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  1. Cerberus has landed, friends. Starting today, and lasting until March 31st, enthusiasts can navigate to Kickstarter to read up on the case, our work, and the myriad tiers available to backers. ...And yes, that's right, we're on Kickstarter - after hearing feedback from you all, we realized that many people felt that it was the better platform to be on, compared to Indiegogo. As such, we've spent the past few weeks recreating our renders in photographs, and producing a video in collaboration with Alexandra Zanca, so that we could refactor our crowdfunding page and l
  2. Q&A is live! https://discord.gg/0qIs01UX9MY2Dlvx Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live Q&A! We'll be posting a recording of it for those who missed it sometime.
  3. Survey is going well so far, but quite a few people have used the comment box to ask questions which is awkward because we didn't ask for email addresses so we can't directly answer those questions So Sunday, Feb 21 at 2pm EST we'll be holding a live Q&A on Discord for everyone to ask us questions and hang out. We'll send out an email as well as update this thread with the link when it goes live.
  4. Yeah, the current exchange rate is rough for Canadians wanting to buy stuff from down here.
  5. We're conducting a survey to help nail down a few details before the campaign goes live, please fill it out if you're serious about getting a case. Link here.
  6. Oops, thought I had posted it, here's a gallery with more pics: http://imgur.com/a/mnIiE Thanks!
  7. OP updated with the new design! I have to run but I'll post more pics later.
  8. Probably not at this point, we don't have a spare case on hand to lend out.
  9. Pretty spot on, though all the mATX X99 ASRock boards can only do PCIe 2.0 x4 on the bottom slot regardless of CPU, so it could be used for CrossFire but not SLI. I recently switched to the ASUS. I've wanted to switch for some time but have put it off until I decided to go to Windows 10. The Gigabyte annoys me because only the CPU fan header is PWM and the fan controls aren't very good. Plus both the USB 3.0 headers are not usable without an adapter with a video card in the lower slots. The EVGA suffers from the same problem as the Gigabyte regarding the USB 3.0 header. Also, the CPU s
  10. A bare enclosure from 45 Drives (a division of Protocase) starts at $725 USD: http://www.45drives.com/products/storage/enclosure-30drive.php?id=Enc60&config=01&model=Enc30-01&code=Enc Since Taran's model was in SketchUp, an engineer would've spent several hours converting the design to SolidWorks. Plus, with small run manufacturing like this much of the cost is in programming and setting up the machines. So my estimate is around $3000 for the two cases.
  11. We're looking at around $250 at this point. Those cards should fit just fine. They're pretty much reference card size.
  12. We've run into a few setbacks and at this point are looking at early next year for production.
  13. I'd recommend the ASUS X99-M WS over this board. The ASUS comes with dual Intel NICs, much better fan control, and a WiFi card for not that much more money.
  14. There's not a ton of options yet but Intel makes a M.2 wifi card.
  15. It's been delayed to the end of the year: http://hardforum.com/showpost.php?p=1041874780&postcount=118