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  1. I was scrolling through some of the posts I missed while I was doing some other junk, Lmao at the fact that the complaining about the forum software never ended. I still can't get the forum to change to the dark theme even if I disable all my add-ons. Anyways if some gets a chance can they send me an invite to the discord? I was watching season 2 of SAO and its actually not that bad. I think it probably gets skipped due to the second half of the first season. But in at least the first 14 episodes his sister has a total of like 2min of screen time. Otherwise its kinda fu
  2. Doesn't surprise me since it was just posted today. I just happened to stumble upon it by coincidence when I was looking for the guide on how to install Fate Stay/Night with the english patches. But ya I'm probably going to end up playing through Fault in one sitting when it comes out. Assuming of course that its the same length as the others. Edit: Been really into C-Clays lately and other Kancolle remixes. Don't know if any one still discusses music in here but I'll post it anyway.
  3. This thread is still alive is it? Anyone else hyped for the new fault game? Also does anyone know why I can't change to the dark theme, it just redirects until firefox stops it. My eyes are burning.
  4. Haha, nope. You know how many canuckbucks that is. Its like a lot. Though I am going to be selling my fury X. Way OP for anything I am even remotely interested in. Gonna probably just get a non-x 390 and buy an x220 thinkpad. I haven't messed around with ENBs or skyrim for that matter in a few months so I can't really help.
  5. Probably not. As for discord I have already given many reasons why I don't like it. For instance their business model. They have no way to stay afloat and odds are they will eventually have to start charging a fee or go the windows way of displaying ads absolutely everywhere and selling loads of user data. Its not open and as far as I know you can't host your own instance of it using their API so they will eventually have to do something to recoup the cost.
  6. Nice I really like that! Adjust the gamma. It is way too high. ===================== I've been watching Shinsekai Yori and its amazing. I love the art style. The earlier episodes had a Lord Of the Rings feel to them and I liked that a lot. Also the OST reminds me a lot of the one from lord of the rings. And then when you actually start thinking about the society they live in things start getting really deep. I'm 10 episodes in and have loved every episode other then the first two which were a bit slow. Other then that I'm not goin
  7. A new boat gets released in kancolle and within a day there is 60+ pieces of fanart of her. Never underestimate the power of boat girls.
  8. first take three backsteps from your computer, then turn 90 degrees, if you see a window, that means you're going to have to stick to Windows. If not, then that means you have to install gentoo. But first you have to head to not your nearest Subway, but second nearest, order a sub of your tastes, sit down and eat it. Enjoy it while its still not fully eaten then realize it's nothing but electrical impluses in your head creating that amazing taste and the very reality you're in. Then head to the bathroom and put some shades on and look at the mirror and say "Woah" 8 times, then sprint out to your house without stopping and go back to your room. Take 5 deep inhales and jump out that very window you turned torwards to and hope you survive, if you did, congratulations, if not, try again.

  9. Valve probably botched up the implementation of vulkan. But its mostly amd's fault for not releasing drivers for it yet.
  10. Here I will help you: "MC if you do that to me anymore I'm going to go crazy" Not necessarily from to love ru but you get the point.
  11. Your TV probably can't control itself around it. If you watch anymore of it your TV is going to go crazy.
  12. Ya you just put them both in and install the drivers. Then you use different monitors or different inputs on the same monitor and swap between them. Kinda pointless though. I would rather have the extra $200-300 that you could get from selling one of them.
  13. Yep you could set your own custom CSS or just edit the fonts and colors on the old one. But it looks like you can still switch it back and set a custom CSS if you want.
  14. Wait you weren't using a theme? They took design elements from what looks like the 3 most popular ones and added it to their site. Its nice but I didn't really change at all lol. Random other thought: I don't have comic sans installed so your sig is just my browsers default.
  15. Since I feel like showing off. Stacked and ready for optimal ship-posting: