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  1. Unfortunately I'm just renting a room so moving that is not possible.
  2. So this is my situation: - Modem/Router is on the opposite side of the house - No ethernet wiring in the house The only wiring I have in my room is a Coax cable, what are my options? Will 2 modems and routers work? I'm using Ethernet over power currently but I'm just not happy with the results. Throw all your thoughts my way, it will be appreciated!
  3. I will try these out before spending big bucks on a nice wifi router, thanks for the info
  4. Why is this the first time i've ever heard of these? This looks great! Thanks
  5. So I will only have access to Wifi in my new place and plan to buy a 5ghz wifi router. How is performance gaming wise? Will online games be unplayable compared to ethernet? I plan to put the router in the middle of the house and was also looking into a nice antenna for my computer but can't find one with a long connection cord. I want to connect it and run the antenna under my door and stick it to the wall of the hallway. Anyone have any suggestions on an antenna with a long cord? like 10-20 feet?
  6. Hello, I had this problem before my entirely new build and the only thing I transferred over is my Audio-technica headset and USB boom mic so I'm thinking one of them is the culprit. So the volume box will come on and stay on after bootup once I start something that gives off sound like a youtube video. I also noticed some other bugs like my VLC player will do the "building font cache" repeating error too. The only thing that fixes the issue is doing a restart. What the heck is going on?
  7. Thanks guys! I will go to Walmart and do what Tactic suggested.
  8. I'm looking to get rid of my cable bill and replace it with a indoor antenna. I cant do outdoor due to my house being a manufactured home with no attic or any access to the roof space without serious work to run cable. My biggest worry is the fact that I am surrounded on all sides by hundreds of 50-60' pine tree's. Will these block out the signal?
  9. X99 if you want a better overall computer.
  10. Thx, I have 15.2 million dollars now! shouldnt of put that up on a public forum.
  11. Hello, I recently built a new machine with 2 gigabyte G1 980's and while benchmarking I noticed that very hot air was blowing out my psu (seasonic 850x). Luckily I have a thermal temp gun at hand, I'm getting around 40 c to 58 c (surface temps, not air temps) while the cards are being stressed. Is this unsafe temps for a psu? My second card is exhausting right into the psu.
  12. Coil whine: http://youtu.be/8TeaRjCcqag My 980's are both whining or my mobo is making the noise but I doubt that because it only happens when I'm playing intensive games. I tried switching the psu and nothing changed. I switched to another video card and it was about 70% quieter. Will this cause problems? Is there anything I can do? I heard running a benchmark like valley for a extended time might help, what are your suggestions.
  13. Happened to me last week, someone bought $250 worth of games. I got EA to give a refund and removed my CC from the account.
  14. To play World Of Warcraft at max framerate
  15. They are G1,I ended up using some zip ties to prop them up a bit, doesn't look pretty but it works and keeps my mind at ease.
  16. Seasonic x-series 850watt and the Corsair ax850 I ended up using the seasonic cables.... I might of forgot to switch out the sata power cables but everything is working fine.
  17. I just installed 2 980's and they are sagging due to there weight. They are at a noticeable angle, will this damage the card or motherboard?
  18. Thanks, I will be on the safe side and use the Seasonic cables