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  1. Unfortunately I'm just renting a room so moving that is not possible.
  2. So this is my situation: - Modem/Router is on the opposite side of the house - No ethernet wiring in the house The only wiring I have in my room is a Coax cable, what are my options? Will 2 modems and routers work? I'm using Ethernet over power currently but I'm just not happy with the results. Throw all your thoughts my way, it will be appreciated!
  3. I will try these out before spending big bucks on a nice wifi router, thanks for the info
  4. Why is this the first time i've ever heard of these? This looks great! Thanks
  5. So I will only have access to Wifi in my new place and plan to buy a 5ghz wifi router. How is performance gaming wise? Will online games be unplayable compared to ethernet? I plan to put the router in the middle of the house and was also looking into a nice antenna for my computer but can't find one with a long connection cord. I want to connect it and run the antenna under my door and stick it to the wall of the hallway. Anyone have any suggestions on an antenna with a long cord? like 10-20 feet?
  6. Hello, I had this problem before my entirely new build and the only thing I transferred over is my Audio-technica headset and USB boom mic so I'm thinking one of them is the culprit. So the volume box will come on and stay on after bootup once I start something that gives off sound like a youtube video. I also noticed some other bugs like my VLC player will do the "building font cache" repeating error too. The only thing that fixes the issue is doing a restart. What the heck is going on?
  7. Thanks guys! I will go to Walmart and do what Tactic suggested.
  8. I'm looking to get rid of my cable bill and replace it with a indoor antenna. I cant do outdoor due to my house being a manufactured home with no attic or any access to the roof space without serious work to run cable. My biggest worry is the fact that I am surrounded on all sides by hundreds of 50-60' pine tree's. Will these block out the signal?
  9. X99 if you want a better overall computer.
  10. Thx, I have 15.2 million dollars now! shouldnt of put that up on a public forum.