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  1. Its a TZ 400W and no official documentation that I looked at mentions what the connection types are
  2. Don't think it matches up, these are threaded
  3. Hey guys I'm trying to hook up our router to our existing outdoor antenna setup but I have hit a snag regarding identifying the type of connector on the router. The router side connector I haven't been able to identify, I initially thought it was an N type connector but after I ordered an adapter it became evident that it wasn't and this connection is smaller. The other connector I'm pretty sure is an RP-SMA male connector meaning half of the adapter has to be RP-SMA female. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I recently did a fan replacement on my 6 year old 290x with fans that were marketed as replacements for my particular card and appeared to be physically identical sans the MSI logo sticker. The fans spin up just fine and I have a normal idle of 60C. The only issue is after the replacement there are now 2 blue LEDs on the cards PCB that have lit up that I had no idea where even there in the first place. There is no option in graphics cards app to disable them and googling the issue for 20 minutes has revealed no answer. Any suggestions on what the LEDs indicate
  5. Any idea what "access blocked content" actually means in their sub tiering?
  6. Hi guys I have been using PIA VPN for a few years now but I'm rethinking my continued use of them now that my subscription is up and it's time to renew. I vaguely remember hearing that PIA's ownership changed and for the worse too so I wanted to start a conversation about what the community thinks is the best paid VPN service the balances performance, security, and cost.
  7. The issue is the vast majority of the business projectors aren't 1080 and usually dont have good contrast either. I don't want to buy a used projector that will leave me wanting in terms of image quality or brightness.
  8. Ill definitely keep this one in mind if I ever need a portable one but I was looking for a projector that has a better contrast ratio and a lumen count high enough that it's listed upfront.
  9. Hi guys, I'm tired of borrowing my friends projector when we want to chill in the spa and watch movies so I am looking for recommendations or advice about what to look for when trying to buy a projector for semi frequent set up outdoors. It will primarily be used to watch movies during the evening/night on a medium sized screen but my family has also expressed interest in using a projector that needs a larger throw range for when we have parties and want to display pictures, videos, etc. Budget is around $500-$800. EDIT: I went outside and measured the maxi
  10. I have honestly never seen wireless charging actually being used. I would love a headphone jack and it used to be a dealbreaker for me but I guess I decided I could live with it.
  11. I'm still really bummed about this. Motorola was one of my favorite phone manufacturers.
  12. You still have to pay for the AIO though. Additionally it adds cost in the form of shipping, RnD (or more likely contracting), and again not everyone wants an 120mm AiO as their cooling solution. Of course they are going to have an AiOless SKU which renders my griping pointless. There is a reason though that intel doesn't include even the basic stock cooler with their high end CPUs.
  13. I also don't see how a 120 rad is going to fit in there unless they have some pretty flexible tubing. At the same time I can't say why else the packaging would be so large aside from aesthetics and wow factor.