overly loud keyboard? That’s just silly. "
    Louis Rossmann's exposes this so-called "tech journalism" beautifully in his response video:
  10. Agree
    blaze756 got a reaction from soldier_ph in Any tech channels who aren't woefully misinformed about everything?   
    I do agree that their channel content has shifted, but they've gotta stay relevant. Sometimes however I wish I was their Apple consultant or something, they constantly get the facts wrong! I mean come on guys, do some research before you make a quick video about Apple.
  11. Agree
    blaze756 got a reaction from colejohnson66 in Macbook Pro 16GB RAM Limit Exploration   
    Some times I wish I could easily contact them just to correct them on certain things, especially when it comes to their Apple coverage.
  12. Agree
    blaze756 got a reaction from wrathoftheturkey in Any tech channels who aren't woefully misinformed about everything?   
    I do agree that their channel content has shifted, but they've gotta stay relevant. Sometimes however I wish I was their Apple consultant or something, they constantly get the facts wrong! I mean come on guys, do some research before you make a quick video about Apple.
  13. Funny
    blaze756 reacted to Bouzoo in Apple R&D spend breaks $10B barrier in 2016   
    Well that's pretty impressive to be honest. The most expensive "how to remove ports" research ever 
  14. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to Belgarathian in Apple likes copying Samsung. Now they have copied the fire-phone hazard   
    Australia. Left his phone wrapped in pants inside a car.... 

    Because Australia is known for being a very cool, almost temperate environment and as we know wrapping electronics in blankets and fabric is great for thermal dissipation, as is the glass house effect cars have. 
    I'm guessing what probably happened is this phone overheated something chronic on a 30+ degree day while wrapped in clothes, in a car which probably reached 50+ degrees. 
    You may also want to change the title unless you can provide evidence as it's click-bait and flamey. 
  15. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to wrathoftheturkey in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    Ummmm, most internet connections are shit. Plus, this means that connections will still be fast even after all the degradation that comes from not having a strong signal
  16. Like
    blaze756 reacted to Daveeede in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    And suddenly the sales of stylish tinfoil hats skyrocket!
  17. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to Daveeede in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    Why does anyone actually need gigabit LTE? 4G LTE is already faster than most internet connections.
  18. Informative
    blaze756 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    Oh hey, LTE finally caught up to its proposed speed.
    I remember the goobers at 4chan were mocking how dumb that proposed speed was.
  19. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to Liltrekkie in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    And none of this means anything unless the wireless carriers give us the data to back these kinds of speeds up. 
    I'm looking at you, Verizon. 
  20. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    No, but it means there's more total bandwidth to go around to more people, assuming they're also upping the number of connections as well.
  21. Funny
    blaze756 reacted to Zodiark1593 in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    This is pretty great. Now I can hit my monthly data cap in less than a minute and a half. Awesome job. 
  22. Agree
    blaze756 reacted to Phate.exe in Tesla no longer allowed to call self drive "autopilot" in Germany   
    Well yeah.  If they called it "Advanced Cruise Control with Lane Keep Assist", it wouldn't sound any more special than the systems that Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and other automakers have available.  Then a tesla is just an overpowered electric sedan/minivan with an entry-level luxury car interior and really stupid doors on the minivan model.
    It's an advanced cruise control system that is capable of handling lane changes, highway curves, and speed adjustments based on traffic.  Much beyond that, I probably wouldn't trust it too much.  Turn it on in stop and go traffic jams, or for a long highway cruise (although obviously not for too long, because electric) to make your life less miserable, but don't expect the thing to safely drive you door-to-door.
  23. Agree
    blaze756 got a reaction from matrix07012 in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    I think it's more of a "Because we can." kind of scenario. But if it offers more reliable signal than that's always a benefit.
  24. Agree
    blaze756 got a reaction from Jinchu in The first device that can use gigabit LTE is launching this year, also Qualcomm announces 5G modem.   
    I think it's more of a "Because we can." kind of scenario. But if it offers more reliable signal than that's always a benefit.
  25. Like
    blaze756 reacted to RedRound2 in iPhone 7 Display Analysis shows Record Performance for Color Accuracy, Brightness, Screen Reflectance & more   
    And the iPhone 7 continues to make headlines for its best features. First it was the massively improved durability with a much higher water resistance than advertised, then it was the record performance of the A10 Fusion chip blowing everything out of the water and now it's the display (and according to displaymate, it's perfect)
    DispalyMate says the iPhone 7 display is seven percent more power efficient than iPhone 6 displays, which it notes is in spite of a much wider color gamut on iPhone 7. The new wide color gamut and record absolute color accuracy mean iPhone 7 is “Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect,” according to the report, and “very likely considerably better than any mobile display, monitor, TV or UHD TV that you have.”
    You can read the full report here:

    And people say Apple isn't innovating anymore despite it breaking many records with every release
    Source: https://9to5mac.com/2016/09/19/iphone-7-display-benchmark-record-color-accuracy-brightness/