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  1. Impressive but an LTT video showed PC can go even faster. Plus unless they can use that speed my Intel 750 is a waste in most any gaming stuff I've seen. https://www.ign.com/articles/ps5-ssd-breakthrough-beats-high-end-pc?fbclid=IwAR2ecW57AfewdGnxZcQ_EH17KHJYVwUKiKvTSMiZbDta0lhbaDR8OrIYlUE
  2. Oh man I can't wait to see this it should be something that really shows the passion that can go into the very best case mods!
  3. A type might work Bob and I have used many cables from Li Heat http://www.liheat.com.tw/en/product_cg127116.html#1000508
  4. @Mnpctech Hangout is a great place to start. The two things that I tell folks when they ask are: 1. What is the return for the company. for example (Can they show the rig at PAX?) is the build log posted. 2. Build it and they will come. Many good case mods can get to 80% more complete with out critical components then a sponsor can put a brand new Motherboard/GPU in and then use that build to promote it. If you have truly built an amazing mod they will want to put hardware in it.
  5. If your comfortable doing it I'd be really tempted to measure voltage going to the pump when the noise is going and with out since the pump has no PWM wire ect it should only be a voltage/current issue
  6. I don't know that unit right off the top of my head but is it connected to the mobo at all like with PWM or just straight 12v
  7. Love the idea of going retro with the air. For the IO the best thing I've had luck doing is buying a robbing a modern IO set from another case and then doing some fab work to make it work with the old case. Sometimes this is cutting a new acrylic IO area or it can be as simple as removing the old and attaching the new with some tweaks and hot glue. Photos work best when working with older cases and the brainstorming of how to do this best.
  8. Would suspending the process be a good stop gap?
  9. It would work fine. When I configure loops I try to find the simplest hardline runs and with your configuration the GPUs being at the bottom of the case might be better using the lower rad
  10. So freaking cool! Thanks dude now I just need to find the timestamp where Bob grabs the mic from Linus and talks with his respirator still on!
  11. Count us in! I didn't see a firepole last year so that would be a huge improvement!
  12. Nice work I love they way those LEDs were captured in that last picture
  13. A normal captive screw is just a whole smaller then the threads and the normal thumb screw just screws into the hole. If the whole is already bigger then the threads its much harder CaseLabs presses in a spring loaded captive screw for stuff like a motherboard tray on a SM8 and other examples I've seen are a star washer sized to thread on to hold the screw or a small plastic tab like you see on electrical outlets.
  14. Just ran into this while checking out work. Anytime you have something that is one off skilled fabrication/custimization it take hours and even if you go really cheap like 25 an hour shop rate it adds up really fast and can cost around 1000. It also depends on the quality you want. Filling the dell logo can be done quick with some cheap filler and and quick sand and paint. Doing something like a slight adjustment in IO backplate might mean fabricating a new back panel.