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  1. It depends of what you're buying as a GPU and if that is going to be just one. also some really cheap ass 650w won't be able to delever the same amount of power on thier 12v rail as a proper 550w PSU, I recommend you take a look at this post. The higher the tier the 'smoother' and 'cleaner' the power. I would suggest a 650w tier 3 PSU.
  2. The MX300 is pretty good although it uses some cheaper flash chips, the WD Blue is new thats probably why its user benchmarks aren't up to snuff yet. Which SSD is the most expensive?
  3. How complete is your built atm? do you have everything except a GPU?
  4. I prefeer seeing this happening before a new and faster USB protocol. USB C was really promising, how long has it been since it launched? 3 years?
  5. Calm down guys, lol. I have corrected my error stop it plz
  6. If you can wait, I would defenlty do that. What GPU do you have now? I'm guessing its adequate.
  7. Right, I thought that was 20gb/s my bad, I thought it would be nice to have something more mainstream that can do the same thing.
  8. Ryzen has no iGPU no, about the burner GPU (the 980ti is a good option) could be quite cheap to run for a few months since you can sell it for about the same price. assuming pricing of a new 980ti doesn't fall to much.
  9. Finally some real preformance, USB GPU docks maybe? Nevermind I thought Thunderbolt 3 was 20Gb/s but its 40 Gb/s
  10. If you have any USB drives in your system this could be the cause
  11. That's the thing, atleast for me my built is never complete or finished.
  12. I think because of VEGA being this close you should wait for it, the leaks look promising (it probably will be GTX 1080 like preformance). But if you need a new GPU right now then just get the GTX 1080 ti
  13. This would make more sense since thats what they have continued to do with the past 2 generations. Also how would a single GPU card be the same price as the frontier edition, the RX will be the same GPU just with 8GB of HBM. so it should be cheaper
  14. It could be that you're just hitting a certain limit where the frames are depended on the CPU and not the GPU's there should be software that will show what frame times both components have
  15. Althought that would not explain why it would turn on for a bit and then shut off if this were the problem I don't think it would power on at all.
  16. Your CPU power delivery gets 12v from your power supply so does your GPU
  17. And those fans might not be optimized for static pressure
  18. I was asking because it could be one of the rails 12v maybe
  19. What resolution are you running at?
  20. This might be a wierd question but can you smell any magic smoke? and is the harddrive spinning up?
  21. You could try resetting the CMOS see what happens
  22. I would say no, what you could do is getting tho other noctua fan put in in push pull on the rad then get the fan in the bottom put that in front. after that see what the temps are they would probably improve
  23. That is probably it yeah. but overall force to bottom it out is 45 grams maybe because of the bump you have to put some more force into it