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    i5 4570
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    16GB 1600MHz CL8
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    GTX 970
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    250GB SSD + 1.5TB HDD
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    Samsung 1440p 144Hz
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    Zowie FK1 w/ aftermarket feet @ Steelseries QCK Mass
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    Logitech X-530 @ Creative Sound Blaster Titanium HD
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    Windows 10 Latest Build

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  1. hello there, so my mobo is the 4 years old asrock z97x killer and it was among the first to feature an M Key M.2 slot it's very primitive, running at pcie2.0 2x (10gbps theoretical) through the chipset but apparently supports a few newer 3.0 x4 drives... this is the official tested drive list: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/Fatal1ty Z97X Killer/#Storage noteworthy is the fact that the board had multiple bios revisions that stated "improved nvme compatibility" my question then is could this support super modern nvme drives such as the 960/970 series by samsung?
  2. i have a g3258 at 4.2ghz but i never EVER had any problems with chrome in the past, that is why i'm posting here
  3. whenever I load any new pages chrome hangs somewhat and pages take forever to load, I can confirm through task manager that chrome is using most of my cpu when that happens
  4. I left gparted all night to move the partition and it comleted it windows boots like normal from the full drive thanks people
  5. i was using the disk manager that comes with windows
  6. so i had windows 10 on a 650GB partition and win 8.1 in a 300GB parition and i decided to delete windows 10 and use just 8.1 and that worked fine however when i deleted the win 10 parition it left unallocated space which i can format into an empty partition but not merge to the main boot partition, even after rebooting can anybody suggest a way to do this?
  7. my cpu is probably one of the worst samples you can get, I don't care if it fries with 1.35V, I just want a speed above 4.0 GHz cache is running at 3.8GHz with voltage on auto btw
  8. so basically its irrelevant to performance and its just a bragging right
  9. but you have super efficient maxwell 980 classified geared for oc not a 770
  10. I've reinstalled gpu-z many times, can this be real? And if it is, is it common with 770s? EDIT: it also boosts to 1300mhz by itself without going above 79C even when i push the power to 110%
  11. i and some friends are planning to play some co-op games on my pc but i dont have many in my mind so i would like to hear your suggestions thanks in advance
  12. dont use crappy apps to overclock, take your time in the bios and increase voltages up to 1.35v and see how high can your clocks go
  13. is it worth keeping my g3258 at 1.35v to sustain a stable 4.3GHz as a 24/7 overclock?