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    Thinks trees are Earth's heatsinks.

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    Tech, maths, the weather...
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    I defected from a cult that worshiped Jaden Smith.
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    Intel Core 2 Duo T6670
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    3GB DDR2
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    9600m GS
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    256GB 7200RPM Western Digital 2.5in.
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    1440X900 TN panel
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    Modified cooling system using a butchered cooling pad, ductape, and some other things.
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    R. A. T. 7
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    Headset that came with Rosetta Stone (broken right speaker)
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    Windows 7 - 32 bit

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  1. Not properly handling the 'cheating' problem is a major problem in competitive games in my opinion. Valve is particularly bad (see: CSGO) because of the way the company works. You'll never get rid of it, but you can definitely limit it. To be fair, this is true in any sport. Just seems a hell of a lot worse in esports since its young and run by people who don't really care/think people are going to cheat as much as they do.
  2. While Honda doesn't look that competitive on paper, the deals the dealers have are ridiculous (at least where I live). Leasing any new Honda is cheaper than buying nearly any used car. Getting a car used, even if its 5k less than the civics, would cost me nearly twice what leasing a brand new, shiny civic would. It's been this way for years now. They are good leases too + warranty. -removed where I am x2
  3. I have Two-Step verification disabled for my google account. In fact, it's never been set up. Today, I tried to log into Nvidia's Geforce Experience on a different computer (a different google account was used at one point). I correctly used my pass, etc.. Google's sign in has prompted me to "Verify its you", and its forcing me to provide a phone number to receive a verification code. There is no way to continue without doing this that is apparent to me. Is there a way to disable this sort of thing from happening/continue without having a phone? Again, I don't want to ever have to use Two-Step
  4. Doesn't appear to be. Just, yeah know, major accusations regarding the security of the most powerful nation. Guy is accused of stealing tools that the National Security Agency uses. Also highly sensitive data and knowledge. Nothing major I guess.
  5. But that doesn't change his point. Some food is made/picked/farmed by illegal immigrants. Am I supporting illegal immigration because I eat food? Do we need to put anti-food chips in our refrigerators?
  6. As a avid contributor to r/wallstreetbets, I too recommend selling Intel and invest everything into AMD and Qualcomm based off this information. I can't wait to finally by my own yacht.
  7. Also tried using an HDMI cable instead of this DVI. Didn't have any effect (other than lowering refresh rate ofc).
  8. The one on the right is full red, camera wasn't getting the color great. Did some testing. The above was at 144hz on desktop. Basically just made a bunch of colored bars and took slow-mo video. My Iphone's slow mo is 120fps I believe. Note that the higher refresh on my monitor than the iphone's camera means it'll capture 2 'refreshes' or however you want to say it. It appears there's a lasting 'positive' and then a more latent (lasting 2-4 'refreshes'/frames) negative/dark after image. This happens even when I go down to 120hz with or without light-bo
  9. Reinstalling CS:GO? Yeah. I haven't rolled back drivers though. Should I just go back to the last stable release?
  10. I have it so it sticks to its set boost speed. Right now it's boost is stock. Should I try under-clocking it? I can try. I tried doing lightboost last night to see if it would help. It didn't in game despite the little alien blur-test thing looking a bit smoother. It's really like each frame is blending with eachother in-game. Entirely could be a problem with the monitor, but it doesn't make much sense to 'fix' any slight bluring in one place, while having no change in-game. Is there anything up with the net_graph and max_fps not matching, or is that just a glitch/bu
  11. Added pictures jsyk. In the spoiler in the op. May it be a response issue with my monitor?
  12. Yes. 60, 72, 120, and 144. V-sync and not. It's not tearing. Ok, so I figured out what the specific problem causing the jittery 'look' is. Things are vibrating/jittery and have a halo lagging behind them when I move. More like a trailing after-image or shimmering than a halo I suppose. Sometimes it's like a slightly-bright/dark outline, other times there's a mult-color effect going on. You know that 'heat' effect you sometimes see when looking at a flat surface? Like looking at the top of your car in the summer? It's like that, just stuttery and it 'trails' when moving instead
  13. Possibly? Using Win. 8.1 home Disabled. May have helped. Still very jittery though. Yes.
  14. Hello, So this is a problem I've had for a while now. No matter what I do, the game is choppy. Everything is rough, stutters during flicks, etc.. Movement not smooth... You get the point. I've done everything that google will provide for me. I've updated realtek drivers (even though I'm using a USB headset that doesn't seem to use realtek), I've set kboost on for my GPU, I've deleted and updated GPU drivers/GFExperience, etc.. I've done a factory reset on CS:GO (deleting the config files and folder). Nothing has fixed the problem. Setup: i7 4790k (No OC