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  1. Gotcha, ya Picture in picture works but I need background play so that I can lock my phone and put it in my pocket. Unfortunately I can't really invest more in floatplane till at least that happens. Well heres hoping someday.
  2. What device and OS are you on? On my Samsung S8 Android 9 it does not background play.
  3. Good morning, I have some questions about floatplane if anyone knows them. Pretty much my only reason to have YouTube Premium are downloadable content and background play. Now the questions are is there any way to do these on the floatplane app? Thanks!
  4. I did FINALLY found a solution with the registry, yes so in this case its a 3.5inch HDD dock with external power. It did resolve the issue.
  5. Good evening gentlemen, Im having a goofy thing going on, my external HDD spins down after not being used for ~30sec which is REALLY annoying when im trying to work on the drive. Historically this could have just been resolved by adjusting the "turn off hard driver after.." timer in the advanced power settings under control panel. Now it seems to be missing, im not sure if this is just a weird Dell thing that they locked out all other power settings or a Windows 10 BS 'feature'
  6. Ok, I appreciate it. Its unfortunate that the internet infrastructure is still as bad as it is here. He has a wireless internet connection (shizzers) and I have a bandwidth cap.
  7. Good morning, I was wondering about sharing game files. Heres what I mean, a friend and myself have recently purchased COD: MW which is just over 200GB. I know I can transfer the data to another one of my computers and log in and have it 'discover' the game files are already downloaded, but can my friend do the same if I give him the game files on an SSD? Or is there some weird DRM issue thats going to happen? Thanks.
  8. Sure if you like playing on a potato and a 30 year old CRT screen.
  9. I was still looking at building a Sandy Bridge computer. Soooo its still okish.
  10. Why not the Toughpad tablet? (Same series as the toughbooks) The Toughpad FZ-G1 is a good competator. Also why didn't they through it from the top of there stairs, it could handle it.
  11. LOL Scammers, I used to get them all the time till I started screwing with them. Once you start asking for codes like an identification number they will generally stop calling. Never trust them if it were an issue and Microsoft actually called you they would have info to back it up. As for the event log there will ALWAYS be issues in there 98% are harmless.
  12. WOW there stupids thought so it s a good thing.
  13. I am having an issues I have not experienced before with CPU-Z, when ever I launch the program it shows an error code 0x241 (577) occurred during initialization. I have tried reinstalling the program twice and same error. I have also included a copy of the error log hope it helps. Any info would be great thanks! [bInitDriver] path = C:\Users\Tyler\AppData\Local\Temp\ [bInitDriver] GetCurrentDirectory = C:\Program Files\CPUID\CPU-Z [bInitDriver] GetModuleFileName = C:\Program Files\CPUID\CPU-Z\cpuz.exe [vGetOSVersion] m_iOSVersion = 2 (6.1) [vGetOSVersion] m_bIsAMD64 = 0 [bInitDriver] m
  14. geekguy


    Thank You! I printed out some of these to give to butthurt people.