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  1. Used Fostex TH-X00 maybe. TFZ series 5 iems are excellent as well.
  2. Nah. Pioneer headphones other than the Se-Master are mediocre. I would go with something audiophile. Sennheiser HD558 is wayy better.
  3. Darkvoice and Modi Uber is my vote.
  4. I had to RMA my AsRock X99 Board 3 times before I got one that worked. I was tight on cash and the AsRock was $120 cheaper than the ASUS.
  5. I switched my insider level to "fast" so I could get the next update, but I haven't gotten it yet. My pc is 3 builds behind the newest one. I guess I'll just have to wait. I called Microsoft about it, but the rep didn't know what the difference was between Ram and Hard Drives were, so that didn't go anywhere.
  6. Xbox's OS is meant to run on their specific hardware. They use a custom APU. You would also need to find a copy of the OS somewhere (duplicate XBOX HDD?) If you can get a copy of the os, and be able to re-write the code to function on a separate GPU+CPU, and work with all of the drivers (usb, video card, etc...) then there is nothing stopping you. I would recommend going with a AMD APU solution for your CPU, as it is most like what the XBOX uses. It's also probably illegal (software and copyright-wise) but who cares when you're having fun!
  7. Oh okay. This never happened on previous builds, I wonder if it can be solved by an update.
  8. Hi, I'm running Windows 10 Insider Build 14251 (scheduled for an update any time now) and I've been experiencing some serious memory problems. Specs: i7 5820k 16gb Adata Z1 DDR4 AsRock X99M Fatal1ty I'm getting this: And then my PC crashes. Black Screen. Sometimes it recovers, but my video driver has crashed, and my second monitor is blank. It reverts to Windows Basic Video Driver. Most of the time I have to press the reset button. It looks like it has something to do with SWAP memory usage. It's usually pegged a 99% when
  9. Ok, I'll check that out. I wonder why didn't that just come set like that from the beginning?
  10. Alright I'll post this there.
  11. Hi, I'm having some issues with sleep on my PC. I'm running the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14251, although this has happened for awhile now. Specs: i7 5820k Asrock X99M Killer Fatal1ty 16gb Adata Z1 Problems: My NICs are waking my PC up (confirmed w/ "powercfg -lastwake" command). I go into device manager and uncheck the "Allow this device to wake my PC" box on both NICs and click apply. This works for 4-5 days before it just resets itself and I have to do the whole process again. Also, my PC fans (I also assume HDDs, etc...) are not turning of
  12. Schitt Modi 2 But you need an amp with that. You can't plug headphones into a dac.
  13. Sorry for the double post, but the thing I just can't get over is the price of the 425's. At $279 they are a full $100 ($170 at today's price) more than what I paid for my momentums. Do you think they will have better sound quality over my headphones to justify the $100 price difference. I might also sell my Momentums, they're in perfect condition. Edit: I can find them on ebay for $200(used)-265(new).
  14. True. Depends on what computer he is using though. If he is using a cheap laptop, then he probably would benefit from a DAC/amp combo, the sound card on the laptop won't be as good as the DAC in a combo unit. Also, you can adjust gain on the Fiio, and on gain level 6, the standard volume is pretty quiet on my "easy to drive" Momentums, so he'd be fine. The sound card on his pc will prob. be good enough for 99% of users, so i'd save the $80 and not get one. @SweatyWhiteJedi
  15. Thanks a lot. Let me think about it. I'll prob. buy them around black friday or maybe Christmas.
  16. I know. Those are amp+dac combos. I know what a dac does. They were just suggestions IF they wanted to buy one.
  17. You don't need an amp for monitors. What computer/motherboard are you using. That'll let me know if you'll benefit from a DAC. A good dac (portable) would be the FiiO EO7K or (desktop) E10 Olympus (2).
  18. Hi there! I'd rate myself as a "casual" audiophile. I have some Sennheiser Momentum On Ears, which (at the time) I thought were the best in the world because they beat my old Apple Ear-Pods. I use them with a FiiO E07k Andes w/ L7 dock for my PC or phone (micro-usb OTG cable). I also have some nice PC speakers and (used to) have a nice Klipsch home theater system. I'm looking for a nice pair of IEM's for around $250 I've narrowed it down to Shure Se215 Shure Se315 (no real benefit over 215's) Shure Se425 (compare to Pro20) Westone UM Pro20 (compare to 425's) Heir Audio 3.Ai S
  19. Yeah, then I'll get the GIGABYTE or asus model. Thanks.
  20. My office is literally 5' by 4''. It's enough for me, but I can't afford to waste any space, especially on my desk. Putting my pc below my desk is the only option. And with my filing cabinets, a big ATX case would take up a little too much space to justify their benefits. I also take me pc places very often, so being able to have a smallish pc is helpful. I could do an ATX, you're right, bit the size issues are not worth it over the few benefits that I would never use. About the Asus mobo, I must have been out of the loop.
  21. I'm going to RMA the RAM, CPU and psu just to be sure before I ask for a mobo refund. That was my hunch too, the RAM is listed as compatible, but even the tech. on the phone at asrock said he wasn't sure.
  22. I know. It was just super cheap and going with x99 over z97 (at that time) was pushing my budget. I wonder if they'll give me a full refund. I got it from SuperBiiz.com who is sort of a hassle to work with imo. I'll try and call them tomorrow. Also 530w was a little tight for any gpu upgrades + oc, I'll take a look at something a little higher.
  23. Asus doesn't make a matx x99 board. If they did I'd be all over it. (Plz Rampage V Gene) I can't do ATX becuase of the size (I work in a tiny home office.)
  24. Yeah, asrock has a x99m extreme 4. I'll probably ask for that.