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  1. Well i restarted my pc to take a pic but it booted this time, when i went to setup the hdd the virtual space wouldn't load and then the hdd just disappeared when i went to view my pc. sooo i im just gonna assume my hdd is faulty
  2. I don't believe it is, I set my ssd(which has windows) as main.
  3. I recently bought a WD Blue 1tb but when i plug it all in and turn my pc on it just stays on the booting screen and never fully launches into Windows. I have tried using different cables and different arrangement of hard drives.
  4. Wow, i actually forgot that this forum existed for awhile. What is everyone up to or watching?
  5. Do people still use this place?


  6. Why do you care? It's not like anyone posts here anymore.
  7. What anime have you guys been watching recently? (Ima try to become active around here more)
  8. Do you have any preferred genres?
  9. This is off topic, but if the profoist can advertise so can I. I have been doing some poly art recently and if you could check it out and give any advice It would be much appreciated. (upvote pls) http://imgur.com/gallery/V8VC4
  10. I had the alpha it was okay. I cant be bothered too get the beta.
  11. I posted about this last year when it came out and everyone ignored me....
  12. ERASED 8/10 I'm too lazy too make a full review. (The ending was lukewarm)
  13. Watching Little Busters, it's decent.