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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from Tiz in Usb 3.2 announced   
    Calm down guys, lol. I have corrected my error stop it plz 
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to Metallus97 in Planning New Build (1080 Ti or Wait for Vega?)   
    WAIT! ok newest leakes show it on 1080 performance levels.
    But you never know what the price and final perf is...
    Maybe Team Green has to drop the prices
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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from NumLock21 in Usb 3.2 announced   
    Right, I thought that was 20gb/s my bad, I thought it would be nice to have something more mainstream that can do the same thing.
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to BuckGup in Usb 3.2 announced   
    Now start changing the ports to USB C only and force manufacturers to change too.
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to Tibbles in CEH?   
    Probably if you're seeking some security related job such as testing/developing security systems, other than that I don't really know.
  6. Informative
    iBeast_M0de reacted to STRMfrmXMN in PSU Tier List [OLD]   
    Credit to @Starelementpokeand @Energycore for helping out with this long-awaited refresh of the old PSU tier list by Aniallation (who previously went several months without logging in), leaving the old list in need of help. This is simply an update of the list that was flawed in creation by the PCMR subreddit and in dire need of a refresh.
    This list is subject to change as new PSUs come out on a regular basis and standards may change or issues with units on the list may develop. A list of PSUs awaiting a tier on this list is at the bottom.
    Tier 1 - Best
    Aerocool - Project 7 Antec - High Current Pro, High Current Platinum be Quiet! - Dark Power Pro P10, Dark Power Pro 11, Straight Power 11 Bitfenix - Whisper Cooler Master - V-series (modular, not to be confused with the VSM), MasterWatt Maker Corsair - AX, AXi, HXi, RMi, RMx, SF, grey-label HX (2017), 2017 TXM greater than 650W Enermax - Platimax, Platimax Digifanless EVGA - G2, P2, PS, T2, 1000G1, 850W and above GS FSP - Aurum PT Gigabyte -  Aorus AP850GM LEPA - G1600 NZXT Hale90V2 Seasonic - X, Platinum, Snow Silent, all Fanless units, Prime (all series) Sentey - Platinum Power, Golden Steel Power Silverstone - Nightjar Super Flower - Leadex Gold/Platinum/Titanium, Leadex II Thermaltake - 1250D-T RGB, Toughpower Grand/RGB 1200W XFX - Pro Gold, Pro Black, XTS Tier 2
    Antec - EDGE, TruePower Classic, EarthWatts Gold Pro Azza - Platinum be Quiet! - Pure Power 10 400W or greater Bitfenix - Formula Gold Cooler Master - VSM-series (semi-modular) Corsair - Most RM variants, HX (old), 550W/650W 2017 TXM, Vengeance Enermax - Digifanless, RG, GX EVGA - GQ, B2, 550W and 650W GS, GD, G3, G1+ (not to be confused with the G1) Fractal Design - Edison M, Tesla R2 650W/1000W, Newton R3 FSP - Hydro G, Dagger SFX Gigabyte - XP1200M Kolink - Continuum NZXT - Hale82 N higher-wattage versions Riotoro - Enigma Rosewill - Quark, Fortress, Capstone Seasonic - S12G, G-series/SSRM, M12II 750W/850W, Focus Plus Gold/Platinum, Focus Gold Sentey - Solid Power SS Silverstone - Strider Platinum Super Flower - Golden Green, Leadex Silver Thermaltake - Toughpower Grand/RGB, Toughpower Grand Platinum, Toughpower DPS Platinum XFX -  Pro XXX, XTR, TS Gold Tier 3
    Antec - Neo ECO II be Quiet! - Straight Power E10 Bitfenix - Fury  Cooler Master - MasterWatt Corsair - 2017 "Grey unit" CXM***, CSM, some RM variants, 2017 CX - 450W CX have one PCIe connection Cougar - GX-S Deepcool - DQ-ST Enermax -  Enermax Revolution SFX 650W*** EVGA -  BQ 750W and up Fractal Design - Tesla R2, Integra M FSP - Hydro X, Aurum CM, Aurum Pro Lian Li - SFX-L LEPA - G600 NZXT - Hale82 N lower-wattage units OCZ - ZX PC Power & Cooling - Silencer Mk III, Turbo Cool Riotoro - Onyx Rosewill - Lightning, Silent Night, Tachyon, Photon Silverstone - Gold Evolution, Strider Gold, SX650/700/800 SFX, Strider Titanium Super Flower - Platinum King Thermaltake - DPS Gold/RGB, London, BlueEvo 2.0, Smart Pro RGB, Smart series >= 750W Vivo - 24K 650W XFX - Core > 650W, ProSeries Bronze >650W Zalman - EBT Tier 4
    Antec - EarthWatts/EA Green, Earthwatts Platinum, High Current Gamer, Neo Eco  be Quiet! - Power Zone, Pure Power L9, Straight Power E9, Pure Power L8 Corsair - Old CXM "Green unit" variants, Rev. 3 "Green unit" variants, GS-series Cooler Master - GM, GX Storm, MWE Cougar - LX Enermax - Revolution X't EVGA - BQ under 750W, NEX Gold, B3 Fractal Design - Tesla R2 500W Inwin - Classic Series PowerSpec - PSX GFM Rosewill - Capstone G Seasonic - SS, SSP, S12II/M12II, ECO 430W Silverstone - Strider Plus, Gold SFX Thermaltake - Toughpower Gold, Paris XFX - TS Bronze Tier 5
    Antec - Basiq VP-F, Basiq BP be Quiet! - Pure Power 10 under 400W. Corsair - Rev. 2 CX "Green unit" variants, VS "grey units" Enermax - NaXn 82+ EVGA - 450B/500B/600B/700B, NEX-B OCZ - ZT, ModXStream Rosewill - Glacier Silverstone - Bronze SFX XFX - XT Tier 6
    Antec - Basiq VP Bitfenix - BPA Cooler Master - B2 Corsair - VS "orange units" EVGA - 430W/500W/600W 80 PLUS units FSP - Raider Silver Fractal Design - Integra R2 LEPA - MX-F1 NZXT - Hale82 V2 OCZ - Fatal1ty Rosewill - Hive, ARC (M) Silverstone - Strider Essential Thermaltake - LitePower, ToughPower, Smart series < 750W Zalman - GS/GT Tier 7 - Worst
    Cooler Master - Elite series EVGA - 400W non-80 PLUS certified FSP - Hexa Thermaltake - TR2 These are all crap  
    Currently awaiting more info
    Some things on this list may not be perfect. Let me know if you believe a PSU is undeserving of its spot on here and provide links to back up your claim and it may be moved. 
    Some helpful links:
    How Many Watts Do I Need? - How much power will you need for your system? This guide helps you get a PSU that has more than adequate wattage for you.
    80 PLUS Efficiency and What It Really Means - general guide to 80 PLUS efficiency and what it entails. Currently pinned on the Cases & Power Supplies subforum.

    Ask any questions below! 
    How do you even grade these things? ***
    But I don't like Tier Lists!!!!111!!!!
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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from JohnnyCorporalTech in Usb 3.2 announced   
    Calm down guys, lol. I have corrected my error stop it plz 
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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from michaelocarroll007 in Usb 3.2 announced   
    Calm down guys, lol. I have corrected my error stop it plz 
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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from rattacko123 in Usb 3.2 announced   
    Calm down guys, lol. I have corrected my error stop it plz 
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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from MrRavens in Usb 3.2 announced   
    Calm down guys, lol. I have corrected my error stop it plz 
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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from ryankepper in 3 Monitors on Laptop   
    I think your graphic card doesn't support more then 2 monitors, the older generation of mobile GPUs don't support 3 monitors
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to petem in Serious FAH errors   
    Looks like it was installed in a location that you do not have access to.  You need to be able to run programs and write to the Data folder of the client.  Most common cause: The user account attempting to run F@H is not an admin account or does not have the proper access rights.
    Simple solution: run as admin, a little more involved: bump the user account rights up.
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Make MX Blue/Red Sound like Brown   
    I was hoping OP would come to that conclusion themselves. :3
  14. Informative
    iBeast_M0de reacted to harrynowl in Please explain Freon Cooling   
    Bit late but..
    Not feasible.
    You need to know how to get the gas level correct, oil correct, correct suction & discharge size and correct placement and size of u-traps.
    Then you need a compressor capable of sustained load, suitable gas type (depending on target temp, crappy compressors like the one in Linus' video use R134a, cooler phase units will use gas like R507/R404a) and a condenser with enough capacity to dissipate the heat.
    And then you also need a power solution.
    I have 2 units, one is a little Danfos type LBP compressor which is around the 1/3hp mark and uses R404a. Tops out around -44c at evaporator without load. And with a quad core load at 1.55V it will go to around -30c. My other unit is a 3/4hp rotary style which is far more efficient as far as compressors go, and uses R407C and tops out around -59.5c. With quad core load at 1.55v it will do around -56.5c
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    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from EMP-CYBG in What Mechanical Keyboard   
    Browns are in my opinion a bit better than Reds I've used both for about 30 min so you can't call me an expert but I prefer a tactical feedback.
    I have blue's myself but if I were to choose again I would have gone with the browns, the blue's are very loud
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to grayblizzard in Asus R9 390 STRIX 8GB   
    keep it, a good rule is to not upgrade until 2 generations off cards have passed or unless you cant run the games you want 
  17. Agree
    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from TheHappyJarhead in How much is my gpu worth?   
    Then there is absolutely no reason for you to upgrade, unless you want the bragging rights.
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to VictorianReaper in Make MX Blue/Red Sound like Brown   
    oh I did I'm just busy doing more research and knowing me, I would 100% screw it up
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to Xhaku in L shaped cpu cooler   
    I once saw a L shaped cpu cooler in a video.
    1 tower was horizontal and the other was vertical.
    What is the name of this cooler?
    Thanks in advance,
    - Xhaku
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to dtaflorida in Make MX Blue/Red Sound like Brown   
    The tactile bump actually has higher pressure, but the rest of the stroke is 45g.
  21. Informative
    iBeast_M0de got a reaction from dtaflorida in Make MX Blue/Red Sound like Brown   
    45 grams
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to dtaflorida in Make MX Blue/Red Sound like Brown   
    That's why it's better to get a CIY keyboard
    Red and brown are the same. 
  23. Agree
    iBeast_M0de reacted to JQ-27 in Overclocking SLI Query (Nvidia)   
    i7-4790k, so I doubt it's a CPU bottleneck. In hindsight I completely forgot to post the rest of my specs which would of helped,
    i7-4790k - 4.6Ghz
    MSI Sabertooth Mk1 Z97 MoBo
    x2 GTX 970s
    16Gb RAM
  24. Agree
    iBeast_M0de reacted to Zyndo in Help me plan my dream build ($5000 Budget)   
    Theres probably no reason you can't get both. even with SLI and a full custom water cooling loop, skylake is unlikely to take you to 5000 bucks
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    iBeast_M0de reacted to OddsCrazyStuff in Radiator stacking   
    I feel the same.
    The only time you would get negative cooling by getting thicker radiator, are if the fans are not good enough to push the air through.
    Then again, the test I linked was with only 1200rpm fans.