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  1. Would the Evga Supernova g2 750w be a good psu to pair with an Evga 3080 ultra black?
  2. Hello, I've been having problems with my current Rosewill 850W psu where is shuts off random times when I'm playing games on it. I tested all my equipment and everything is coming back with no errors. My psu was the top of the line 3 years ago, but technology has progressed a lot in those 3 years. I'm looking for the PSU to work with a 780ti that will soon be upgraded to the 980. Which psu would you choose and why? Also if you have one to suggest, can you and add why. I'm looking at these products for my options: XFX PRO 750W Black EditionXFX 750W XXX Edition Corsair RM Series 750W Cor
  3. I don't have another one to test it out with. I was actually thinking of upgrading, since the warranty is up, to an evga or corsair psu.
  4. I just recently purchased the 780ti last week, and once installing everything was working well until I started playing games on it. The system would crash, and reboot to a message saying that "Power supply surge detected during previous power on. Asus Anti-Surge was triggered to protect the system from unstable power supply unit." This only occurs when I'm playing game, and at random intervals when playing the games. I've run 3dMark, prime95, memTest, and others to make sure that things were correct and nothing came back with an issue. I'm thinking that the gpu is over taxing the psu which is